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Voice Gateway and Voice Phone System

Welcome to SMSGlobal’s new Voice System on MXT

Voice by SMSGlobal

We’ve expanded our voice communications offerings to include online voice solutions. Level up your business communication systems with call forwarding and call bridging. SMSGlobal empowers you to enhance business operations with cloud voice features.

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Voice enable your business effortlessly with the help of our Customer Success Team. They'll be in touch with you shortly to help get you set up on the MXT platform.

Call forwarding Call forwarding

Quickly forward calls with our easy-to-use software and call forwarding solution.

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Call bridging Call bridging

Utilise the simple click-to-call functionality to bridge calls without hassle.

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What is Voice by SMSGLOBAL?

Introducing our newest solution: Voice by SMSGlobal

Add voice to your communications strategy with our latest online Voice solution from our voice gateway. Provide the best customer service and engage clients with robust voice features such as SMS and voice-enabled virtual numbers for call forwarding and call bridging.

Programmable Voice Features by SMSGlobal
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Reach contacts with Voice over IP (VoIP) bridging in your web browser. Implement voice features and SMS in one place—MXT, our web gateway.

Voice-enabled phone numbers

Request dedicated virtual numbers for both voice and SMS. Ensure your customers can reach you via SMS and voice on the same number.

MXT Voice gateway

Adding to our robust communications suite, access voice and SMS solutions directly in the MXT web platform to engage with your contacts.

Convenient number porting

Keep your contact details consistent by porting over an existing virtual number. Talk to us to see if your number is voice and SMS enabled.

Benefits and Features of Voice

How Voice by SMSGlobal improves your business

Simple and Straightforward Voice Solution

Set up voice capabilities for your business

Increase leads and improve communication with a consistent phone number across all communication channels and marketing material.

  • Check One online number for SMS and calls
  • Check Call forwarding and routing service
  • Check VoIP call bridging system
Voice Benefits & Features
High-Quality Networks and Connectivity

Reliable voice solution backed by robust networks

Provide high-quality voice experiences with Voice by SMSGlobal. With secure carrier-grade networks, you can trust your voice solution to us.

  • Check Reliable carrier network
  • Check Fast, high-quality voice service
  • Check Forward calls to your chosen number
High Quality Networks & Connectivity for Voice
Virtual Dedicated Numbers provisioned for your needs

Virtual Numbers for Online Voice and SMS

Utilise a robust voice gateway that provides dedicated SMS and voice-enabled virtual numbers for consistent contact information.

  • Check Number enabled with SMS and voice functionality
  • Check Provision dedicated virtual numbers (VDN) in MXT
  • Check Port over existing business numbers
  • Check Divert and bridge calls to landline and mobile numbers

If you already have your own virtual number with another provider, talk to our Support Team about porting over your existing number.

Voice and SMS Dedicated Virtual Numbers
Voice by SMSGLOBAL Available on MXT Gateway

MXT web platform now has voice capabilities

Improve business operations and user experiences with MXT's streamlined voice functionality.

  • Check Click to bridge calls from your web browser
  • Check Track placed calls and missed calls
  • Check 24/7 support to assist you with getting set up
  • Check MXT reporting across SMS and voice
Voice Gateway Solutions by SMSGlobal
Use Cases for Voice by SMSGLOBAL

Voice gateway made for your business

Enhance online processes and streamline communication with our easy-to-use voice system on MXT.

Healthcare Voice for Healthcare

Connect with patients and ensure they receive the care they need with online voice and SMS software.

Banking and Finance Voice for Finance

Secure and private communication with cloud voice systems for banking and financial services.

Retail Voice for Retail

Deliver frictionless customer service by utilising direct communication and online voice solutions.

Hospitality Voice for Hospitality

Implement a cloud voice system and SMS platform to optimise brand awareness and enhance communication.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Voice

FAQs for SMSGlobal voice gateway

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