5 reasons for using our REST API

The SMSGlobal REST API is built for speed, is easy to implement, has flexible inputs/outputs, standard error codes and is best practice in its design. We’ve put together the top 5 reasons our REST API is a best integration option for you:

  1. Through a single, common interface to SMSGlobal, customers can leverage the entire range of features of our platform.
  2. New security features of the API allow you to add or remove access to the interface. Multiple keys can connect multiple client applications to the REST API, allowing the client to have greater control over application access. API keys offer greater security as you are not required to use account credentials within the application code. Our REST API uses a custom HTTP scheme based on a keyed-HMAC (Hash Message Authentication Code) for authentication. This allows you to send your messages using fewer requests, with no need for tokens or sessions.
  3. For bulk messaging requirements, the REST API offers significant performance improvements over and above that of other interfaces which work on a single request per message basis.
  4. Using the REST API, message delivery status and incoming messages are more easily retrieved from SMSGlobal through GET requests. You can gain insights on the success of your message campaign directly from your application and compile a custom report that suits your BI requirements.
  5. We are expanding our library of clients to include more languages to integrate SMS in to many more client applications, more quickly and easily than ever before.


New Messaging Platform – New Solutions – New Opportunities

There have been some exciting changes at SMSGlobal lately!

We’ve recently released SMSGlobal’s new branding, our new website and most notably, our new web messaging platform.

We spent hours upon hours collaborating your feedback from over the years and thinking of new and innovative ways to make sending messages easier for you… and finally, we’ve developed what we think is the best in messaging functionality and design.

So it’s with much anticipation that we can invite you to join us on the new platform!

So, what’s new in MXT?


Amazing Aesthetics

We’ve completely redesigned the way our messaging platform looks and feels.

New design elements such as an account activity news feed, dashboard summaries and visual reporting are designed to make the platform not only easy on the eye, but provide relevant information in the most logical and convenient way.

Exceptional Functionality

We’ve packed heaps of new features you asked for into the new platform. To name a few…

  • Opt Out Manager
  • Account Hierarchy
  • Heat Map Reporting
  • A/B Testing
  • Keyword Manager
  • Scheduled/Staggered Messaging
Simple Pricing

We’ve introduced a new pricing structure, which provides full transparency of our most competitive pricing across the globe.Our new billing options, such as auto top-up, means you’ll never be left without credit again.

Fanatical Support

We’ve extended our support channels, giving you access to expert advice, when you need it.We now offer 24/7 phone, email & live chat support as well as comprehensive documentation and a self service customer knowledge base.

Rewarding Opportunities

We’re implementing new ways to recognize customer loyalty and account activity.You’ll earn badges each time you complete a new task; the more badges you earn, the more you’ll be rewarded!

Flexible Integration

We’re making it easier for developers to add SMS to apps.You can now create API keys and control account settings within MXT.

Questions? For any questions regarding migrating your account, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

Feedback? Let us know what you think about the new platform via Email, Facebook or Twitter.

Congratulations Carl!

Carl KruminsCongratulations to our CEO, Carl Krumins, who has recently been nominated for the 2013 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® award.

Growing up in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, Carl developed a passion for technology early on in life. Inquisitive and self-taught, Carl found that there was little that university could teach him about IT, and as a result he left university to focus on building a new business strategy for SMS.

At the time, the market for bulk SMS messaging was dominated by a few big players, charging a premium for a fairly standard service. Carl saw a gap in the market and aimed to create a robust and versatile platform, complimented with a focus on tailored customer service to differentiate his business from his competition in the marketplace.

Under Carl’s direction and the team here at SMSGlobal, we have achieved rapid growth and today provide mobile messaging and platform development solutions to businesses in almost every country around the world. As well as thousands of small business customers using our services, we have also secured major contracts with high-profile multinational companies, ensuring sustainability through a diverse customer base.

The Ernst & Young 2013 Entrepreneur Of The Year® winner will be selected later in the year.  Watch this space!

Customer Spotlight – When a Nerdy Business becomes cool: Need a Nerd

Need a Nerd, as the name suggests is in the business of supplying nerds. It’s a mobile Onsite IT Support franchised business that resolves IT problems, supplies IT gear and provides technology support for home and business clients.

Both intrigued and amused, we interviewed Bill Brown, Need a Nerd’s Operations Manager to get some insight on how the Nerd business has grown and how mobile messaging is an integral part of the smooth running of their operations. “The business commenced in 2004 and we began using mobile messaging as a failsafe means of communicating job related information to our Nerd base about 4 years ago” says Bill.

‘Nerd’ is an endearing reference to Need a Nerd’s mobile and workshop Technicians – they have 35 of them.

And with 12 franchises throughout the NZ, Need a Nerd continue to grow their Nerd and customer base.

“We don’t only use mobile messaging for our Nerds” said Bill. “We also use it for communicating to our customers. From bookings, providing information, conversation and issues management. For us, SMS adds an immediate failsafe communication method and put simply, it’s used as a back-up tool in association with email. Having this back-up in place is particularly important because of the mobile nature of our Nerds and the high level of service we like to provide our customers”.

This level of service is confirmed on the Need a Nerd website where technical tips, live chat and the ability to book a Nerd 24/7 co-exist, allowing Nerd availability around the clock.

Customer Spotlight – Real Time Table Reservations Online: Obee Table Reservations

Offering diners real-time flexibility to book and edit reservations, Obee Table Reservations is a booking system offered to Restaurateurs, enabling patrons to make table arrangements online.  “Obee Table Reservations is a cloud based app, developed using PHP and a MySQL database, and the system can be used anywhere an internet connection is available” explained Owen Parry, Obee Table Reservations Managing Director.

For this young and dynamic company, operating and growing the business through the incorporation of mobile methods and technology was always going to be part of their strategy.

“The business started operations in December 2010 and within 2 months we’d integrated mobile as part of the program” said Parry. “There are three SMS components built into the program, the main method being Reminders, in which customers can reply back to. And the other two components are the Waiting List SMS (alerting patrons of the time their table will be ready) and a Marketing Services feature”.

“Restaurants that use our program give us regular feedback, especially on the key function feature, SMS Reminders. They all seem to be very happy with the functionality and reliability with one of our leading restaurants’, Italian & Sons, in the ACT, reporting response rates of 90% with two-way messaging”.