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Marketo SMS Integration

The power of Marketo, now with SMS

Send personalised text messages to leads and customers at the right points in their journey

Integrate Marketo with SMSGlobal

Use Marketo's Smart Campaigns to send SMS at the exact right time

Power up sales, marketing, and customer retention campaigns with the communication channel that offers the most direct access to your audience.

  • Check Create SMS-powered Smart Campaigns for the customer lifecycle
  • Check Send one-off text messages to unique segments
  • Check Receive incoming SMS and respond from one central dashboard
  • Check Analyse campaign and message success

Add SMS to Marketo, and grow campaign revenue

Reach leads consistently

Add SMS to your automated marketing campaigns to tap into reliable communication. Text messages offer an average open rate of 98%, far more than any other channel.

Customise and trigger SMS

Use Marketo lifecycle triggers to send your message to the right people at the right time. Seamlessly integrate SMS into simple and advanced Marketo workflows with webhooks and Email to SMS.

Scale your marketing efforts

Create scalable SMS campaigns and save time communicating with your audience. Achieve marketing and sales alignment with world-class lead nurture tactics.

Workflow Automation

Communicate with leads directly, on autopilot

Incorporate SMS into your lead follow-up and sales nurturing workflows. Marketo SMS marketing offers a tonne of potential.

Marketo is reliable for highly relevant automation, customised for each and every customer. Add SMS to the mix to make sure that your important messages get read.

Two-Way SMS

Enable one-on-one communication with sales

Collaborate as a team to ensure every message is responded to in a timely manner. Assign leads to team members and group contacts with their dedicated account manager for customer care and support. Receive and send SMS all in one place.

SMS Triggers

Build workflows for SMS triggers and automated journeys

Need to send a text message when a lead completes a specific action? Easy!

Trigger an SMS when someone fills out a contact form, books a call, or clicks through to your website.

With Marketo SMS marketing, you can automate text messages triggered by important actions from your leads.

SMS Analytics

Get enterprise-ready insights into delivery status, response rates, and more

Your text messages need to be timely, useful, and focused on your customers. With our robust analytics suite on MXT, you can look into every text message and campaign.

Dive into delivery and response rates. Plus, track campaign conversion rates with Marketo and other useful integrations.

Get enterprise-ready insights into delivery status, response rates, and more
Meaningful Personalisation

Go beyond with truly customised messages

With our Marketo SMS integration, you can send tailored SMS that feel personally written. Use behaviours and customer data to customise the messaging itself. Rely on smart triggering to reach out at the right time.

Personalise messages so your leads and long-term customers feel understood and supported.

Talk with an SMS Specialist

Get advice unique to your business about sending SMS through Marketo

SMS Use Cases

Send SMS for these use cases and many more

MMS scheduling Call Scheduling

Send personalised text messages to make sure a new lead books a call.

Booking confirmations Appointment Reminders

Increase appointment show-up rates with helpful SMS reminders.

Hot Lead Follow-Up

Get in touch with hot leads when they show interest on your website.

Target customers Boost conversion rates

Achieve higher campaign success with smart, segmented SMS

Customer satisfaction Deepen customer relationships

Don't stop at the sale, and keep communication going

Consumers prefer SMS Upsell Campaign

Help current customers get even more value out of working with you.

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