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White Label Reseller

Your brand. Our platform

What is a white label platform?

A white label platform enables your business to run our MXT software with your own personalised branding.

It includes all the same benefits of MXT, but with your logo. Your customers can enjoy full access to our suite of features – from automation to custom fields and dedicated numbers.

White Label Reseller

Benefits of being a reseller

Want to support your customers in your own way for SMS related functions? Then our SMS reseller program is for you. It allows you to take control of promoting SMS to your customers with the full support of our partnership team plus great pricing that allows you to turn a profit.

SMS integration Integrate with SMS

Looking to add SMS capability to your own platform? No problem. Your users can buy and send SMS directly from your application or software through our powerful and robust APIs.

White Label Platform Custom brand MXT as your own

Your brand, your colours, your platform. Joining our reseller community allows your to completely customise our MXT platform any way you like. Implementing your branding on the web-based software helps your customers associate the platform with your services.

Custom SMS pricing Set your own SMS Prices

With your custom SMS reseller platform, you can set your prices for your customers, who are your sub-accounts. This gives you full control of your SMS rates and margins.

SMS marketing collateral Receive marketing collateral support

From EDMs to SMS marketing campaigns, when you open your reseller platform, you will be given access to our archive of promotional templates which can be modified an sent however and whenever you want.

24/7 SMS support Premium technical support

When you join our reseller community, you're treated as one of our own! This includes 24/7 premium technical support from our SMS specialists and discounted SMS rates based on volume sent. With 6 office across the globe, you’ll get the support you need, when you need it.

Boost revenue Increase business revenue

Whether using our rebranded platform or integrating with your existing application, becoming an SMS reseller is a simple way to boost revenue while bringing value to your existing customers or starting a fresh business.

Become a SMS reseller

Becoming a SMSGlobal reseller is most popular among system integrators, technology solution providers, technology product developers, application developers and distributors.

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