SMS for Schools, Universities & Colleges

Education SMS for colleges and school

Reach your Students with SMS Communication

Directly contact staff, students and parents with SMS notifications

Utilise SMS for educational institutions to alert staff, inform parents and notify students of important updates. Streamline operations with a robust SMS gateway and integrate text messaging into daily processes.

Send Text Message Alerts and Reminders

SMS alerts and reminders for higher education

Keeping administration, teachers, parents and students informed with timely notifications is challenging without the right tools. Bulk message campaigns and text automation is where the humble SMS shines brightest.

Bulk SMS for school reminders

Segment contact lists and send mass SMS to students regarding deadlines, exam dates and school closures via API, Gateway or Integration

Text automation for attendance

Automate SMS workflows to verify grades and attendance. Trigger alerts to notify staff and admin of absences.

Updated course information

Send out relevant course information using SMS and MMS messaging. Include vital attachments, URLs and images.

Simple yet Powerful SMS Solution for Education Management

Power up your school and university software with enterprise SMS

Learn how to optimise your operations with a business text message solution fitted to your needs. Our specialists are here to get you moving on your SMS journey.

Text Messaging Solution for Higher Education

Keep up with deadlines, school closures and major events

SMS notifications for upcoming events and important dates are essential to educational progress. Don’t miss a thing with scheduled SMS reminders.

  • Check Schedule bulk SMS campaigns
  • Check Set up recurring messages to send daily, weekly, monthly or yearly
  • Check Curate your own message templates
  • Check Utilise 2-way SMS for support services
School Reminder SMS Template
Automated SMS for Grades and Attendence

SMS alerts for absences and receive exam results via text message

Set up workflows to send SMS automatically. Push a text message notification to relevant contacts and pupils whenever an action occurs, such as when a student is absent.

  • Check Push grades and exam results on a scheduled date
  • Check Trigger text messages when a student is absent
  • Check Automate text message reminders for important dates and closures
  • Check Create SMS workflows to streamline processes
Exam Results Text Message Example
Bulk Message Campaign for Course Information

Inspire potential students with engaging content and direct communication

Schedule bulk campaigns with carefully crafted messaging and rich media. Keep pupils up-to-date with the latest course information and curriculum.

  • Check MMS for media-rich course information, including images, PDFs, videos and more
  • Check Merge Send for personalised notifications about information nights
  • Check Utilise Unicode and URLs in your messaging
  • Check Brand messages with a dedicated virtual number or Sender ID
School MMS Example
School and University SMS Examples

Text messaging templates for higher education and education management

Enhance your communications strategy with custom message templates you can simply add to your processes. Take a look at these handy and convenient text message samples for education SMS.

‘Call Me Back’ text message sample

Hello, I’m {*Name*} from {*School name*}. I called earlier and left a message. Please call me back on {*Number*}. Thanks, {*Staff*}

Deadline reminders

REMINDER: {*Assignment / Application*} is due on {*Date*}. To request an extension, please contact your course coordinator.

Text alerts for school closings and delays

This is a friendly reminder that {*School name*} will be closed on {*Date*} for {*Reason*}.

Final grades SMS alert

Hi {*Name*}, your final grades for {*Course*} are now available online, login to your {*School name*} account to view full details.

School SMS support services

{*School name*} SUPPORT
What are you seeking?
A Contact info
B Admin office
C Request services
D Updates and alerts
E Other

Reply A B C D or E

Significant date reminder

Dare to dream of a bigger future? Our {*School name*} {*Location*} Campus Open Day is on {*Date*}! Come and learn about all the courses we have on offer.

School closure text notifications

COVID ALERT: due to lockdown restrictions students are required to study from home as of {*Date*}, onwards. For more info, visit {*Link*}

Results of exam text message

{*Location*} {*Year*} Results:
{*Course*}: {*Result*}
{*Subject 1*}: {*Score 1*}
{*Subject 2*}: {*Score 2*}
{*Subject 3*}: {*Score 3*}
{*Subject 4*}: {*Score 4*}
{*Subject 5*}: {*Score 5*}

Call back SMS

Hi {*Name*}, thanks for inquiring about our program. Feel free to give me a call on {*Number*} to discuss your goals.
- {*Sender name*} at {*School Name*}

Registration and Open day SMS

Thanks for attending the {*School name*} Open Day! To secure your place with us, ensure you register online before the deadline. For more info, visit {*Link*}

SMS for student attendance and absence

Dear {*Guardian name*}, records show that {*Student name*} is absent today {*Date*}. Please provide a reason by SMS reply or call {*Number*}.

Exam SMS confirmation

{*Location*} {*Year*} Results. You are registered to receive {*Course*} results and subject scores via SMS at {*Time*} on {*Date*}. To change your details, call {*Number*}

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