Call Forwarding

Use Voice by SMSGlobal for Business Call Forwarding

Business Call Forwarding Solution

Set up call forwarding and divert calls online

Optimise online business communications with our new voice gateway and make sure you’re available to customers. Enable call forwarding to divert calls to the correct agent every time.

What is Business Call Forwarding?

Divert calls using an online voice gateway

Connect your virtual number to enable online voice capabilities such as call forwarding. Port over your existing virtual number from another provider, or request a voice-enable VDN for your MXT account.

Utilise our call forwarding system to divert calls to the correct agent internally. In one click, you can accurately forward calls to the most appropriate person or department. Track calls online by viewing the duration of placed calls and access missed call information.

Divert calls using an online voice gateway
Forward calls internally

Keep the same customer-facing contact number. Connect callers to the correct department.

Locally redirect phone calls

Call forwarding mobile to landline, as well as call forwarding landline to mobile.

Setup time-out options

Make sure your calls don’t ring out. Terminate calls that go unanswered.

Virtual Dedicated Numbers (VDN)

Consistent virtual number across channels

Provision a virtual dedicated number for fixed contact details across channels. Port over your existing VDN to access SMSGlobal’s web communication platform, MXT.

VDN for Voice and SMS

Voice and SMS

VDN for Voice only

Voice only

VDN for SMS only

SMS only

VDN for SMS and MMS


*Voice capabilities are only available in Australia

MXT VoIP Gateway Call Forwarding

Forward inbound calls from your PC

Set up call forwarding in our MXT web gateway to automatically divert calls quickly and simply.

  • Check Easy setup in MXT VoIP gateway
  • Check Provision voice and SMS-enabled numbers
  • Check 24/7 support available for assistance
In-Browser Call Forwarding
Online Voice Call Tracking in One Place

View call history and reporting

Stay up-to-date with communications and track voice calls for individual contacts and numbers.

  • Check Track the duration of calls with specific contacts
  • Check View calls placed via the voice gateway
  • Check Access missed call information
Improve Customer Service with Call Diversion

Increase presence and optimise processes

Complement existing customer service operations with call forwarding and level up your communications in our MXT web platform.

  • Check Streamline support operations
  • Check Serve customers in a timely manner
  • Check Consolidate communication on one platform
  • Check Consistent customer-facing contact details
Call Diversion Services for Customer Service
Online Call Forwarding for Business

Level-up your customer service

Instant call forwarding

Divert calls in MXT for fast, robust connection in the click of a button.

Accurately divert calls

Forward calls to a different phone number for efficient customer service.

Improve availability

Ensure customers have access to the right person at the right time.

Call tracking

Keep a record of calls placed, the call duration, and all missed calls.

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Start using online call forwarding today

Book a live demo with our Customer Success Team and learn how easy call forwarding is to implement.

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Begin Voice set up process on our web platform

Voice enable your business effortlessly with the help of our Customer Success Team. They'll be in touch with you shortly to help get you set up on the MXT platform.

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