What is Email to SMS?

Email to SMS is a form of technology that converts standard emails into SMS messages. Once your email client is customised, you will be able to send SMS messages directly to your intended recipients, with the simple click of a button.

How does it work?

Email to SMS is an API (Application Programming Interface) which allows for emails to be converted into SMS messages. For example, our platform works by accepting emails from you (you would send to xxxxxx@email.smsglobal.com), converting them into an SMS compatible format and pushing the message to the intended recipients. You will be able to send to individual numbers or create groups of numbers and send in bulk.
You can send from your own personalised email platforms such as Outlook, Gmail or AOL. You can even send from external CRM systems, internal programs, third-party software and external plugins. If you can send an email from it, it’s SMS compatible!

Email to SMS

Bulk or Individual Sending

Sending a bulk SMS campaign via email is not limited to single recipients. You can also send to multiple people by specifying multiple addresses in the ‘To:’ field of your email client.

Incoming SMS and Email Alerts

Our Email to SMS service is capable of allowing recipients the ability to reply to your messages. This is called Incoming SMS or 2 Way SMS. There are several configurable options inside your MXT Account Settings which will control how your email is delivered and replied to.

Delivery Receipts

Upon delivery confirmation from the carrier, SMSGlobal can notify you of message delivery status. This status will indicate whether the carrier was successful in delivering the message to the handset or whether an error occurred.


The Benefits of Email to SMS are Extensive

Provide Software Integration

The Email to SMS service allows seamless convergence between your existing systems and our SMS platform. If your CRM or e-commerce platform can send an email, then it can also send an SMS.

Sharing The Load

Accessible by multiple users from varying accounts, depending on your account configuration. Simply add compatible user addresses through your MXT platform in the Account Settings.

Keeping You In the Know

Following the successful delivery of your message, a report will then be forwarded on to your email address along with any responses from recipients for further evaluation and management.

Save Time & Resources

There is no need to change platforms or train extra staff to use new software. Our online SMS solution is as simple to use as a standard email client.

Centralising Communication

Centralise and manage all your communications to your email address, filing and controlling content via your selected email client.

Simplify Your SMS Communication

It’s as simple as sending a standard email. You’ll be able to simply log into your email account from any platform and send your messages… it’s really that easy.

Support You Can Count On

If you do run into any hurdles and require help with Email to SMS or setting up your Email to SMS gateway, our Customer Care team will support you 24/7.

Platform Integration

Does your CRM, accounting or other software have email triggers or notifications? Why not use them to send an SMS? Many software platforms have auto alert functionality built into them including billing reminders, calendar notifications or other important updates. By configuring your software to send an email notification to our system, we can process the notification and deliver it as an SMS.

A real world example

One of our accounting clients uses an established CRM package for scheduling client reminders around tax time. Sending out notifications via email, they noticed a poor response rate in comparison to previous years. Many of their clients claimed they didn’t receive the email messages, which were getting lost in spam filters and between junk mail items.

Using their existing CRM they now contact customers via SMS, all from the same platform and with no additional integration work. SMSGlobal’s Email to SMS solution simply converts email reminders to SMS, dramatically improving response rates and business efficiencies.

Email to SMS

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