Call Bridging

Voice gateway with bridge calling software

Call Bridging System

Bridge calls with our online voice gateway

Our latest voice feature allows you to bridge calls directly from your browser with MXT. Set up bridge calling voice capabilities to manage outbound calls online for business communications.

What is Online Call Bridging?

Reliable call bridging service

Call your customers from your online Virtual Dedicated Number (VDN). Enable call bridging and select the numbers you’d like to connect in our MXT gateway. Push outbound calls from our voice gateway with our latest call bridging software and voice-enabled numbers.

Call Bridging by SMSGlobal
Click to bridge calls in MXT

Select the chosen contact and bridge the call directly from your PC with our voice gateway.

Call from your own VDN

Bridge calls from MXT voice platform and select your virtual dedicated number as the caller ID.

Report and track voice calls

Easily view call history online for placed calls, the duration of calls, and missed calls.

Call Bridging with MXT Online Voice Gateway

Bridge outbound calls from your PC

Voice by SMSGlobal’s call bridging feature allows you to access voice features in MXT and click to bridge calls from your web platform.

  • Check Utilise MXT web platform for voice capabilities
  • Check Click to bridge calls with contacts direct in MXT
  • Check Call bridging from your virtual dedicated numbers (VDN)
Call Bridging via VoiP
Bridge Calls with your Virtual Dedicated Number

Speak to contacts from your own VDN

Use your virtual dedicated number as the caller ID and select the destination number to receive the bridged call.

  • Check Bridge calls with your selected caller ID
  • Check Consistent customer-facing contact details
  • Check Numbers with voice and SMS enabled
Bridging Calls with Dedicated Virtual Numbers
Provision a VDN with Voice and SMS Capabilities

SMS and voice-enabled virtual dedicated numbers

Optimise business processes and provision virtual dedicated numbers with voice and SMS enabled.

  • Check Consolidate your communication capabilities
  • Check Unify channels and use voice and SMS on one number
  • Check Unique VDN exclusive to your business
SMS & Voice features within a single virtual dedicated number
Bridge Calls for Efficient Business Communication

Supercharge your communications with call bridging services

Our cloud voice gateway allows you to bridge calls in MXT web gateway with ease.

Consistent caller ID

Bridge calls with your selected VDN for consistent caller ID when calling contacts.

Streamline online calls

Easily set up call processes from your PC with our MXT voice gateway.

Increase visibility

Provision a virtual dedicated number for SMS and voice to unify your business contact details.

Track calls online

View call history and see when calls are placed, the duration and missed call information.

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Start using online call bridging today

Book in with our Customer Success Team for a live demo on how to use call bridging in MXT.

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Begin Voice set up process on our web platform

Voice enable your business effortlessly with the help of our Customer Success Team. They'll be in touch with you shortly to help get you set up on the MXT platform.

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