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Two Way SMS

Have a conversation with 2 Way SMS

How to Use 2 Way SMS

As they say, communication is not a one-way street. This is not only true for verbal communication, but for SMS as well. Successful business communications strategies are founded on building relationships, not just a one-way conversation where a company dominates the narrative.

With that said, if you're not truly interacting with your customers, you’re also missing some great opportunities to learn and grow.

That's why we've developed a Two Way SMS gateway that gives you a suite of tools for building and growing customer relationships and gathering business intelligence. Our MXT platform lets you customize messages to prompt YES/NO responses, let your customers complete surveys, and more.

Two Way SMS

The Power of 2 Way SMS

Two way SMS is your most direct, immediate and cost-effective tool for showing your customers that you care, and for using that engagement and feedback to drive meaningful change in your business. Booking appointments, surveys, competitions, confirmations — the potential for engaging your customer is HUGE. Our MXT SMS service allows you to target and manage two way SMS campaigns with confidence.

SMS Automation Auto-responses, triggers and keywords

Our 2 Way SMS service lets you open a true conversation with your customer with no extra operational effort on your side. You can automate your responses to their replies based on keyword triggers that send dynamic replies or simply log responses for reporting. You'll have 24/7 2 way SMS capability.

Promotional SMS Sales, Competitions, Promotions

Two way text messaging opens up a world of engaging possibilities for you and your customers. Create and customize interactive marketing campaigns, run competitions and surveys, and gathering information about what they want from you. Manage, monitor and report on all your 2 way bulk SMS efforts from the intuitive MXT platform.

CRM integration Seamless CRM Integration

You might already be using a reminder service or CRM in your business. Our 2 way SMS API works with any third-party software to help scheduled messaging and automate responses. Our international two way SMS API support team is on hand 24/7 to help your integrate this tool into your existing software!

SMS communication management Delivered Where You Need It

Our 2 way text messaging tool not only integrates with your existing communication software, it can forward all of your customer replies to the email inbox or CRM tool of your choice. This makes it fast and easy to analyze your 2 way SMS messages.

Keywords & triggers Automatically Sort Responses

2 way texting might seem like it will create a mountain of raw information you'll have to sort through. But the MXT platform uses keywords and triggers to file and sort your incoming text traffic. This allows you to automatically manage opt-outs, feedback and survey responses with no extra effort.

Direct SMS Real Time Messaging

Our two way SMS gateway handles large volumes of inbound and outbound text traffic at lightning fast speed — and with 99.9% reliability. This means the messages you send and receive are transmitted in real time without delay or interruption.

MXT Conversation Window for Full View of SMS Messaging

SMS Conversation Window on MXT SMS Gateway

Take advantage of the new conversational view in MXT and don’t miss a beat when it comes to two-way texting. Access SMS history with any of your contacts all in one place.

See bulk messaging campaigns, custom texts and two-way conversational SMS in the new Conversation Window on MXT.

Discover the full functionality of this feature within Contact Lists and Reports.

  • Two-way SMS chat window
  • One-on-One communication
  • View sent and received messages
  • Report and track SMS in real-time

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Let's Get You Started

Choose SMS solution Choose Your Platform

Not every business is the same, that’s why we give you the flexibility to choose a sending method that works for you. Use our innovative web-messaging platform MXT, select and use an SMS API, or set up your MXT account for email to SMS integration.

SMS customization Fine-Tune Your Messaging

Whatever your business and your customers need, SMSGlobal's MXT platform has the power and flexibility to drive growth and revenue. Select from a range of tools including keyword triggers, scheduling options, personalized sender IDs, web 2 SMS and our two way SMS service to drive engagement like never before.

SMS messaging Communicate Better Today

2 way SMS is a no-brainer solution for enhancing customer engagement and building actionable business intelligence. All incoming SMS messages are free of charge. If you'd like to learn more about harnessing the power of two way texting, our customer care team is ready to speak with you 24/7.

Two Way SMS

Launch conversations with customers and end-users by implementing a two way SMS process.

Our extensive suite of API's are built to give you the ability to host, reply and automate 2 way SMS exchanges from within your existing software.

This function encourages clients to interact with your business whilst streamlining internal operations.

2 way SMS exchange
API integration Integration

SMSGlobal's network of advanced API’s makes adding 2 way SMS to your existing software quick and easy. Start the conversation with your clients by integrating two way SMS with your CRM. With our robust API Key system, you can securely enable remote access for sending and receiving SMS.

SMS Automation Automate your 2-way messaging

Develop automated processes and triggers to improve your 2 way SMS workflow. Creating automatic replies saves time and resources whilst increasing customer satisfaction. Message triggers offer advanced and natural two way conversations - scalable to any business size.

24/7 support Support

24/7 support is available for all 2 way SMS and API integration needs. Our in-house technical specialists are ready to help you get started with two way SMS and offer ongoing dedicated support.

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Functions of 2 Way SMS

SMS lead nurturing Lead nurturing

Efficiently manage your customer experience journey from potential lead to signed client and beyond by using dynamic 2 way SMS. Set up workflows to deliver consistent lead nurturing with minimal effort.

Keywords & triggers Keyword triggers

Have detailed and insightful conversations with your customers by using keyword triggers to create more personal responses. This feature improves the customer experience without increasing your workload.

Promotional SMS Promotions

Run unique sales and promotions by using 2 way SMS to engage customers. SMS competitions are also a great way to open a new communication channel with your clients and begin a direct conversation.

Booking confirmations Confirmations

Deliver instant booking, order or appointment confirmations with clients using automated two way SMS processes. This requires minimal human resources, provides customers with peace-of-mind and improves attendance rates.

SMS surveys Customer surveys

Implement 2 way SMS to increase customer survey completions. Using keyword responses, you can obtain additional information from end-users or generate further actions to complete the customer experience.

SMS rostering Staff rostering

Finding employees to work at the last minute is a common task within the retail, health and education industries. Two way SMS makes it simple to send out shift allocations and confirm availability quickly.