SMS Automation

Trigger keywords and automate SMS workflows for direct communication

Deliver your message instantly. Set up SMS Automation.

Make communication easy with transactional SMS, streamlined text workflows and triggered keywords. Automated SMS takes the hard work out of enterprise text messaging so you can focus on business.

Benefits of SMS Automation

Set up text message automation workflows to streamline communication

Trigger workflows with SMS keywords and automatically send text messages with ease

Transactional SMS

Push custom text messages within automated workflows using Merge Send and scheduling.

Integrate text messaging

Seamlessly add SMS automation and schedule messaging within your existing software.

24/7 customer support

Our reliable SMS experts are available to assist you whenever you need us—anytime, anywhere.

Automated SMS Integrations and Plugins

New to SMS Automation? Let us help

Integrate frictionless text message automation into your legacy systems with our SMS Automation Integrations and SDKs.

Text Message Automation for all Industries

Use Cases for Automated SMS

  • Order Confirmations Order Confirmations

    Alert customers of order confirmations, account transactions and shipping updates in real-time with SMS workflows.

  • Products & Promotions Products & Promotions

    Schedule drip-fed SMS marketing campaigns to inform valued customers of promotions and product launches.

  • Event Notifications Event Notifications

    Send personalised text messages notifying customers of upcoming anniversaries and retail events.

  • Check Lead Nurture

    Set up welcome messages, appointment reminders and follow-up texts throughout the customer journey.

  • Check Subscribe & Segment

    Automatically push unique message templates to specific contact lists at the perfect time.

  • Check Business Updates

    Directly notify your contacts with an automated series of SMS for crucial business information and updated policies.

  • Check Contact Engagement

    Track, monitor and report SMS communications with ease. Access Conversation Window to view contact history.

  • Check Account Verification & Security

    Utilise our SMS OTP API for Two-Factor Authentication, adding an extra layer of online protection and verification.

  • Check Customer Experience

    Keep your contacts engaged by initiating conversation and sending alerts with scheduled texts.

Simple & Cost Effective SMS Automation for Business

Trusted leader for over 400,000 global customers

Set up SMS Automation in MXT with a free trial. Enjoy 25 complimentary SMS credits to test our service and get sending right away.

Transactional Text Messaging

Automatically send SMS messages in real-time

Conveniently streamline communication and minimise work processes with SMS automation. Set up text message automation workflows to send time-sensitive messages instantly.

  • Check Order updates
  • Check Account transactions
  • Check Abandoned shopping cart reminders
  • Check One-time passwords for two-step verification
  • Check Automatic link shortener
  • Check Track URL click-through rate (CTR)
SMS Automation for Marketing

Nurture leads, engage with prospects and schedule timely SMS

Ensure your customers feel listened to with personalised texts. Manage workflows, contact lists and segmentation to reach the right person at the right time.

  • Check Welcome messages
  • Check Appointment reminders and follow-ups
  • Check Automated keyword response
  • Check Recurring text messages
SMS OTP for Cybersecurity

Automate SMS one-time passwords and cybersecurity text alerts

Let customers know your business values their data privacy by setting up two-step verification and SMS alerts. Keep users up-to-date with security alerts via automated SMS notifications.

  • Check Account updates
  • Check Password reset
  • Check Two-Factor Authentication
  • Check Fraudulent activity alerts
Integrate Automated Texting

SMS integrations made for your business, your way

With a library of native and third-party integrations, easily set up text message functionality within your existing systems. Our team of specialists work alongside you to develop and install bespoke SMS solutions.

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