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Integrating an SMS API

Experience a seamless transition when integrating mobile messaging into your existing CRM, ERPs and eCommerce platforms, and watch your business grow with the ability to send SMS natively from inside your current applications.

Our range of robust, scalable and secure SMS API’s have been developed in-house to ensure a reliable and high-throughput solution for your Enterprise messaging needs. Join thousands of customers using software powered by SMSGlobal today.

SMS integration for CRM

The Power of API Integration

Our flexible suite of SMS API's provide wide-ranging business benefits, allowing you to modernise your communication processes and automate customer interactions by adding text messaging to your daily workflow.

API integration Integrate with your software

Use SMSGlobal's innovative API Key system to quickly and easily create and edit new user credentials for sending via your preferred API. Adding SMS functionality to your software has never been easier.

SMS Automation Automated Communication

Communicate directly with your customers from inside your internal software. Save valuable time and resources by creating an automated mobile messaging workflow to handle inbound and outbound client interactions.

SMS reports Reporting

Delivery receipts for each individual SMS are tracked and posted back to your software, providing an audit trail that shows your application the exact time each message you send is delivered to the handset.

SMS account accessibility Accessibility

Create a dedicated account hierarchy for multiple API users in your organisations. Manage access permissions and track individual reporting for different cost centres or work sites using a single SMSGlobal account.

Future proof Set for the future

Engage the SMSGlobal development team to add customised features or scripting to our off-the-shelf API’s. As the needs of your business change, so can the functionality of SMSGlobal.

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Why Choose SMSGlobal?

Built on a foundation of industry experience and knowledge, SMSGlobal is comprised of a team of mobile messaging specialists.

Our goal is to help your business improve communications and engagement through SMS mobile messaging. By partnering with SMSGlobal you will be eligible for a number of benefits.

Developer sandbox service Develop & Test for Free

Using our developer sandbox service you are able to build and test your messaging application in full. Test your integration with our gateway, or test end-to-end message delivery to handset. This service allows you to test integration in a closed-loop – testing the code and reporting functions – as if you were sending campaigns in production.

SMS 99.9% up-time Business Continuity

Our customers run 24/7 businesses and need messages delivered around-the-clock. A strong business continuity plan to ensure maximum availability to our customers is paramount to the SMSGlobal experience and backed by our 99.99% Availability SLA.

SMS protocols Route Management

Using intelligent routing protocols developed by SMSGlobal technicians, we are able to provide cost-effective and high-throughput message delivery options for our customers. Our routing is designed and managed to minimise latency and ensure the best user experience possible.

Secure SMS communication Security

Security via SSL is available without any additional cost and its use is highly recommended. We can also provide a secure Cisco IPSEC VPN connection that utilises our advanced network technology (Cisco ASA Series firewalls) to allow an additional level of security for clients to connect to our gateway.

Scaleable SMS gateway Scalability & Throughput

We grow with you. The key to the success of our business is our ability to scale the gateway’s performance on-demand. Scaling our platform’s throughput to meet the ever-growing demand of our customers is a constant challenge, but one that is embraced by the team at SMSGlobal.

24/7 SMS support Support

If you have any questions, require help setting up or simply need further explanation around the benefits that an API integration can provide for your business, our Customer Care team is on call 24/7 to support any of your technical needs.