Reliable service and infrastructure

Our mission is to develop and deliver secure, functional, and high-performing services. In line with our ongoing commitment to excellence, SMSGlobal is pleased to notify our customers that we are updating our infrastructure. Overall, these updates guarantee greater security, service efficiency, and more powerful connectivity.

Reliable service and infrastructure

IP Address Update

As part of SMSGlobal’s new developments, we will be updating all integrations and APIs to new IP addresses. Avoid disruptions to your service by ensuring your firewall is updated with the new IP addresses. To ensure a seamless transition and minimal disruptions, you will receive reminders from SMSGlobal leading up to the official IP address transfer date.

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TLS Upgrade

As part of SMSGlobal's service updates, our next step will be upgrading the TLS protocol. These changes are used to secure our website and API integrations with your existing systems.

Delivering efficiency

SMSGlobal specialists are dedicated to providing robust and efficient communication solutions for your business. By ensuring our tech-stacks are state of the art, we cement ourselves as a trusted leader in business messaging.