SMSGlobal Update: New OTP API and Recurring SMS Message function

Updating our stack for your security and functionality

It’s never been more important to stay in touch on the channels your users know and trust. Working in your favour? SMS has a 98% open rate.

SMSGlobal’s latest updates give your organisation an edge in the battle to connect. See how a new API empowers watertight security and the unexpected ways you can use recurring SMS to simplify customer relationships through the last truly personal communication channel.

In this article, learn about SMSGlobal's latest deployments:

  • New REST API unlocks smarter OTPs
    • How does the REST API boost security?
    • 3 good reasons to empower SMS OTP
  • Heard it all before? How to unlock recurring SMS
    • Like clockwork: Ways to use recurring SMS
    • 3 simple steps to recurring SMS
  • Smarter SMS in 2021

New REST API unlocks smarter OTPs

SMSGlobal has added a REST API to our platform integrations alongside solutions like Salesforce, Zapier, HubSpot, Simon and Magento.

REST APIs use the HTTP protocol to build rules that trigger specific actions. The REST software framework is used by around 70% of public APIs for faster load times, reliable performance, and simple developer access.

How does the REST API boost security?

The REST API provides programmatic access to SMSGlobal features via the MXT platform — including SMS OTP (One-Time Password) as part of 2FA (2 Factor Authentication).

SMS OTP is the leading online data security protocol across financial services, retail, and eCommerce.

SMSGlobal tip: Lost passwords? SMS OTP lets users confirm their identity to avoid being locked out of an account.

3 good reasons to empower SMS OTP

  • Single-factor authentication isn’t enough; 90% of all passwords are at risk of hacking.
  • It’s simple but effective; Google research found SMS authentication codes blocked 100% of automated bots and 96% of bulk phishing attacks.
  • SMS OTP is more secure than an email OTP; if the email account is compromised, you’re handing the keys to the wrong person.

Get your free REST API key from the team at SMSGlobal.

Heard it all before? How to unlock recurring SMS

Ever get a sense you’ve read it all before? Recurring SMS is now available via the MXT platform.

Use the simple interface to create, schedule and send recurring messages; they repeat to the recipients you choose at daily, weekly, monthly or annual intervals.

Like clockwork: Ways to use recurring SMS

Never miss a message again with SMS you can schedule in advance. Businesses can harness recurring SMS across a range of use cases, including:

  • Transactional — send alerts for regular invoices or rental payments
  • Appointments — cut down on no-shows with SMS reminders for standing bookings
  • Workforce — stay connected with weekly timesheet deadlines, monthly staff meetings, and annual maintenance alerts
  • Medical — schedule no-fuss alerts for annual health checks
  • Promotional — automate lead creation, simplify repeat promotions like half-price Wednesday, and schedule seasonal promotions
  • Events — remind everyone where to be and when.

Knowing your customer and anticipating their needs builds loyalty and a long-term relationship; the more you know about a customer the more intimate personalisation can get. Think tracking purchase anniversaries so customers can reorder the flowers they sent to Grandma at Christmas, nudge them to make that anniversary dinner booking, or remind them it’s time for a health check.

3 simple steps to a recurring SMS

You don’t need to be a developer to send recurring SMS.

  1. Log into the MXT platform or set up your free account
  2. On the MXT dashboard, select Send Messages> Recurring> Create Recurring
    1. Enter the message details — who it’s from and to, and the message of up to 160 characters
    2. Choose your recurring pattern — daily, weekly, monthly or yearly
    3. Choose your range of recurrence — when your schedule begins and ends
  3. Preview your message on screen and send.

SMSGlobal tip: Save your message text as a template for next time with one click.

Get started today to create and send a recurring message in MXT.

Smarter SMS in 2021

2021 is a time for building trust with your audience through credible and consistent communication channels.

Stay connected to customers and cut through the marketing noise with targeted SMS that adds value to your customer’s day.

Sign up for your free MXT account and see what's possible in 2021.