HubSpot automation for SMS customer support

With a 98% open rate, SMS remains a top choice for business communications. Boasting fast, direct messaging, SMS is perfect for two-way customer support.

Almost all smartphone users have their mobile device in arms reach at all times. Meet your customer where they are—on their phone. Provide your customers with reliable support services via their preferred channel. Integrate your HubSpot CRM with SMS to optimise contact communication and customer service processes.


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What is SMS Customer Support?

SMS customer support refers to all the support services provided by a business via text messaging. Combining SMS automation and triggers with one-on-one communication, you can offer intuitive solutions to your customer queries.

While many channels can facilitate customer service, SMS support allows your business to expand past generic ticketing systems and long-winded phone calls. Reach your audience with ease and convenience.

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SMSGlobal HubSpot SMS integration

Some may believe that SMS is outdated and old school. While SMS has been around for some time, that doesn't mean that it's redundant. SMS is an effective communication tool, professionally and personally, as it is familiar, accessible and easy to use.

Integrate SMS for HubSpot and enhance your support services with two-way text messaging, automated SMS workflows and real-time contact communications.

Benefits of SMS for HubSpot

Power up your customer support and automation workflows with HubSpot SMS integration.

  • Text message automation workflows
  • Two-way SMS conversation window
  • Data analytics and SMS history
  • Contact database, lists and segmentation
  • Track conversions and click-through-rates
  • Full access to MXT web platform and reporting

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Integrate SMSGlobal for HubSpot and set up SMS workflows

Before you can set up automated SMS workflows, you'll need to integrate SMSGlobal for HubSpot.

  1. Login to your MXT sub-account and navigate to the HubSpot integration page.
  2. Click the Connect button.
  3. Select your HubSpot account.
  4. Click Connect app.
  5. Sync your MXT contact database to HubSpot. Now, whenever you add a new contact to your HubSpot database, it will automatically sync to MXT.

Automate HubSpot workflows with SMS actions and enrollment triggers. Streamline SMS communications so you don't miss a beat or keep your customers waiting.

Balance SMS automation with two-way Customer Support

Set up automated communications to send an SMS menu. The objective of this menu is to prompt a response. Depending on the customer's reply, workflows can direct them to the solution they seek, be it an online resource or connecting them with the right agent.

Once the customer has engaged with your brand's support services, you can trigger an SMS survey to gain insights and customer feedback.

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