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Email to Text Message

Cross-channel communication from any email client

What is Email to Text Message?

Email to text message is a form of technology that converts standard emails into SMS messages.

Once your email client is customized, you will be able to send SMS messages directly to your intended recipients, with the simple click of a button.

Outlook to SMS

How does sending a text message from email work?

This powerful communications and marketing tool works by taking the emails you create, converting them to SMS format and then pushing the messages to your specified recipients.

Our Email to SMS gateway is an application programming interface (API) that we bolt on to your existing software and processes.

Your SMSGlobal technician will manage all the setup and backend work to customize whichever email platform or CRM you're using. Once we've programmed your system to convert email to SMS, you're ready to start sending to mobile numbers directly from your email account!

Bulk email to SMS Send to one or many.

Using text message by Email lets you select exactly which customers you want to reach. Just use the ‘To:’ field like you would normally. It’s fast, convenient and powerful.

Incoming SMS Receive SMS replies direct to your email.

This solution is a two-way street. Your customers can send text to email to reply to messages. You control where the replies go in your settings.

Delivery receipts Success confirmed! Instant delivery receipts.

As soon as the mobile carrier confirms that your bulk email SMS has been successfully delivered, we let you know.

You'll get a delivery receipt to your email.

Send SMS through your email

Create a free account and begin sending SMS from your email client

Click to deliver: Send text messages by email

If you've ever wondered how to send SMS from email directly to your customers, we're pleased to tell you that the process couldn’t be simpler!

SMSGlobal offers a state-of-the-art Email to SMS API solution that allows you to draft, edit and send targeted, mass text messages directly from your email account.

Our team can help you customize your email platform (Outlook, Gmail, AOL — whichever you prefer) or CRM to give your business this powerful capability.

Once set up, you can reach your customers directly on their mobile phone simply by sending an SMS via email.

SMS via Email

Benefits of Email to SMS

Email integration Seamless Email SMS software integration

SMSGlobal's software enables you to start sending SMS communications via email with zero disruption to your existing business platforms.

Email SMS accounts Send email to SMS across your business

Set your system up for multiple users on multiple accounts. Control who has access in your account settings.

SMS reports Full email to text reporting

Once you've sent an email to SMS message to your customers, we will send you a full delivery report and receipt.

Time efficient Save your business precious time.

Our email to SMS service doesn’t require any training, new software or staff investment. It is easy, fast and powerful.

Centralized SMS communication Centralize and manage your communications

Use your email client or CRM to manage your targeting and tracking every time you send a text via email.

Direct communication Simplify your customer communications

Sending email to SMS is as simple as sending a standard email. You just log in, compose, target and hit send.

24/7 support 24/7 tech support from our experts

SMSGlobal is proud to offer round-the-clock advice and support for all of our customers sending Email to SMS.

A fully integrated email to SMS software package

SMSGlobal can quickly set you up with a powerful new email to SMS API that works seamlessly with your business’s existing software.

Email to SMS integration

Step by Step: How to Set Up Email to SMS in MXT

Integrate text messages within your Email client

If you have an application or software that sends emails, our Email to SMS gateway will allow that system to send SMS with no changes needed in the backend.

Simply follow these steps, configure your software to send emails in the correct format, and enjoy automated Email to SMS.

SMS via email integration

Send SMS through your email

Create a free account and begin sending text messages from your email client

Benefits of an Email to Text Message Integration.

PC to SMS Connect simply and effectively with your customers

Seamlessly integrate Email to SMS into your existing software and processes. This is compatible with almost every known Email client that uses SMTP protocol for sending

Automated email SMS Convert Emails to SMS with the click of a button

Customise your Email client with SMSGlobal and let the system do all the work while you connect effortlessly with your customers.

CRM SMS integration Send from external CRM or any other information system and ERPs

Simplify your sending by combining internal programs, third party software and external plugins all in one place

Delivery receipts Ensure your messages are received

With API provided delivery receipts, you can rest assured knowing your messages have been delivered to your customer

Communication management Control inbox overflow

Love the ease of sending via email but don't want your messages to get lost in a saturated inbox? Watch your response rate skyrocket when converting your emails to SMS format

24/7 support Enjoy 24/7 technical support

With over 99.9% uptime and around the clock support, any issue you may have will be dutifully solved by our technical experts.