Level-up SMS conversations with Slack SMS Integration

Take your Slack conversations to the next level with our simple SMS solution. Easily connect with your team, coworkers and customers directly from your application using SMS for Slack.

Receive and send text messages from your Slack platform at the perfect moment with our robust SMS integration. Set up SMS triggers and automated text message workflows to push Slack notifications and vice versa.

Extend your Slack conversation capabilities with SMS to automate repetitive tasks. Using SMSGlobal's Zapier integration, you can easily set up actions and triggers for SMS and Slack—no coding required!

Use the SMSGlobal zap to collate incoming SMS for:

  • Customer service
  • Task management
  • Lead nurturing
  • And more!

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Integrate SMS for Slack with Zaps

Supercharge communications with the SMSGlobal Slack integration on Zapier. Power up Slack conversations and workflows by adding SMS functionality. Zapier allows thousands of applications to connect and integrate.

SMSGlobal's Zapier solution allows you to:

  • use premade SMS + Slack workflows, or
  • create unique SMS + Slack workflows.

How does Zapier power SMSGlobal’s Slack SMS Integration?

Built for straightforward processes, Zapier is ridiculously easy to use with Zaps. Comprising of triggers and actions, Zaps use a simple workflow; "When this happens, automatically do this".

To break it down, a trigger is an event that ignites a Zap and an action is an event that a Zap makes happen, usually as a result of a trigger.

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Push new Slack messages via SMS

Push a text message when you receive a new Slack notification in a private channel.

Receive and send SMS messages in Slack

Post to your selected Slack channel, group chat, or individual contact when you receive a new SMS message.

Create your own Zaps for SMS + Slack

With a vast array of triggers and actions to choose from, you can make your Zaps tailored to your needs. Select an instant or scheduled trigger and pair it with an action you'd like to occur automatically.

Examples of supported triggers and actions for SMSGlobal + Slack

When this happens: New Mention in Slack channel
Automatically do this: Send an SMS via SMSGlobal

When this happens: New Incoming SMS
Automatically do this: Send Direct Message on Slack

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Benefits of Slack SMS Integration

  • Create Daisy Chain workflows with multiple applications.
  • Set up Slack triggers to send SMS to coworkers, teammates, customers, or other groups.
  • Never miss a message with SMS triggers and notifications.
  • Free to use: creating an SMSGlobal account is free, using SMSGlobal Zaps are free; you only pay for the SMS sent.

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