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SMSGlobal Toll-Free numbers are simple to establish and empower you to do so much more than send text messages; some of their applications and benefits include:

Simple setup Instant setup

Unlike a USA short code number - within minutes, your toll-free number is ready to send SMS Alerts, one time passwords, and marketing campaigns.

Toll Free Port existing numbers

If you have an existing Toll-Free number, we can port it into our messaging gateway, keeping all your voice functionality while enabling SMS capabilities as a new channel for you to engage with your customers.

Time efficient High throughput

Perfect for large scale campaigns; Toll-Free numbers can send hundreds of SMS per second - closely matching the throughput of a Short Code number.

2 Way SMS Two way communication

Toll-Free numbers are two-way enabled; this facilitates customer responses and automated responses to keyword triggers.

24/7 support 24/7 support

Our support team is available 24/7 to ensure you have the best experience setting up and sending with a Toll-Free virtual SMS number.

Wholesale SMS pricing Unbeatable price

For a limited time, we are offering a no cost Toll-Free number with all new SMSGlobal accounts, just call our customer service team to get started.

What is a Toll-Free number?

Toll-Free numbers are eleven digits long and can send and receive SMS as well as voice calls.

SMSGlobal hosts text messaging solutions via an intuitive communication gateway with the same Toll-Free numbers businesses use for voice.

Toll-Free SMS communication is primarily used in A2P, or Application-To-Person, allowing for a high volume sending rate. By providing call and text features under one number, it's ideal for enhancing customer experience and two-way communication.

Toll free number

SMS Enable your current Toll-Free number.

If you are already using one for calls, why get another number and risk confusing your customers.

Our solution to simply SMS enable your current Toll-Free number eliminates the need to change or add numbers.

This provides customers with a new, flexible channel to engage with your business - the SMS use cases are endless.

Enable toll free number

Introduce voice whenever you feel comfortable

Voice enabling an SMS Toll-Free number can be easily achieved using the same process: if you send SMS using one with SMSGlobal, the number is easily activated through a voice gateway, allowing you to make calls on your Toll-Free SMS number.

We are currently rolling out a beta voice/calling platform, if you're interested in joining our beta program for this service and other new business communication platforms, register your interest.

Introduce voice

Toll-Free Number Considerations

Optin Opt-in

Customers must opt-in to receive text messages from a Toll-Free number and a be notified via SMS to confirm they have opted-in.

Optout Opt-out

Recipients must be given the option to opt-out at any time by replying 'Stop' to the number they have received an SMS from.

Compliant Compliant

Ensure relevant regulations are followed regarding bulk SMS (messages deemed as spam can be blocked from users receiving them)

Create a free account toclaim your no-cost Toll-Free number

Simply sign up and apply a Toll-Free number as your virtual number

Toll-Free Number Frequently Asked Questions

Question not below? Feel free to contact us with any Toll-Free enquiries.

  • What is Toll-Free SMS?

    A Toll-Free number supports both calls and texts, and so toll-free SMS refers to sending text messages to and from a number that also hosts voice.

    This is the perfect option for businesses with high volume support services. If a phone line is busy with calls, an automated voice message can prompt waiting callers to opt for a call back with an SMS confirmation or begin a text exchange about their inquiry. Also, vice versa, an SMS exchange with a Support Team member can lead to a phone call if necessary. All using the same number!

  • How do I get a Toll-Free number?

    When you sign up with SMSGlobal, you will be able to purchase a Toll-Free number to use via the virtual number store. Here you can manage your virtual number subscriptions, acquiring and retiring numbers at your discretion.

  • Can I add SMS to an existing Toll-Free number?

    Yes, if you already have a Toll-Free number you use for calls, adding SMS is easy. When you sign up for free with SMSGlobal, you can add your existing number to your account to send and receive SMS using the same number.

  • How long does it take to set up Toll-Free SMS?

    In a matter of minutes! Sign up for free with SMSGlobal, and once you've entered your details, head over to the virtual number store to purchase your toll-free number, which will be ready to use right away.

  • Does Toll-Free SMS support 2-way texting?

    Yes. Two-way SMS is an advantage of having a toll-free number, especially when using it for business support services with the possibility of an SMS exchange leading to a phone call or vice versa.

  • Why should I use Toll-Free SMS?

    Hosting both voice and text for one number enhances communication and is twice as accessible to your contacts. Not to mention, now your customers don’t need to remember two numbers, only the one toll-free number!