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HubSpot SMS integration Integrate with HubSpot

Supercharge HubSpot workflows and contact communication with SMSGlobal’s integration. Trigger SMS, automate messages, and tailor workflows to suit your unique requirements.

Integrate with Zapier

Integrate SMS into your business applications on Zapier and connect SMSGlobal to over 2000 platforms. Create triggers and automate SMS for an abundance of messaging solutions.

Marketo SMS integration Adobe Marketing Cloud - Marketo Engage

Integrating SMS within your Marketo Engage platform will significantly enhance your CRM capabilities on Adobe Marketing Cloud. With SMSGlobal’s flexible messaging APIs, you can directly communicate with your target audience.

ZOHO SMS integration Zoho

Add to your lead nurturing strategy by integrating SMS communication within your Zoho platform. Boost engagement rates by sending SMS directly to contacts or set templates for automated trigger responses.

Content Management System (CMS)

Integrating SMSGlobal's flexible APIs provides robust SMS functionality within your preferred Content Management System. Elevate any digital project with bulk SMS, automated text responses, customised message templates, and formatted contact lists.

Joomla Joomla

Our SMS integration offers Joomla! users a split SMS feature, alongside a robust variety of SMS tools. By dividing long-form text messages into smaller SMS-sized snippets when sent, the message is pieced back together once it reaches its destination.

Adobe Integrations Adobe Marketing Cloud - Experience Manager (AEM)

Adobe Experience Manager integrates SMSGlobal's SMPP API to optimise outbound and inbound mobile communication for its users. Integrating Email to SMS and two-way SMS enhances Adobe Experience Cloud’s AEM, an enterprise web CMS.

Craft CMS Craft CMS

With a variety of plugins, Craft integrates intuitive platforms to create an efficient workflow. SMSGlobal is currently developing a plugin for Craft to amplify its access to bulk messaging and mobile communications.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Grow and build your customer relationships by integrating mobile communications to your existing CRM. Reach your audience directly with features like Two-way SMS, scheduled text messages, Email to SMS and MMS.

Saleseforce SMS integration Salesforce

Enhance your Salesforce capabilities with SMSGlobal’s robust integration. Our latest update offers the versatility of workflow automation, bulk SMS campaigns, and sending custom text messages to Leads, Accounts, and Contacts.

Infusionsoft SMS integration Infusionsoft

InfusionSoft elevates your customer experience with SMSGlobal's HTTP API integration. Complementing stakeholder relationship management systems with SMS allows you to directly connect with your intended audience.

eCommerce Platform

Connect with contacts, leads, and accounts directly through your eCommerce platform of choice. Workflow automation and SMS triggers make it easy to keep customers up-to-date. Enjoy individual custom SMS and bulk messaging campaigns where you need it most.

Bigcommerce BigCommerce

SMSGlobal's integration with BigCommerce allows online retailers to stay up-to-date on business and customer concerns via SMS. Order updates using SMS and Email to Text notifications can be sent to customers directly through the platform.

Magento Magento Marketplace - An Adobe Company

Magento Marketplace, an Adobe Company eCommerce platform, utilises automated SMS notifications for customer and admin updates. Easily notify consumers on market promotions, sales, and important order information via SMS.

Schools and Education Management

Managing communications for hundreds of students, teachers, parents, and administrators is a significant task. SMS solutions and integrations with student and education management companies facilitate a streamlined communication process.

Daymap SMS integration DayMap

Integrating SMSGlobal’s HTTP API allows DayMap to connect SMS seamlessly into their business processes. SMS APIs are an integral part of ensuring that parents, teachers, and students communicate effectively.

Simon SMS integration Simon

Utilising SMSGlobal's Email-to-SMS integration solution, SIMON facilitates seamless communication for schools across teachers, parents, and students.

aXcelerate SMS integration aXcelerate

Integrating with an Email-to-SMS API, aXcelerate is a student management system run entirely from the cloud. Our integrations keep enterprises compliant and efficient Australia-wide by providing the best SMS solutions to the education industry.


Managing reservations, staff rostering, and tracking various payments requires quick and efficient communication. Using seamless SMS integrations within hospitality software, communication is streamlined across the business.

Oracle SMS integration Opera with Oracle

Oracle Hospitality OPERA Cloud Services is an enterprise platform for hotel operations and distribution. Integrating SMS through HTTP API offers comprehensive communication capabilities needed to enhance guest experiences and improve operating efficiency.

YesBookit SMS integration YesBookit

YesBookit clients can easily send SMS payment reminders, update guests, send post-departure SMS, and receive SMS notifications of new bookings with SMSGlobal’s integration.

Legal Practice Management

With filing and documentation going digital, legal practice management systems are looking for the best solutions to communicate simply and effectively via optimised systems and technology. By integrating SMSGlobal’s APIs within their current systems, communication with clients is made easy.

LEAP SMS integration LEAP

As a legal practice management system, communicating concisely and efficiently is of high importance. Using SMSGlobal's Email to SMS API integration, LEAP enables users to directly SMS intended recipients from an email platform.

Lawmaster Lawmaster

LawMaster's comprehensive legal practice management system integrates SMSGlobal's Email to SMS API. Communicating legal matters with stakeholders are made direct and efficient using our mobile solutions.

Property and Real Estate Management

In a competitive property market, the demand for efficient property and real estate management software is increasing. For these companies, ensuring their communication is delivered quickly and effectively is key to their success. SMS integration solutions streamline this process and improve results.

Hirum SMS integration HiRUM

HiRUM's powerful property management system integrates seamlessly with SMSGlobal. Property managers can communicate important updates to clients with automated and personalised SMS notifications.

Reapit SMS integration Reapit

As leaders in estate agent software, Reapit offers a complete end-to-end solution, with an integrated customer database. SMSGlobal’s HTTP API provides a seamless communication solution for its customers.

Financial Management

Wealth and financial management companies are increasingly looking to SMS solutions as a means of communicating with customers. Integrating SMS solutions for these companies ensures streamlined processes and allows businesses to focus on what’s important.

XPLAN SMS integration Xplan

As a valuable financial planning software for wealth management and financial planning professionals, Xplan integrates Email to SMS. With SMS capabilities, Xplan provides robust communication solutions to its customers.

CCUBE SMS integration CCube

CCube is a next-generation wealth management solution, supporting financial planners and their clients. With an SMSGlobal integration, advisers can schedule regular contact with clients seamlessly and send important updates with bulk SMS.

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