Take SMS to the next level with an MMS Gateway

What is MMS?

Thousands of organisations are using SMS as a tool for customer engagement. By using dynamic content, such as MMS messaging and rich media content via a MMS link, WAP message or WAP push, your campaigns will stand out as creative, memorable and effective.

MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) is a standard protocol for sending messages containing multimedia images, videos and audio to your recipients. The opportunity for more creative content encourages higher customer engagement when compared to standard SMS messages.

Bulk MMS

Boost engagement with bulk SMS

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Our customers use Bulk MMS to distribute

Send images, video clips, coupons or audio files to hundreds, thousands or millions of people within seconds via an API connection, or directly from our Web Messaging Platform. Bulk MMS messaging is a great way to run an interactive promotional campaign for large customer groups.

Electronic business card Animated business cards

Make your message memorable with an animated business card and ensure your contact information can be stored easily.

Engaging MMS Eye-catching advertising

Stand out from the crowd with visual advertising sent directly to your customers SMS inbox.

MMS coupons Engaging coupons and promotions

Utilise the power of imagery to engage with your customers like never before.

MMS video instructions Instructional videos

Research shows customers are much more likely to watch a video than read step by step information - send an instructional video via MMS to increase engagement.

Promotional media Special announcements with audio or video

Amplify important news with rich video or audio content and ensure your message is heard by those most important to you - your customers!

Integrate MMS into your communication

Get creative with your messaging by including multimedia capabilities in your communications strategy.

As simple, fast and direct as a regular SMS message, boost your customer engagement with multimedia messaging services today.

MMS integration
MMS automation Incorporate images and videos into your automated communications.

Combine multimedia content with your dynamic media rich automated business workflow. By setting up keywords and customised triggers, the platform will do all the work for you and ensure your communications are delivered on time.

MMS scheduling Scheduling MMS campaigns, made simple

Just as it's possible to schedule, stagger and set specific times for your bulk SMS campaigns to go out, our dynamic SMS platform ensures the same can be done for messages complete with your multimedia content.

MMS reporting Monitor and track the success of your MMS

Reporting features in our online gateway and API integrations make it simple to keep track of your MMS campaigns and provide insights into what works and what doesn’t work to improve your engagement with customers.

Boost engagement with bulk SMS

Sign up and discover the unexplored potential of bulk MMS messaging


We cater MM7 protocol standard to create that interface between MMS VAS setups and MMSC.

Send promotional images, video clips, coupons or audio files to thousands of people within seconds via an API Connection, or directly from our Web Messaging Platform. Provided your MMS is under 300kB, you can include up to 15 items of Text, Images (JPEG or GIF) and/or Video (3GPP)

Our MM7 API is the golden approach to support the MMS architecture.

MMS API integration