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Alerts, Marketing, Rostering

Retail Messaging

Create loyalty programs, improve sales promotions and build your database with a multi-channel SMS approach.
Loyalty Programs

Customer loyalty programs that take advantage of SMS are seeing huge growth on offers and coupon redemptions. In some cases, our customers yield a more than 300% increase when compared to email or hard copy offers.

Sales Promotions

Having a sale? Why not promote it by sending an SMS to your customers? With SMS your message has a 98% chance of being opened within 3 minutes of being received. By cutting out junk mail filters and delivering direct to a handset, your message has the best possible chance of reaching its recipient.

Customer Surveys

Want to get feedback and valuable insights from your customers? Just ask them. With SMS customer surveys are easy to implement and make it possible to receive instant feedback. Even better, combine it with an in-store offer to drive additional engagement.

Build Your Customer Database

SMS is always at work, even when you’re not. By setting up a dedicated long or short code, customers can opt-in with their mobile to receive offers and updates without any assistance. All you need to do is advertise your number at the point-of-sale and you’re away.

Retail SMS solutions

Marketing & Advertising

Discover how integrating an SMS marketing strategy into your communications workflow can help your business grow.
SMS Competitions

One of the most popular forms of SMS marketing is through the inclusion of a dedicated short or long code on promotional material. This allows your business to advertise your number and ask potential customers to send in responses. This could include joining a mailing list or entering a competition.

Mobile & SMS Coupons

They’ve been around since the dawn of time and have been a clever marketing tactic used, by well, pretty much everyone ever. Today, however, email inboxes are often bombarded with promotions, making it easy to get lost in the noise. Achieve greater cut-through by sending an SMS coupon (text message coupon or text codes as they are otherwise known) for your customers to redeem in-store, online or over the phone.

MMS & URL Links

The mobile web is a key component of this growth. If your site or promotion isn’t mobile optimised, you’re missing out. Where does SMS fit in? You can send URL links direct to your mobile landing pages. Watch your traffic soar (and hopefully your sales).

Loyalty Programs

Expand your marketing channels by introducing SMS into your CRM platform. Complement you EDM workflows with an automated SMS message to boost open rates. To see the full list of CRMs we integrate with or to enquire about a custom integration click here.

SMS marketing

Travel & Tourism

Keep customers up to date with timely travel information, reservation confirmations and discount offers via SMS.
Automated Check-in

Improve your customer experience by decreasing long lines and wait times. Offer your patron the opportunity to check-in, book hire cars and reserve tables straight from their mobile device.

Entertainment & Recreation

Engage with your customers by alerting them to other exciting and engaging services offered by your hotel or guesthouse. Whether it be on-site restaurants, live entertainment shows, gyms, spas or saunas, take your customer service to the next level with SMS.

Reservation Confirmations

Ensure table turnovers are completed as scheduled by sending through arrival times and reservation confirmations before patrons arrive, and a courtesy message reminding them to come and visit your venue again once they leave.

CRM Compatible

SMSGlobal’s messaging gateway can be integrated directly into most leading hotel management software systems, giving staff the ability to manage bookings and connect with guests all from the same platform. Contact one of our experts today to find out how.

SMS travel communications

Banking & Finance

Utilise SMS for billing reminders, server monitoring and fraud prevention to keep your customers up to date with critical information.
Fraud Prevention

Protect your customers and decrease instances of card fraud by implementing a two-factor authentication system that sends one-time passwords (OTPs) directly to their mobile device. Alert customers instantly to any suspicious activity on their accounts by asking them to verify overseas payments via SMS.

Payment Reminders

Reduce collection costs by reminding customers of outstanding and overdue payments via text. With an open rate of 98%, SMS payment reminders are a more effective communication method than email and cheaper than traditional alternatives such as direct mail or phone calls.

Application Updates

Mortgage and credit applications take time to process. Keep your customers informed on the status of their application by sending updates to their mobile throughout the process. Decrease inbound call volumes by conveying information to your customers before they have to ask.

CRM Compatible

Integrate the SMSGlobal gateway directly into any internal applications used by your frontline staff and give them the ability to text important account information and updates directly to customers.

Financial SMS solutions


Integrating SMS into your communications workflow is the perfect way to keep your students, parents & staff up-to-date.
Parental Communication

Managing communication with parents regarding student absenteeism is an important but often time-consuming task for schools. By implementing an SMS solution, parents can be informed instantly if their child is missing from class, without the school needing to make a phone call. Replies can then be automated, saving significant administration time.

Emergency / Disaster Management

In the unlikely event of an emergency situation, utilise the power of SMS messaging to bulk-send notifications to parents or students. This will notify them of the current situation at hand and provide information regarding the next steps available.

Enrolment Process

The enrolment process for schools and universities often involves a lot of paperwork for both administrators and students. Automating parts of the process can save precious time. Accepting offers becomes as simple as replying to an SMS, and reminders can be sent just as easily.

Paper or Exam Results

Now we all know that feeling of either dread or excitement that creeps in when you’re waiting for an important result. Why not send results via SMS to improve the customer experience? For IT systems that struggle under the load of students trying to view results at the same time, SMS is a viable and cost effective solution.

Educational SMS

Real Estate

Schedule inspection reminders, manage rentals properties and broadcast auction alerts to prospective buyers via SMS.
Lead Management

Manage a sales pipeline efficiently and maximise your ROI by confirming inspection appointments, valuations and auction times quickly and directly with prospective buyers via SMS.

Rental Management

With an open rate of 98%, confirming rental inspection times via SMS is highly effective. Automated text messages can also notify renters in areas to arrange inspection times for prospective tenants quickly and conveniently.

After Sales Support

The sales cycle doesn’t need to end at the auction, continuing to check in with clients throughout the after-sales process can help build ongoing relationships allowing you to capture repeat business or win additional referrals.

CRM Compatible

SMSGlobal’s messaging gateway integrates with several leading real estate CRMs. This allows you to send SMS messages to clients directly from within your software, sales pipeline and database. Contact one of our real estate specialists today to find out how.

Real Estate SMS solutions


Show your patients how much you care with reminders, updates and notifications sent directly to their mobile device.
Alerts & Updates

SMS enables healthcare providers to broadcast alerts and updates to valued patients. This could include reminding them to take their medication on schedule or log their changing health indicators if they are taking part in a clinical trial. Instead of wasting valuable resources on phone calls and emails, organisations can now easily send alerts via SMS.

Diagnostic Test Results

Sending out lower-level test results via SMS could dramatically increase operational efficiency within your business. The option to receive test results via text is an attractive option for time-poor patients as well. If privacy is a concern, a message informing patients that results are ready and providing a contact number could be used.

Reminders and Appointments

Mobile messaging allows healthcare organisations to send appointment reminders or confirmation bookings directly to a patient’s mobile phone. This is proven to reduce missed appointments that waste valuable time and resources.

CRM Compatible

Healthcare organisation can integrate SMSGlobal’s messaging gateway with their CRM to automate the sending of reminders, alerts and updates. No need to train staff on new technology - send from within your existing software for a seamless communication workflow.

Healthcare SMS solutions


Manage customer bookings, confirmations and cancellations with simple SMS reminders and notifications.
Reservation Manager

Optimise your booking system and increase table yields by giving customers the ability to make reservations straight from their mobile device. Text table confirmations directly to customers, or send back alternate times if you want to stagger customer arrivals during peak periods.

Decreased Wait Times

If you’re running a busy restaurant, it’s possible customers who walk in during peak periods may not be able to be seated right away. Request their mobile number and text them when the next table is available.

Staff Rostering

Communication via text message is highly effective, with over 95% of messages opened within the first three minutes of being received. Managing staff rosters via SMS lets casual staff respond quickly to shift availability times, allowing you to plan ahead and ensure you have enough staff to operate your business.

Sales & Promotions

Customers can’t take advantage of special offers if they don’t know about them. Send out targeted promotions for lunch or after-work specials to customers prior to a lunch break or before they leave work for the day.

SMS restaurant bookings

Beauty & Fitness

Promote sales and special offers as well as schedule appointments using the most efficient communication tool available.
Lifestyle Advice

Motivate your clients to meet their fitness goals by sending workout plans or diet and lifestyle tips directly to their handset. Clients can also signup to receive daily motivational texts, or to receive information about other health products and services you offer.

Manage Bookings

Whether you specialise in hair care or personal training, ensure your business is running at its full potential by giving customers the ability to confirm appointments via SMS. Reduce missed appointments by reminding customers of upcoming bookings, giving them the ability to alter appointment times with a single text.

Promotional Campaigns

Keep your customers informed by letting them know when you launch a new service or sales promotion. Send marketing campaigns to your entire customer base simultaneously with one click using SMSGlobal’s innovative web messaging platform.

Membership Renewals

Ensure customers don’t get caught out by prompting them to renew their gym or spa membership before it expires. Payment options can be provided via text, or customers can message back and arrange a time to make the transaction over the phone.

SMS fitness industry