The tools and services to send SMS

What are SMSGlobal's key products?

SMSGlobal is a leading international provider of mobile messaging technology. Our solutions are designed to make sending bulk SMS simple for you and your customers.

Bulk SMS Bulk SMS

Send large volumes of SMS around the world at competitive wholesale prices.

Email To SMS Email to SMS

Connect your mailbox with our SMS Gateway and send SMS directly through your email provider.

2 Way SMS Two Way SMS

Keep the conversation going by enabling two way SMS in our gateway or through our various SMS APIs.

Dedicated Number Virtual Number

Own a virtual number to associate with your business and receive replies to your various SMS campaigns.

Web SMS Platform Web SMS Platform

Send SMS campaigns directly from your web browser - anywhere, anytime.


Include various media files in your messages to make your SMS stand out and boost engagement

ATP Application to Person

Automatically trigger the sending of SMS directly through your application or software.

2FA Two Factor Authentication

Add an extra layer of security to the log-in procedure of you platform or website.

OTP One Time Password

Send one-off verification tokens to secure you and your customers online assets.

Plugins Integrations Plugins and Integrations

Bring SMS functionality to your favourite applications and software

WhatsApp API WhatsApp

How WhatsApp can benefit your business?

SMS gateway SMS Gateway

Enhance communication with bespoke messaging solutions

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