Integrate robust SMS functionality within HubSpot using SMSGlobal’s latest SMS solution. With easy configuration, our SMS integration allows HubSpot users to automate workflows and send SMS directly from contact profiles.

Send and receive personalised SMS within the HubSpot platform, so you don’t miss a beat. With automatically-updated activity tracking, easily view interaction history within contact profiles. Whether it’s a custom message or an automated SMS, our sophisticated tracking seamlessly works with HubSpot to keep you up-to-date.

Learn how to integrate SMSGlobal with HubSpot, send custom SMS to individual contacts, and automate SMS workflows with our User Guidelines for HubSpot.

This User Guideline provides the following information:

  • - Introduction
  • - Optimise HubSpot with Enterprise SMS
  • - Features
  • - Benefits of SMSGlobal's HubSpot Integration
    • - MXT
  • - Integrate SMSGlobal for HubSpot
    • - Before you get started
    • - Set up and connect your MXT account with HubSpot
    • - Syncing HubSpot contacts to MXT
  • - Automate HubSpot workflows with SMS
    • - Set up SMS enrollment triggers
    • - Set up Send SMS as an action for HubSpot workflows
  • - Send personalised SMS to individual HubSpot contacts
    • - Send SMS within a HubSpot contact profile
    • - View Message History within a HubSpot contact profile
  • - How to uninstall the SMSGlobal HubSpot Integration