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Enterprise SMS gateway

Enhance communication with bespoke messaging solutions

An industry leader in mobile messaging

At SMSGlobal, we are committed to providing your business with a range of mobile messaging capabilities and scalable communication solutions. For sending business-grade SMS across the globe, you can rely on us.

Our powerful message gateway allows you to send personalized text messages en masse, automate SMS notifications and reminders, and schedule mobile messaging campaigns.

Our state-of-the-art SMS gateway is trusted worldwide

Benchmarked against our competitors, we exceed in UI/UX and website performance. With annual upgrades and regular attendance, our systems function with the latest technology that is secure, up-to-date, and high performing.

Test-drive our sophisticated SMS gateway today to access bulk SMS, API integrations, and email-to-SMS.

An industry leader in mobile messaging

Why Businesses Choose Our Text Messaging Gateway

Reliable Reliable

Our tech innovators ensure that your mission-critical messages are sent without disruption, with consistent Service Updates, and new developments.

Secure SMS service Secure

With 2FA via SMS OTP capabilities and SSL Certificates, you can rest assured that your data is safe and secure. We comply fully with the GDPR.

Unrivaled Expertise Unrivaled Expertise

At SMSGlobal, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and years of industry expertise. We have a vast library of resources with free downloadable assets available in our Information Center, FAQs, MXT Knowledge Base, and Blog.

SMS reports Powerful Reporting

Track your campaign success and monitor SMS delivery rates with our sophisticated reporting system.

Custom SMS pricing Competitive Pricing

Our pricing model is scalable, tailored directly to individual business requirements. We provide reliable SMS solutions to businesses of all sizes at competitive prices.

Scaleable SMS gateway Scalable Solutions

Our selection of off-the-shelf and customizable APIs, plugins, and integrations can be tailored to your business needs and integrated into existing legacy systems.

Free MXT Account

Sign up with a free SMSGlobal MXT account and begin sending right away with free testing credits!

SMSGlobal: Innovator of reliable business text messaging

SMSGlobal has empowered businesses to connect with their customers for over 10 years. With a range of enterprise text messaging solutions, a competitive pricing model, and a flexible SMS platform, we are leaders in the enterprise SMS landscape.

We work closely with some of the world’s most well-known brands, providing unrivaled customer service and support round the clock.

Our Customer Success Team is available 24/7 to ensure the continuous sending of mission-critical messages.
SMSGlobal: Innovator of reliable business text messaging
Enhance your Communication Strategy with SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing tailored to your business

Create bespoke bulk SMS campaigns with staggered and personalized messages using Merge Send and SMS scheduling capabilities. Optimize customer communication by integrating custom SMS solutions developed specifically for your business requirements, teams, and established systems.

Automated messaging functions such as keywords and triggers allow businesses to send updates and relevant responses without delay. We provide robust SMS marketing solutions for customer-driven enterprises.

  • ReportsTrack campaign success with robust reporting, customizable dashboards, and detailed SMS delivery stats.
  • 2 Way SMSEmploy a Dedicated Virtual Number and Two-Way SMS to build a dialogue with your customers and receive their responses directly.
  • OptoutOrganize communication and tailor SMS campaigns using contact lists. Remain compliant with opt-outs automatically removed from active contact lists.
SMS Marketing tailored to your business

Customizable integrations and APIs that developers trust

Customizable integrations and APIs that developers trust
Reliable Your business, your way

Build and tailor your communication strategy using our library of robust APIs and integrations. Our team develops solutions to suit your unique business requirements, ensuring it fits seamlessly within your software stack.

Developer documentation You're in safe hands

SMSGlobal provides fully supported integrations and comprehensive API documentation for a range of business models. Our developers work with you and your internal processes to guarantee the most effective and powerful communication systems.

SMS Automation Automated communication

Experience the ease of SMS automation to directly connect with customers 24/7. Set and forget surveys, notifications, updates, and campaigns with our premium scheduling and automating features. You can have peace of mind knowing your customers are up to date and informed at the perfect time.