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Made for online text messaging and business SMS communications

SMS software to send text messages from your web browser

SMSGlobal MXT is a trusted SMS gateway that streamlines business operations. Utilise robust SMS features such as advanced reporting dashboards, contact management and unlimited storage, SMS conversation window and recurring messages.

Text from your computer with Business SMS Software

Web SMS solutions makes communicating from your desktop easy

Craft the perfect message, create SMS templates, schedule campaigns, and set up recurring texts all in one place. Enjoy full access to our complete communications suite and enhance your communication strategy today with the MXT SMS gateway.

Automated text messaging
SMS marketing
Business communications
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Our Customer Success team is here for you round the clock. Providing the high-end customer service that you need to get moving along your SMS journey. We’ll help you sign up, set up, and start sending.

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Engage your customers and optimise conversions with business SMS

Individual and Bulk Text Messaging Solutions

Creating, receiving and sending SMS from your PC

SMS is a direct and efficient way to connect with your audience. Ensure your contacts receive your message with reliable online text messaging solutions.

  • Check Create SMS templates
  • Check Set up recurring messages
  • Check Personalise text messages with Merge Send
  • Check Two-way SMS for customer support
  • Check Stagger campaigns and automate SMS keywords
View SMS Messages in Two-Way Conversation Window

Access SMS Conversational View in MXT for Custom Messages

Whether you are sending Bulk SMS campaigns or reaching out to individual contacts, access entire contact history in MXT’s 2-way Conversation Window. Not only does it display outgoing messages, but also any SMS replies from a specific phone number.

  • Two-way SMS messaging
  • Contact history
  • View sent and received texts
  • One-on-One conversation
  • SMS reporting and tracking
  • Access via Contact List and Report
URL Shortener, SMS Reporting & Link CTR

Manage SMS campaigns in MXT with advanced reporting & link tracking

Create, manage and monitor the success of your SMS campaigns and URL click-through rates. Utilise MXT for your link tracking and SMS reporting needs.

  • Check Craft and schedule SMS marketing campaigns
  • Check Track SMS delivery and status
  • Check Enable automatic URL shortener feature
  • Check Measure link click-through rates (CTR)
  • Check Access Conversational View for contact history
  • Check Advanced reporting dashboards
  • Check SMS OTP API solution for 2FA
Contact Lists and Virtual Number for SMS

Dedicated virtual numbers, custom Sender ID and contact management

MXT has robust contact list management features. Manage opt-ins and opt-outs, upload contact lists at scale, and send SMS globally.

  • Check Upload and manage contact database
  • Check Request dedicated virtual numbers and Sender IDs
  • Check Local and international formatting
  • Check Unlimited contact storage
  • Check Automatic opt-out updates to your database
Internet SMS Solutions and Resources

Industry-leading online SMS provider, trusted globally

You can trust that we have you covered for all your SMS needs. Our Customer Success team will work with you to build your solution.

How to send bulk SMS messages from your PC
New OTP API and Recurring SMS Message function
How Virtual SMS Numbers Work for your Business
Why Send SMS with SMSGlobal?

Premium SMS routes for your text messaging requirements

High throughput and premium SMS service push your messages to where they need to go quickly.

Premium SMS messaging routes

Premium SMS messaging routes

Bulletproof cybersecurity

Bulletproof cybersecurity

GDPR compliance

GDPR compliance

99.9% up-time availability

99.9% up-time availability

Dedicated virtual numbers such as shortcode and 10DLC

Dedicated virtual numbers such as shortcode and 10DLC

24/7 Customer Support

24/7 Customer Support

Send through the web, or send through your software

Developed by our technology team and refined by our customers, MXT is a premium web SMS platform with some of the world's most advanced SMS messaging capabilities.

Each MXT account comes with a free API key which allows SMS to be sent through any software or application - streamlining your overall business workflows.

SMS API integration

SMS Integration

Our flexible suite of SMS API's provide wide-ranging business benefits, allowing you to modernise your communication processes and automate customer interactions by adding text messaging to your daily workflow.

SMS Automation Automated Messaging

Directly communicate with your customers from inside your internal software. Save valuable time and resources by creating an automated mobile messaging workflow to handle inbound and outbound client interactions.

SMS reports Reporting

Delivery receipts for each individual SMS are tracked and posted back to your software with corresponding time stamp data, providing an audit trail that shows your application the exact time each message you send is delivered to the handset. This will help you optimize similar campaigns.

API integration Integrate SMS

Use SMSGlobal’s innovative API keys to quickly and easily create and edit new user credentials for sending via your preferred integration. Adding SMS functionality to your software or web application has never been easier.

SMS account accessibility Accessibility

Create a dedicated account hierarchy for multiple API users in your organisation. Manage access permissions and track individual reporting for different cost centres or work sites using a single SMSGlobal account.

Future proof Future-Ready

Engage the SMSGlobal development team to add customised features or scripting to our off-the-shelf API’s. As the needs of your business change, so can the functionality of SMSGlobal. We highly adapt to all your technical advancements.

Sign up to MXT and send

Start sending from one of the most advanced web SMS platforms available.

Build Support

Developer documentation The Developer's Manual

Create the ultimate integration for your software and applications by viewing our extensive API documentation.

SMSGlobal Github Github

Using our Github account you can access the latest updates for integrations, snippets and patches. Our development team are continually updating this channel to give users constant and dedicated support.

24/7 support 24/7 Technical Support

For any application SMS integration assistance, speak to one of our many technical SMS specialists anytime, any day.