Three Ways to Engage Customers on Mobile

We live in the Twitter world, a land of 140-characters or less, where instant gratification is constantly sought, and attention spans are narrower than a strand of hair. To engage your customers on mobile in this hyper-restless society of ours … Continued


Samsung and Blackberry: Is A Takeover Imminent?

Although Sam’s-berry probably won’t ever be a thing, talks about Samsung buying Blackberry have been flipping and flopping inside the rumour mill, according to Reuters. A source at Reuters, who’s asked to remain anonymous, has said that “executives from the … Continued


Sticking Out With SMS Marketing

We’ve looked at some case studies and reports to find out just how useful SMS marketing can be for your business. SMS marketing allows you to send out messages to a huge number of contacts at one time, to inform … Continued


Mobile Marketing: The Evolution So Far

Mobile marketing is an expression you’ve probably heard tossed around before. It’s a phrase that has, especially in the past few years, furrowed many eyebrows, stroked many chins, and drawn out innumerable moans. For people who’ve so much as thought … Continued