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Real life SMS solutions

Wondering how SMS could benefit your business?

From health and beauty to education and retail, our customers have had success using SMS to communicate across a range of industries. Check out these real life customer examples for a bit of inspiration!

Beauty & Fitness

Reducing no-shows with SMS

A hairdressing chain approached SMSGlobal to automate their current booking system - they were concerned that staff were spending hours rescheduling missed or forgotten appointments, and were looking for a quick and efficient way of confirming upcoming bookings.

The solution was simple - by scheduling daily SMS reminders to customers with appointments the following day, they cut their no-show rate in half. Clients were encouraged to text back to confirm their attendance, with their replies arriving at a dedicated number set up by SMSGlobal and pushed to the email inbox of each salon.

SMS fitness industry

Communication made easy for educators

A secondary school approached us to create a communications system to message large groups of staff, parents and students simultaneously. The school wished to send out alerts on topics including excursion reminders, details on curriculum days and upcoming school fundraisers.

By simply setting up an MXT account, school staff were able to send out Bulk SMS campaigns to all parents (and in some cases students), notifying them of the time-sensitive information and upcoming events.

Educational SMS
Finance & Banking

Fraud prevention with SMS

A major Australian bank was looking to integrate SMS messaging into internal software used by their frontline staff. The project was intended to give staff the ability to send payment reminders, password reset links and fraud prevention alerts directly to customers after a call or in-person interaction at their local branch.

Working with their in-house technical team, our developers were able to engineer a custom web messaging portal and deploy it inside their existing software. Built and branded in accordance with our client’s requirements, the portal was used primarily for sending messages to customers on a one-to-one basis, and was coupled with an API solution connected to their customer database.

Financial SMS solutions

Managing rostering in the healthcare industry

A client in the healthcare industry was looking for a new solution for managing rostering. Sending availability requests via email was only reflecting a 25% response rate; as recipients were often too busy to respond during work hours and calling nurses individually had become a tedious and time-consuming task.

Using our MXT web platform, our client was able to send a daily SMS burst to all part-time nurses in their database, assessing their interest and availability for selected short-notice jobs. Daily job notifications are sent out using a shared pool number provided by SMSGlobal, which allows for a two-way workflow, enabling nurses to respond instantly to confirm availability. Voila!

Healthcare SMS solutions

Restaurant reservations with SMS

Organising table bookings becomes time-consuming for restaurant staff when the phone is ringing off the hook, and missed reservations can cost the business hundreds of dollars in lost revenue.

Using an SMSGlobal dedicated number, our client was able to create a workflow allowing customers to text in and make reservations directly from their mobile device, and send out reservation reminders to customers who made a phone or in-person booking.

This reduced no-shows by 30%, as well as growing their mobile database - allowing them to send promotional campaigns advertising meal discount offers during off-peak periods.

SMS restaurant bookings

Optimize your marketing efforts with SMS

When Howards Storage World launched their loyalty program that included a free voucher on sign up, they expected great uptake. Customers had to fill out a form in-store, activate their membership via email and voilà, get a free voucher. But people weren’t activating or redeeming the vouchers. The solution was straightforward - simply send an SMS reminder.

By reminding people that they had a voucher available for use, they increased their redemption rates by 25%. Furthermore, there was an improvement in account activations by over 11%. All of this was achieved by adding a simple SMS to the process workflow.

Retail SMS solutions