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One Time Password

Send, protect, validate - OTP via SMS

What is an SMS OTP?

An SMS OTP (one-time password) is a secure authorization method where a numeric or alphanumeric code is sent to a mobile number. This password is an added layer of security used to verify the identity of a user logging into an online platform, application or website.

Commonly used by banks, insurance companies and online retailers, one-time passwords help ensure the security of your customers valuable data and information.

SMS One Time Password

More than just a authentication method

Secure SMS communication Secure Customer Data

Implementing an SMS OTP on your website, software or app will add another level to your security, substantially decreasing the vulnerability of your customer’s data and information.

SMS surveys Increase Customer Satisfaction

Providing your customers the option to use an SMS one-time password shows that your business takes their data security seriously.

Pay per password Pay Per Password

No logins for a while? No worries. Pay only for the SMS that you send. As your SMS grow in volume, your SMS rates reduce. View our wholesale SMS pricing here.

Scalable SMS gateway Enterprise Scalability

Our SMS gateway is built to deliver large volumes of messages in a timely manner. Talk to one of our SMS specialists today to learn more about enterprise SMS OTP services.

Technical support Integration Assistance

First time implementing an SMS OTP system? Talk to one of our integration specialists. Or, if you're confident in building yourself, check out our OTP API documentation for in-depth integration information.

SMS security More secure than email

An SMS OTP is much more secure than an email OTP. If a potential hacker has email and password information for the login of an online platform or app, it’s extremely likely they have access to the connected email address as well.

SMS Retriever API OTP SMS Retriever API

Reduce the steps in the already simplified SMS OTP process by enabling a Retriever API. This will allow your mobile app to automatically copy and paste the token code once it is received by the mobile. Read more about the OTP SMS Retriever here.

GDPR friendly A GDPR Favourite

The added layer of security offered by an SMS OTP can push your business towards, or extend, your level of GDPR compliance. Implementing an SMS OTP process illustrates how seriously you take the protection of your customer’s data.

Why implement SMS OTP?

When someone shares their personal and sensitive information with your business, they expect you to protect this data from possible hackers.

Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to the login procedure, drastically improving the security of a website, application or software. Even if email and password information is accessed, online data will remain protected by the SMS OTP.

How does it work?

Platform login Step 01

Users enters login information into online platform

SMS code Step 02

Servers sends the token code to linked mobile number

Verify SMS code Step 03

Users enters token code and accesses the platform

Simple triggering and guaranteed delivery

Start the simple implementation of an OTP security measure into any software stack today. With personal data security on the forefront of everyone's mind, every login process requires an efficient OTP system to increase the protection of customers data.

Our various SMS API connections allow for triggering of one time passwords from any application or software stack.

Automated SMS OTP

Robust System Architecture

SMSGlobal employs a distributed architecture with no single point of failure, backed by 99.99% service availability SLA's. This ensures that OTPs are always delivered to your software users. For added flexibility, you can even customize the OTP to be sent at a specific time.

The architecture's real-time design delivers consistent millisecond response latency with the ability to service tens of thousands of transactions per second. Multiple load balancing, coupled with the ability to add nodes to a running cluster with zero downtime enables almost unlimited scalability to handle thousands of OTP requests 24/7.

The benefits of SMS OTP have been realised in the most demanding environments, across a diverse range of industry verticals including healthcare, finance and hospitality.

Reliable SMS service

Build Support

Developer documentation The Developer's Guide to the Galaxy

Create the ultimate integration for your software and applications by viewing our extensive API documentation.

SMSGlobal Github Github

Using our Github account you can access the latest updates for integrations, snippets and patches. Our development team are continually updating this channel to give users constant and dedicated support.

24/7 support 24/7 Technical Support

For any application SMS integration assistance, speak to one of our many technical SMS specialists anytime, any day.

Request an OTP integration today

Reach out to one of our integration specialists today to discuss building a OTP solution for your application or software.

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