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Power up communications with our robust SMS integration

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Connect with your audience through the power of SMS

Our latest integration allows users to send custom and bulk messages from the Salesforce CRM platform, and also provides full access to our MXT gateway.

Keep Contacts, Leads, and Accounts updated with the immediacy of SMS notifications and alerts. Automate workflows, schedule mobile messaging campaigns, and track delivery status with efficient communication processes.

Integrate robust SMS solutions with SMSGlobal for Salesforce.

Connect with your audience through the power of SMS

The Power of SMS

Never underestimate the power of a humble 160-character text message.

Modern consumers expect personalized and timely communication in the palm of their hand. With 82% of smartphone owners in the USA opening every text message they receive, there’s no doubt SMS is an effective tool.

Enterprise messaging is the most direct, economical, and personalized way to reach your target audience.

Consumers prefer SMS Consumers prefer SMS

SMS is the preferred method of communication by companies and consumers alike

Fundamental business tool Fundamental business tool

Businesses continue to expand communication offerings, with SMS being an essential tool

Custom SMS pricing Cost-effective communication

Our economical payment options are flexible to suit unique business needs, big and small

Platform login Intuitive and robust solutions

SMSGlobal provides bespoke solutions, alongside an extensive library of APIs and plugins

Connect with your customers today

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Salesforce Integration Features

SMS Automation

Simple installation and configuration

Keywords & triggers

Automate text responses and SMS triggers

White Label Platform

Compose custom messages and save SMS templates

Bulk SMS

Send individual and bulk text messages

Future proof

Create SMS campaigns

SMS rostering

Schedule messages and stagger campaigns

CRM SMS integration

Manage Leads, Accounts, Contacts, and Lists

Delivery receipts

Track message delivery in Activity History

Advanced reporting

Full access to MXT and advanced reporting


24/7 Customer Support

Salesforce Cloud-based CRM

With a focus on bringing companies and customers together, Salesforce is a powerhouse cloud-based CRM that always has their clients front-of-mind. As one of the world’s most trusted customer relationship management platforms, over 150,000 companies continue to grow their business using Salesforce.

Salesforce unites marketing, sales, commerce, customer service, communications, and IT processes onto one platform. Utilizing robust integrations like ours, the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform and Commerce Cloud provides personalized solutions for unique business requirements.

Salesforce Compatibility

SMS for Customer Relationship Management

CRM platforms are perfect for organizing and tracking customer interactions. With the capability to streamline and unify processes, CRM platforms provide a variety of solutions all in one system. Compose custom SMS, save message templates, send bulk text message campaigns, and manage SMS communication directly in the platform.

Connect with valuable leads and customers by seamlessly integrating SMS into your Salesforce eCommerce functions. Enhance communications and set up automated workflows with our robust messaging solution to ensure your customers are always up-to-date.

SMS marketing

Personalize marketing communications with Merge Send

2 Way SMS

Enhance lead generation and build rapport through two-way SMS

SMS Automation

Provide a seamless experience with automated SMS updates

Keywords & triggers

Respond instantly with SMS triggers and keyword responses

SMS 99.9% up-time

Schedule and stagger bulk SMS campaigns

SMS communication management

Track interactions and delivery status