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Automated A2P messaging with express delivery

Bring robust SMS messaging capabilities to your application

Automation technology is being increasingly utilised by savvy businesses to streamline and run workflows at maximum efficiency, without human intervention. From invoices and help-desk support, to EDM’s and communications, automation can add value to businesses of shapes and sizes.

Automating SMS will not only transform your communication strategy, it will also improve your customer experience and drive productivity and efficiency.

Application to Person

The benefits of implementing A2P SMS Messaging with SMSGlobal

SMS integration Simple Integration

Our robust SMS APIs can be installed by the most novice of developers. We offer free integration consultations, extensive API documentation, and step-by-step video tutorials.

CRM integration CRM Compatible

No application is more robust than a CRM platform, and no communication method is more efficient than SMS.

OTP One Time Password

The implementation of A2P SMS can be used for one time passwords - a security measure where users are sent an alphanumeric code which is used to login to an online platform or website.

24/7 support 24/7 Support

If you need assistance setting up our SMS gateway in your application or are after more information on application to person SMS, feel free to contact one of our integration specialists today.

Bulk SMS pricing Bulk SMS Pricing

Whether pre or postpaid, we offer extremely competitive rates for both national and international SMS delivery. From one SMS a month to a million, we have payment methods to perfectly suit your business requirements.

Two Factor Authentication Multi Factor Authentication

A2P SMS messaging is the perfect security layer to add to a multi factor authentication strategy. Stronger than email authentication, sending an alphanumeric SMS token code to a mobile number boosts the security of your application and boosts your customers trust in your business.

SMS alerts Alerts and notifications

Application to person messaging is commonly used by companies for alerts and notifications, such as appointment reminders, to help businesses communicate with their customers in real time.

SMS Automation Automated Process

Creating an automated messaging workflow can save your business time and resources. With our seamless API integration, you'll hardly have to lift a finger as the automation process handles your outbound client interactions.

Integrate with SMS today

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What is Application to Person (A2P) SMS?

A2P messaging is the connection and integrating of an application with an SMS Gateway, to enable the automation and distribution of SMS messages. Unlike Person to Person (P2P) SMS, which is messaging manually triggered through an SMS Gateway, A2P messaging removes the possibility of human error by allowing the distribution of SMS Messages to be triggered by the various 'If's' and 'then's' of an application.

The most widely used method of connecting an application or software to an SMS Gateway is through APIs (Application Program Interface). Learn more on how to send SMS through APIs here.

Applications can vary from custom built programs and software to CRM and CMS platforms.


BYO application and automate SMS.

Application to person SMS is a simple approach used by millions of organisations daily, on a global scale.

It is designed to help improve business efficiencies and communication workflows.

A2P Developer SMS

A2P Messaging

We make sending transactional SMS easy, by letting you connect your enterprise software or CRM directly into the SMSGlobals' gateway using one of our off-the-shelf APIs.

Connecting via an API lets you send SMS messages as you would within our MXT platform, but from the comfort of your own application. Following the successful delivery of your message, a receipt will be forwarded to you.

From start to finish this process is streamlined to save your business time and resources.


Integrate with SMS today

Claim your free API key when you sign up to our web SMS platform.

SMS API Gateway

All SMSGlobal accounts include a dynamic API Key system, allowing you to quickly and easily create and edit new user credentials to send via our suite of APIs.

If your enterprise software is already mobile messaging compatible, simply retrieve your SMSGlobal API Key from your account and insert it into your software to start sending.

If you're a developer looking to add SMS functionality to a new software or application you’re working on, feel free to browse our API documentation and snippets provided.

SMS Gateway API

A2P Functionalities


Enhance A2P security by integrating One Time Passwords into your software. Implementing a OTP API within your existing application completely automates the password retrieval and confirmation process.

Keywords & triggers Keyword Responses

A2P supports Keyword Responses allowing you to automate your back-of-house processes. Set up rules and triggers to automatically make changes, complete forms and organise data within your application.

Delivery receipts Confirmation Receipts

Receive confirmation receipts automatically or on-demand from within your software. Monitoring SMS delivery reports ensures your A2P system is running effectively and quickly identifies any bugs.