Email to Text Message

Cross-channel communication from any email client

Email to SMS works with your inbox

Reliably communicate with your Contacts using Email to SMS through any Email Platform.

Email is one of the simplest ways to send SMS. Use your favourite email app including Gmail, Outlook, and more.

Take care of important SMS communication quickly. Streamline your workflow by sending text messages to staff, leads, or customers straight from your email inbox.

Sending SMS via email offers many benefits—not only is it direct and efficient, it's also one of the simplest ways to send bulk SMS and integrate two-way texting.

Email to SMS Template Example
Easy SMS

Send and receive SMS from your email inbox and existing gateway

When you use SMSGlobal's email to text feature, you can send text messages using your existing email account and our MXT Email functionality OR our Email to SMS API. An easy setup process offers this capability for your entire company, no training required.

  • Check No need to leave your email inbox
  • Check Receive and respond to replies from SMS
  • Check Easy set up process
  • Check Send bulk or one-to-one text messages
  • Check Set up SMS postbacks via Email

Power up your email inbox with SMS capabilities

Reliable communication

Text messages get opened and read more than any other type of communication. Reach your audience consistently.

Premium SMS Service Easy to use

You don’t need to login to an SMS app or portal. Quickly send text messages from your inbox without delay.


Set up SMS postbacks for SMS-to-Email. Any SMS sent to your virtual number can be forwarded to your email.

Support at every step

Our team can help you set up your SMS email integration, offering 24/7 support end-to-end.

Two-Way Conversations

Respond to text messages direct from your email platform with two-way SMS

Text messaging can be a two-way street. Easily respond straight from your email inbox to SMS replies.

  • Check Confirm appointments
  • Check Resolve support queries
  • Check Engage in two-way conversation

Whatever the reason for the reply, you and your team can respond using email, and the message will be sent as an SMS direct to contact number.

Received SMS reply in Inbox for 2 Way SMS Conversation Example
Easy To Use for the Whole Team

Effortlessly upskill your team to send SMS via our Email To Text solution

If multiple people at your company need to send SMS, this is a great way to do it. Give your company the benefits of sending SMS from an app that employees already use: email. Because there’s no need to login to an SMS app to send the messages, your team can get up to speed in a matter of minutes!

Send Email SMS is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Talk to Us about Email to SMS

Do you have questions? Contact our sales team for a demo of sending text from email.


Send these types of texts, or any kind of message that matters

Appointment Reminders

Send notifications to customers and leads about their upcoming appointment.

SMSGlobal Referrals Internal Staff Communication

Blast out a company-wide alert, update, or reminder, or send to specific teams and departments.

Marketing Campaigns

Let your customers know about a great sale or promotion without leaving your email inbox.

Lead Follow Up

Has a lead gone dark? Skip their crowded email inbox and send them a text follow up instead.

Bulk and One-to-One

Send Bulk Email SMS to who you need, when you need

With our email to SMS feature, you can send messages to a bulk list, or to one person at a time.

Upload individual contacts or segmented lists. Even better, you can create contact groups and easily send to the same group of people again and again.

Bulk Email SMS through Contact Lists
Send Email and SMS From One Place

Your email inbox works exactly the same, just add SMS

There are no major changes made to your email inbox. The interface looks the same, and sending email works as it always has.

The only difference is that now you can also send and receive text messages from the same place. With the setup process complete, you just need the right phone numbers to get in contact with, be it coworkers, leads or customers.

SMS From Gmail

Gmail SMS is here. Send Text Messages via Gmail

Does your company use Gmail? With SMSGlobal’s email to SMS feature, you can send text messages without leaving your Gmail account. Once the feature is properly set up, you can use a standard email message to write a text. You can send the text to one person or a group of people with Gmail to SMS. To save time, create groups and use them again and again.

Send SMS via Gmail Online
SMS From Outlook

Sending SMS via Outlook has never been easier

Our email to SMS feature works with Outlook and many other popular email providers. You can send a text message just as you would an email. The only difference is that the recipient’s mobile number will be a special email address that converts the email into SMS directly from your Outlook account.

Setup Assistance Available

We're here to help every day, end-to-end

Our setup process is quick and easy. To make things even sweeter, we'll walk you through it. Plus, we offer 24/7 support from local offices around the globe, so you can get help from a trusted expert ASAP.

Talk to Us About Email to SMS

Do you have questions? Contact our sales team for a demo of our solutions.

FAQs for Email To SMS

Learn more about sending text messages from your email inbox

  • What is email to SMS?

    Email to SMS converts standard emails into text messages, offering the easiest possible way to send SMS to your customers, leads, or staff. Once your email client—such as Gmail, Outlook, or other—is customised, you will be able to send SMS messages directly to your intended recipients, with the simple click of a button. Our competitors don’t offer email to text functionality, and we’re proud to bring this simple and effective feature to our customers.

  • How can I send SMS from email?

    Our SMS to email feature must be configured for your email account or company domain. This process includes setting up your company with a virtual phone number from which text messages will be sent. You can configure this capability for your entire company, or only certain employees who need to send SMS, in order to ensure proper usage. Once it’s configured, you can send messages by writing the email to the correct recipients’ phone numbers or the name of the contact group.

  • What are the benefits of sending text messages from email?

    When you send text messages from email, you don’t have to login to an SMS platform. That’s a big benefit because it saves time by keeping you in your normal workflow. This feature offers one of the fastest ways to send SMS as a business. What’s more, you can receive replies in your email inbox, so you can respond from your email client as well.

  • What are the use cases for sending text messages from email?

    Some common reasons to send text messages via your email inbox include:

    • marketing and promotional campaigns
    • following up with leads
    • communicating with team members or your entire staff
    • notifying leads and customers of upcoming appointments
  • Is it possible to personalise the text messages that we send from email?

    Yes, you can personalise the one-to-one messages that you send, simply by writing custom text in the email that will be converted into SMS. However, it’s not possible to personalise bulk messages from your email inbox as it doesn’t support Merge Send.

    If you need to personalise your bulk SMS using fields like name, appointment time, or something else, you can do that from MXT, our easy-to-use SMS sending platform. In addition to bulk personalisation, you can also use MXT to set up SMS automations and integrate SMS with your important systems, such as your CRM.

Simplify communication by converting email to text

Reach people when you need to

Text message is a reliable way to reach customers, as well as coworkers in the field.

Enjoy SMS that’s as simple as possible

If you need a quick and simple way to send SMS that doesn’t require automation or integration, this is it.

Breathe easy with setup assistance & 24/7 support

Our SMS specialists are here to help you with the one-time setup process and for ongoing customer support.

Integrate text messages within your Email client

If you have an application or software that sends emails, our Email to SMS gateway will allow that system to send SMS with no changes needed in the backend.

Simply follow these steps, configure your software to send emails in the correct format, and enjoy automated Email to SMS.

SMS via email integration

Send SMS through your email

Create a free account and begin sending text messages from your email client

Benefits of an Email to Text Message Integration.

PC to SMS Connect simply and effectively with your customers

Seamlessly integrate Email to SMS into your existing software and processes. This is compatible with almost every known Email client that uses SMTP protocol for sending

Automated email SMS Convert Emails to SMS with the click of a button

Customise your Email client with SMSGlobal and let the system do all the work while you connect effortlessly with your customers.

CRM SMS integration Send from external CRM or any other information system and ERPs

Simplify your sending by combining internal programs, third party software and external plugins all in one place

Delivery receipts Ensure your messages are received

With API provided delivery receipts, you can rest assured knowing your messages have been delivered to your customer

Communication management Control inbox overflow

Love the ease of sending via email but don't want your messages to get lost in a saturated inbox? Watch your response rate skyrocket when converting your emails to SMS format

24/7 support Enjoy 24/7 technical support

With over 99.9% uptime and around the clock support, any issue you may have will be dutifully solved by our technical experts.