MXT is our cloud-based and user-friendly web SMS platform that gives you complete access to our SMS gateway. Compatible with any web browser and fully responsive, you can send and receive SMS messages globally from any internet connected device – even mobile.

Developed by us and refined by our customers, MXT is a premium web SMS platform with some of the world’s most advanced SMS messaging capabilities. We have perfected the user interface by putting our customers first and making it easier to get what you need done – faster.

By offering boundless flexibility, it doesn’t matter if you want to send an individual SMS or bulk SMS messages to various groups – MXT allows you to send your way. However big or small your business, our web SMS platform MXT allows you to create and manage your mobile communication in a way that makes sense.

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Benefits of Using Our Web SMS Service (MXT)?

Web SMS Platform - MXT

The quickest and easiest method to start sending SMS messages online.

Send SMS from any PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone with internet connectivity.

Requires no downloads, installations or hidden development costs.

Integration portal, with easy API access for developers and system integrators.

Communicate with your target audience with one way or two-way messaging.

What are MXT’s key features?

Whether you want to send one message or millions, MXT is a feature-rich platform that allows you to manage everything related to sending SMS messages online. Create or upload contact lists, use merge features for personalised messaging, manage opt-outs – even advanced reporting. Our fully featured business ready, web SMS platform is packed with plenty of features to help you create even the most complex SMS campaigns.


Check out just some of these features in more detail below

Contact Lists & Custom Fields

Easily import contacts into pre-saved lists by uploading CSV or xls files. This allows you to easily segment your data and saves time by ensuring your most used contacts are only a click away.

You can also import additional data about a contact into custom fields that allows you to personalise your messages.

Merge & Upload Send

‘Merge Send’ allows users to send messages to your imported contact lists or individual contacts, while ‘Upload Send’ gives you the flexibility to upload and send directly from a file without saving it. Both options allow for personalisation of message content using custom fields.

For example, you could add your customer’s first name, date of application and branch location to send a tailored message such as:

“Dear Dave, we received your application on the 23/10/2017. We’d like to advise you that your contract is now ready to collect from the Melbourne Central branch. Kind regards, ABC Bank.”


Sending the same message a lot? Save messages that you use frequently as templates. These are easily accessible anywhere you can send a message. You can also easily share templates with sub-accounts by making them global.

Unicode support

Unicode messaging and multi-part messaging is also fully supported. Send messages in different languages.

Opt-Out Manager

It is critical that a business remains compliant when sending SMS messages. MXT’s opt-out manager ensures that recipients who reply STOP are automatically unsubscribed from receiving text messages from your business.

Advanced Campaigns, Scheduling & Triggers

For advanced senders, we offer a campaign feature that gives greater control over exactly how and when messages are sent.

Schedule your campaign for a later date or stagger it to send messages out at different times and in batches.

Triggers can even be configured to create smart workflows that send user initiated responses based on reply keywords – perfect for customer surveys.

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Additional Features

Virtual Numbers & SenderIDs

A dedicated virtual number or registered SenderID allows you to send messages from a number or word that is exclusive to your business. We have a comprehensive range that can be obtained depending on your location. Please visit our virtual number page for further information.


Creating sub-accounts is perfect for businesses with multiple departments or cost centres. The master parent account gives you complete control to manage users, permissions, account credit, contact lists and even message templates.

Beautiful User Experience

While other web SMS platforms can give you the feeling you’ve stepped back in time, MXT’s interface is modern, elegant and most importantly – easy to use. Our dashboard gives you an account snapshot and access to everything you need while important functions have been grouped appropriately, including integration and virtual number portals.

Custom Subscription Forms

Build your mobile database effortlessly by creating opt-in forms for your website in MXT – no coding skills necessary. Simply generate the form, paste to your website and start building your subscriber list.

Corporate Features

Implementation of our custom branding and our highly-detailed access control features allows for sub-accounts to look and behave very differently. These features have been designed with our corporate customers in mind. Simply talk to our team of experts for a demonstration.

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Comprehensive Reporting

MXT allows users to generate easy-to-use reports to gain the insights required for today’s demanding business environment.

While our dashboard gives a basic snapshot, users have access to detailed outgoing, incoming, scheduled and opt-out reports. All data is available for download, allowing you to easily import it to the reporting tool of your choice.



Easy to Understand & Flexible Billing

Simple pre-paid service

Suitable for medium-to-low volume senders, simply select the messaging rate you would like and apply the applicable funds to your account. We accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal.

Low Balance & Auto Top-Up

These tools allow for easy management of finances, without leaving you message-less. Get notified when your balance is running out, or even configure our system to bill you automatically. Rest assured your team can always deliver messages.

Post-paid options

To meet the needs of high volume clients and in special circumstances, we offer post-paid agreements. Billed monthly, customers in this category often receive the benefit of a dedicated account manager and tailored support packages. If you think this is you, please contact us.

High volume senders

Sending serious volumes? Talk to us today about how we can reduce your cost per SMS, saving you valuable money.

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24 x 7 Service & Support

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As a premium SMS service, you can call or chat to us from anywhere in the world and speak with one of our friendly customer success team.


Got a question or some feedback for us? Send us an email on or jump onto our live chat to speak with a Web SMS specialist today.

Comprehensive Knowledgebase

We’ve filled our knowledgebase with virtually every detail about MXT, our web SMS platform and related services. If you get stuck, instant help is literally only a click away and accessible directly inside the platform.

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