Delivery Receipts

Rest assured your message has been received


Upon delivery confirmation from the carrier, SMSGlobal can notify you of message delivery status. This status will indicate whether the carrier was successful in delivering the message to the handset or whether an error occurred.

Note: It is also the only way to track delivery times of messages from the carrier network.

Delivery notification is provided by the following methods.

  • Email – Each delivery receipt will be sent via email.
  • HTTP Post Back – each delivery receipt will be sent to your server to monitor.

The email address that it will send these types of notifications to is the main email account associated with your SMSGlobal account. You can find this under the Tools section in Personal Information.

Warning: Bulk SMS will generate large numbers of delivery receipts and could flood your inbox.

HTTP Post Back

Upon delivery confirmation, SMSGlobal can Post Back to your own server to allow you to monitor the status of messages sent.

In order for our system to know that your URL has received the delivery notice, at the end of your script you must echo out "OK". To ensure this is the case please use the URL in your local browser before adding it in your settings.

Please find below the list of parameters that are sent.

msgidUnique SMSGlobal Message ID
dlrstatusThe status of the delivery for SMS.
dlr_errThe error code.
donedateThe 10 digit date/time representation in the format of yymmddhhmm (year month day hour minute)

Status Codes Scroll to Top ▲

DELIVRDThe message has been received by the handset.
EXPIREDThe carrier has timed out.
UNDELIVThe messages failed to reach the handset.
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