Unlock the power of SMS workflows with SMSGlobal for HubSpot

SMSGlobal prides itself on providing businesses with solutions to enhance and broaden their communication strategy. Our newly released SMS integration on HubSpot equips businesses with the communication functionality they’ve been waiting for. Unlock HubSpot’s full potential and extend its capabilities with SMSGlobal’s easy-to-use SMS integration.

Optimising business processes is the name of the game for enterprise businesses. Whether you are talking to internal stakeholders or clients, communication plays a critical role. Ensuring all relevant parties are on the same page and up-to-date with the latest information is vital to long term success.

Why add SMS to your HubSpot workflows?

With our HubSpot SMS integration, you can empower your business to accomplish its critical goals from within the premium CRM. Increase efficiency, fuel growth, and streamline communication with clients, prospects, and leads using the only messaging channel that cuts through the noise—SMS.

According to research by MailChimp, the average email open rate sits at a mere 21%. Text messages, on the other hand, yield a 98% open-rate. Ensure your business’ communications are read, not ignored with the SMSGlobal HubSpot plugin.

SMSGlobal for HubSpot enables you to seamlessly guide your customers through onboarding processes, support ticketing procedures, and more. Amplify and strengthen internal business operations with an SMS integration that fosters logical, automated, and customisable workflows.

Send a variety of SMS messages via HubSpot workflows:

  • SMS greetings
  • Support query confirmations
  • Personalised discounts
  • Appointment reminders
  • Student absentee notifications
  • And much more!

SMSGlobal for HubSpot supercharges communication processes

SMS enrollment triggers and actions

Trigger helpful and relevant actions at the perfect moment. Create SMS enrollment triggers to automate a workflow when an SMS event occurs. And set SMS as an action in HubSpot to trigger pre-configured messages within a workflow.

Personalised SMS marketing

Boosting your sales efforts has never been easier! Personalise automated communication using Contact tokens within SMS workflows, tailoring messages to individual recipients’ unique account information and activity. Make your contact communication as personalised and human as possible by sending messages with a Sender ID or Virtual Number used only by your business. Using a unique Sender ID ensures recipients instantly recognise your number.

Conversation Window and Two-Way SMS

You’ll never miss a beat with the SMS Conversation Window. Keep track of all inbound and outbound messages within contact records. Engage customers in real-time with Two-Way messaging directly via the Conversation Window. Seamlessly manage customer support queries for a frictionless customer experience with accessible conversation logs.

Activity Tracking and Detailed Analytics

Enjoy complete oversight over client communications with SMSGlobal for HubSpot. Monitor entire SMS conversations or view recently sent and received messages on Contact Timelines. With in-depth insights such as click-through-rates and conversions automatically tracked in HubSpot, you can optimise SMS campaigns, automation, and individual SMS communication.

Start sending with SMSGlobal for HubSpot today.

Increase conversions and save valuable time with SMS automation on HubSpot.

Engaging leads and enhancing the customer journey has never been easier with SMS automation workflows.

Customise workflows aligned to your business needs

Adding SMS automation to your communication processes creates a unified experience for leads and customers alike. Facilitate the ultimate, seamless customer experience with workflow triggers that send SMS updates and alerts to the right person at the right time.

Set up automated drip campaigns and trigger SMS for all types of HubSpot workflows:

  • Contact-based
  • Company-based
  • Deal-based
  • Ticket-based

Boost HubSpot SMS messages with custom Sender IDs

Enhance marketing campaigns and transactional SMS notifications with the option to send from Shared numbers, Virtual numbers, and Custom words. Send automated SMS from a branded Custom Word or Virtual Number unique to your business, so recipients can instantly identify who is contacting them.

Personalise HubSpot SMS marketing messages with your brand by sending from a custom Sender ID or Virtual Number. Branded Sender IDs that clients recognise and trust is also ideal for sending important transactional alerts such as invoice notifications and bookings reminders.

SMS use cases for HubSpot workflows

Customise triggers to suit your business’ communication requirements and let your team focus on their essential tasks. Easily craft bespoke SMS workflows, tailored to your business and recipients’ needs. From automated transactional messages to personalised SMS marketing campaigns, SMSGlobal for HubSpot can do it all.

These are just some of the ways our clients utilise SMS in their HubSpot workflows:

Invoices & Payment Reminders

“Hi [Contact: Name], your current [contact: subscription tier] subscription plan payment is due in 5 days. Thanks, the CLS Team.”

Welcome & Onboarding messages

“Hi [Contact: Name], welcome to the SoftMicro family! Here’s a 10% discount to celebrate. Use code 10NEW on your first purchase. T&Cs apply. Reply ‘Stop’ to opt-out.”

Support Ticket Updates

“Hi [Contact: Name], your email is: [Contact: email]

Thanks for reaching out, we have an update on your support ticket [Contact: Recent ticket]. One of our team members will be in touch shortly.”

Appointment Reminders

“Hello [Contact: Name], thanks for booking in with us! Your next appointment is on [Contact: recent appointment]. Reply ‘Y’ to confirm. Thanks, HS Healthcare.”

Marketing Messages

“Hey [Contact: Name], as a loyal [Contact: rewards tier] member, you are eligible to 50% off your next BonBib purchase. Log in online to use your discount! T&Cs apply. Reply “STOP" to opt-out.”

Getting started with SMSGlobal on HubSpot

  1. Ensure your SMSGlobal account is ready to use and functional.
    1. Sign up for a free MXT account and set up a new sub-account (see this Knowledge Base article to learn how).
  2. Login to your MXT sub-account and navigate to the HubSpot integration page.
  3. Click the Connect button
  4. Select your HubSpot account
  5. Click Connect app

Connecting your MXT account with HubSpot

Easily sync your MXT contact database with HubSpot in one click—without any coding required. From there, you’ll never have to update your contact list again! Whenever a new contact is added to your HubSpot database, their information will automatically sync to MXT.

Building your SMS HubSpot workflows

Set up enrollment triggers and actions in HubSpot with SMSGlobal’s powerful messaging functionality. With the Send SMS extension module available in all types of HubSpot workflows, you can set up custom messages to automatically send when a specified trigger event occurs.

Likewise, you can configure enrollment triggers to complete pre-determined actions when an SMS event occurs.

Set up SMS enrollment triggers

SMS enrollment triggers enable you to automate workflows by specific functions including:

  • Inbound and outbound text messages
  • SMS content and keywords
  • Delivery time and business hours
  • Segmented recipient numbers

When creating a new workflow, click Set enrollment triggers. From there, select SMSGlobal: SMS Timeline and set up the trigger by choosing from the below properties:

Direction - select from “to” and “from” options to create a trigger for inbound or outbound SMS.

Message - select specific keywords or phrases as a trigger.

Mobile - set up a mobile phone number as a trigger.

Occurred - create a trigger based on the date or time messages are received or sent.

Status - select from “sent” and “received” options to create a trigger based on the SMS delivery status.

When you have chosen your enrollment trigger property, hit Save.

Set up Send SMS as an action in HubSpot workflows

After selecting an enrollment trigger, choose the action that will be carried out as the next step in the workflow. The “Send SMS” action allows you to compose and personalise SMS messages.

  1. To add Send SMS as an action, click the “+” icon to open the slide-out menu.
  2. Scroll down to the SMSGlobal section and select Send SMS.
  3. Fill out each field to configure your SMS:
    1. Phone number: Select the recipient number property.
    2. Message: Craft your message.
      1. Include a Contact token to personalise your message.
  4. Click Save.

For a detailed guide on creating SMS workflows in HubSpot and more, check out our comprehensive HubSpot documentation.