What is Message Xtreme (MXT)?

MXT is SMSGlobal’s web SMS platform. It lets you create and manage your SMS communications however big or small. It doesn’t matter if you want to send a single SMS to just one person, or multiple messages to various groups – MXT has you covered.

You can use MXT whenever, wherever, however. Our premium SMS software is super user-friendly, works in any browser, developed with simplicity – and you, the user – in mind. And yes, it’s a fully responsive interface. So you can use it on the go with that fancy new smartphone without trouble.

It’s quick and easy: add and manage contacts, send campaigns, create engaging auto-replies, and run real-time reports.


Web SMS Software



Manage everything yourself

What does MXT let you manage? Everything, easily.

Account Settings

You’ve got total control over your master and sub accounts. Setting your account preferences from the main dash is super easy and intuitive.

Create Sub Accounts

Creating sub-accounts is the perfect way for businesses with multiple departments to manage costs, users and account permissions. From the master account, you can customise sub accounts exactly the way you want them.

Permission Controls

Decide who gets access to what information. You can grant your sub accounts access to relevant contacts and contact groups, message templates and reports. From the master account you can even enable and disable purchasing abilities for your sub accounts. You’re in total control.

Account Newsfeed

Here you can keep tabs on all the activity happening on your account in one easy place. Outgoing messages, campaigns, settings changes – all logged in one easy place to see.

Keyword Manager

Use keywords to allow mobile subscribers to send an SMS to a dedicated number and trigger next actions. This allows you to customise your message based on their response.


Create reply rules triggered by responses to your message from your recipients. This is a way to engage your audience and provide immediate feedback.

Account Phone Book

Everyone likes a good list. Lists make life easier. MXT lets you divide your contacts into groups and sub-groups. This is the most optimal way to split up your contact lists, ensuring the right people are getting the right message.

Custom Phone Book Fields

Not only can you organise your phone book into sub-groups, you can further tailor each individual contact into what we call custom phone book fields. Custom book fields let you filter your groups with awesome specificity. Best part? There are no limits – simply define your fields, and create as many as you like.

Contact Importer

Want to import your existing contacts? We’ve got you covered. Simply convert your contacts into a CSV file and upload it through the contacts importer.

Access Your Communication History

Need to check out all the messages you’ve sent to a particular contact? Not a problem. All that information is in your communication history.

Custom Subscription Forms

Worried about how you’ll gather customer’s phone numbers from your website? Worry not. Let MXT do the heavy lifting for you. You can design and create opt-in forms for your website through your MXT page. No coding skills necessary.

Opt Out Manager

Accidental spam? No sir-ee! In your opt out manager you can ensure that people who opt out of a campaign are automatically unsubscribed. You can even apply these settings globally, meaning they’ll be removed from all campaigns.


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Premium SMS Service

Easy Reporting

Quick Summary Reports

The quick summary report lets you see the most important stuff at a glance. You can check the delivery status, total cost, and user engagement for each campaign. All the information is set out in easy-to-read graphs. You’ll get a simple visual to assist you in making sense of the cold, hard numbers. Additionally you can drill down to the individual message level if required.

SMS Delivery Status

Signed, sealed, but delivered?

When you go into your delivery status panel, all outgoing messages will be labelled as “sent,” “delivered,” or “received.” Another great way to gauge how effective your SMS campaigns are.

A/B Split Testing: Compare and Contrast

Divide and conquer.

Some campaigns work better than others. That’s why A/B Split Testing lets you compare and contrast your campaigns in the easiest way possible – side-by-side. Examine the delivery rates, response rates, and opt outs of two campaigns. Take note of what’s working. And make your campaigns the best they can be.

Heat Maps For Delivery Rates

Do you want to know whether your USA engagement is higher than your Australian engagement? Well, you can check it out with heat maps.

Heat maps give insight into the global reach of your outgoing messages. You’ll see a map of the world lit up according where your SMS have successfully travelled, as well as the SMS delivery status.

Incoming Message Reports

All incoming message reports include great information in an easy-to-read layout, giving you a better idea as to which campaigns are working best. Use this information with your opt out reports (below) to figure out why people are loving your campaigns, and how they’re interacting with them – or alternatively, what needs tweaking.

Opt Out Reports

Opt out reports let you see who’s opting out of your account at large, or for a specific campaign. As mentioned, this information comes in handy when you’re assessing which campaigns are working better than others.

CSV Export

If you need your reports somewhere else, MXT lets you export your reports in a CSV file. Simply click “export” from your group settings, and the download will begin automatically.



Want a quick demonstration?

Check out how easy it is to send a campaign in MXT.

Flexible Plans

Get More From Your Account
Our subscription plans are a great way to get more value from your account. Unlock advanced functionality to features like keywords and triggers.

High Volume Sender?
Subscription plans can also reduce your per SMS cost, saving you valuable money. Best of all, there are no lock-in contracts.




Post-paid? Pre-paid? You choose.

Flexible Payment Options

Top up your account balance by credit card, PayPal, or direct debit. We offer pre-paid accounts as well as month-to-month plans.

Low Balance Reminders

Don’t get caught out trying to send a campaign only to find out there are insufficient funds. MXT allows you to set a low balance threshold reminder, which will activate an SMS and (or) email notification. You can also use our auto top-up feature to set adjustable account limits.

Billing History and Invoice Lookup

Keep control of your finances. We stack all of your invoices up in one place, giving you full visibility of where every cent has gone.


24 x 7 Service & Support




Giving you comprehensive information about MXT and how to make the most out of it.


Call us from anywhere in the world to speak with one of our friendly support people who are eager to help.

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