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Web SMS Platform

Send SMS Online with Message Xtreme (MXT)

View SMS Messages in Two-Way Conversation Window

Access SMS Conversational View in MXT for Custom Messages

SMS Conversation is the easiest way to send and reply to individual text messages within MXT. Take advantage of our two-way SMS function and one-on-one conversation window with SMS messages accessible in one location.

Whether you are sending Bulk SMS campaigns or reaching out to individual contacts, access entire contact history in MXT’s 2-way Conversation Window. Not only does it display outgoing messages, but also any SMS replies from a specific phone number.

Two-way SMS messaging

Two-way SMS messaging

Contact history

Contact history

View sent and received texts

View sent and received texts

One-on-One conversation

One-on-One conversation

SMS reporting and tracking

SMS reporting and tracking

Access via Contact List and Report

Access via Contact List and Report

Sign up to MXT and send

Start sending from one of the most advanced web SMS platforms available.

Power up with Message Xtreme

Message Xtreme, or MXT, is the SMS platform used to access our global SMS gateway. It's the portal through which you can connect to every customer in your database, anywhere in the world, any time. All you need is an internet connected device.

Web SMS allows you to send SMS messages from your computer using our web messaging platform. Our platform is packed with plenty of features to help you create even the most complex SMS campaigns.

MXT gives you control over sending individual SMS, bulk SMS, segmented targeting and a suite of other powerful business-building communication tools.

Web SMS Platform

How MXT Expands your Reach

Send SMS online and harness the power and flexibility of our purpose-built interface for your business. See some of the most potent benefits to the right.

Fast SMS

The fastest and cheapest way to send SMS messages online.

MXT portal

Send SMS from any connected device through the MXT portal.

Simple SMS platform

No downloads, installation or setup fee. Log in to begin.

API integration

State-of-the-art API access for developers through our integration portal.

2 Way SMS

Gather valuable business intelligence from your customers with two-way messaging.

Schedule and Manage Advanced SMS Campaigns

MXT is as simple or advanced as you need it to be. If you're an advanced sender, take full advantage of the portal’s text scheduling, and SMS workflow and triggers.

Schedule future one or two-way campaigns, and set messages to send at intervals or in batches.

Triggers give you the power to send user initiated responses based on reply keywords.

Additional Features

Virtual Number Dedicated Number and Sender ID

MXT lets you send messages to customers from a number or sender name that you specify. Depending on your location, we’ll assign a dedicated number and sender ID for you.

Sub accounts Set up and Manage Child Accounts

A child account, or sub account, allows you to set up multiple departments with their own portal and cost centre. The parent, or master, account controls SMS credit management, contact lists and message templates.

Simple SMS platform A Modern, Beautiful User Experience

The MXT web SMS platform's clean design makes it simple to use. The dashboard gives you a snapshot of your campaigns, credits and alerts every time you log in.

SMS subscribers Inspire Your Customers to Subscribe

MXT helps you build your database with opt in forms for your SMS subscribers. These require no code. Simply generate the form in the portal, paste to your website and watch your subscriber base grow.

Brand your MXT Brand Control for Corporate Clients

Our Enterprise SMS features allow you to brand and tailor your whole MXT portal at your discretion. Use Access Control to make different sub-accounts look and function uniquely to suit multiple brands and distinct markets.

Comprehensive SMS Reporting

You can configure your MXT portal to generate reports on a variety of metrics gathered from your SMS campaigns.

Your SMS dashboard is your first stop for basic numbers.

Meanwhile, the advanced SMS reporting tool allows you to distil and download specific, actionable business intelligence.

A Premium Communication Portal

Whether you're sending to five customers in your local area, or five million across the globe, text messaging online has never been this easy or powerful.

The MXT SMS messaging system is loaded with features to help support and grow your business at your own pace.

MXT contact list

Easily Load Your Existing Contacts

We know contact management and formatting can be a headache. That's why we've bent over backwards to make it easy.

Just upload a CSV or XLS file and you’re ready to segment, personalize and send custom SMS messages to existing and new customers with ease.

MXT merge send

Merge and Upload Send Modes

Merge Sending lets you send messages to imported contact lists and individual contacts. Upload Sending lets you upload imported contacts and send without saving the file.

Both options give you custom field options for highly personalized SMS messages that read like they’re from a friend.

SMS templates

SMS Templates for Fast Messaging

MXT lets you create and save SMS templates to avoid having to create the same message twice. It could be a simple reminder message, or a survey you send at a specific time.

You can select, customize and share multiple templates with your sub accounts.

MXT unicode support

Full Unicode Messaging Support

Communicating with customers in multiple languages? No problem. MXT offers complete Unicode messaging support and multi-part messaging.

This means you can easily send texts in other languages with zero obstacles — perfect for multi-national and globally expanding businesses.

MXT opt out manager

Easy, Compliant SMS Opt-Out

We know you don't want ANY risk of falling foul of your customers by sending unsolicited communications.

That's why MXT has an in-built SMS opt-out feature that allows your customers to control how much they hear from you.

All they have to do is reply "STOP".

Easy to Understand & Flexible Billing

Pre-paid SMS A Pre-Paid, Premium SMS Service

Medium to low-volume senders can pre-pay for a specific amount of texts. It's just like a pre-paid personal mobile phone. Pay for what you need with credit card or PayPal, and you're ready to go!

SMS Auto top-up Low Balance and Auto Top-Up

Never run the risk of disrupting your scheduled SMS campaigns. MXT will send you warnings when your balance is running low, and let you set it up to bill your account automatically if you prefer.

Post-paid SMS Post-Paid Accounts

For high-volume senders and high-level clients, we offer post-paid MXT accounts. We bill you monthly and may assign a dedicated account manager with a tailored support package. Get in touch with our team to discuss this option further.

Bulk SMS pricing Benefits for High-Volume Senders

We pride ourselves on reducing your cost per SMS. We use bulk pricing, so the more you send, the less each message costs. We promise you cheaper SMS and more cost-efficient sending than any other provider.

Send through the web, or send through your software

Developed by our technology team and refined by our customers, MXT is a premium web SMS platform with some of the world's most advanced SMS messaging capabilities.

Each MXT account comes with a free API key which allows SMS to be sent through any software or application - streamlining your overall business workflows.

SMS API integration

SMS Integration

Our flexible suite of SMS API's provide wide-ranging business benefits, allowing you to modernise your communication processes and automate customer interactions by adding text messaging to your daily workflow.

SMS Automation Automated Messaging

Directly communicate with your customers from inside your internal software. Save valuable time and resources by creating an automated mobile messaging workflow to handle inbound and outbound client interactions.

SMS reports Reporting

Delivery receipts for each individual SMS are tracked and posted back to your software with corresponding time stamp data, providing an audit trail that shows your application the exact time each message you send is delivered to the handset. This will help you optimize similar campaigns.

API integration Integrate SMS

Use SMSGlobal’s innovative API keys to quickly and easily create and edit new user credentials for sending via your preferred integration. Adding SMS functionality to your software or web application has never been easier.

SMS account accessibility Accessibility

Create a dedicated account hierarchy for multiple API users in your organisation. Manage access permissions and track individual reporting for different cost centres or work sites using a single SMSGlobal account.

Future proof Future-Ready

Engage the SMSGlobal development team to add customised features or scripting to our off-the-shelf API’s. As the needs of your business change, so can the functionality of SMSGlobal. We highly adapt to all your technical advancements.

Sign up to MXT and send

Start sending from one of the most advanced web SMS platforms available.

Build Support

Developer documentation The Developer's Manual

Create the ultimate integration for your software and applications by viewing our extensive API documentation.

SMSGlobal Github Github

Using our Github account you can access the latest updates for integrations, snippets and patches. Our development team are continually updating this channel to give users constant and dedicated support.

24/7 support 24/7 Technical Support

For any application SMS integration assistance, speak to one of our many technical SMS specialists anytime, any day.