Our History

A brief look at our vision for the future

SMSGlobal: The Beginning

SMSGlobal has been providing businesses with innovative communication solutions for over 17 years. From humble beginnings in a South Melbourne garage,

SMSGlobal has grown into an industry leader, serving clients all over the world.

Our mission is to provide businesses with versatile and scalable communication solutions that make connecting with customers and colleagues easier. Our vision is to be the global provider of choice for business communication solutions.

With a team of dedicated experts, we are committed to helping businesses achieve their goals through efficient and effective communication.

Data Centre & Servers Based in United States

Our Global Mindset

Our data center is based in the United States, built from the ground up by Carl and SMSGlobal’s tech specialists and engineers.

As a US-based company with high-quality 24/7 customer support, servers in the United States and on-hand expert technicians, you can trust SMSGlobal with your business. Rest assured that all data is stored on local servers following global regulations, including the GDPR.

The Story

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SMSGlobal, which began in Melbourne, Australia, had a goal of expanding to a global market. In 2009, they opened their first international office in Dubai, which was strategically located between Europe and the UK. Then in 2016, they opened an office in New York and in 2018, they opened an office in California, experiencing rapid growth in both places.


In 2010, SMSGlobal received widespread industry acknowledgment as winner of the Mobile Company of the Year at Australia’s Mobile Industry Awards.

The SMSGlobal brand was catapulted further into the limelight with the procurement of several contracts with some of the world’s most notable organisations.


2012 saw the introduction of the API suite - technology that would streamline communication processes by enabling SMSGlobal customers to integrate core SMSGlobal functionality into virtually any application environment they use.


In 2013, SMSGlobal underwent a brand transformation with the launch of a new website and, perhaps most importantly, its reputable MXT platform. This signaled the businesses intent to become a major player in the Enterprise market. In 2013, Carl was also nominated for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, reflecting the achievements of SMSGlobal in mobile communications.


Eager to expand its global footprint, in 2016 SMSGlobal opened its first European office in Zagreb, Croatia. Staffed with developers and technologists, the SMSGlobal Croatia office is focused on delivering the next product initiatives and innovations for our global market. New updates to our MXT platform and API functionality continue to be pushed live.


SMSGlobal went live in the Big Apple! Expanding to the USA, we opened an office in New York mid-2017. Off the back of a number of enquiries into our Australian team, we now provide SMS services into a mix of Enterprise and SME businesses across the USA.


With improvement always at the forefront, 2018 was a year of developing new and back up systems to ensure maximum uptime across the globe. Taking advantage of an established base in the US, the company has continued to grow and expand its North American portfolio.


In a fast-moving and ever-changing environment, SMSGlobal remains committed to the development of new and innovative technology. With a heavy focus on automation, we’re embracing the digital age and continuing to grow our global reach.


With 2020 came the unanticipated COVID-19 global pandemic. At SMSGlobal, digital solutions allowed us to stay connected during a time of social distancing and isolation across the globe. We remained vigilant in providing the highest quality solutions for our customers worldwide.

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Our Vision

Customer satisfaction Customer First

We are committed to providing the highest quality customer experience at all times. We want every interaction to add value to our customer's business.

Happy workplace Love Your Work

Our environment nurtures talent and ensures that our people share in our success.

Innovative tech Technological Excellence

We strive to be leaders in innovation and technology, developing with a purpose to inspire and provide un-yielding stability and security.

Results oriented Results driven

Our results oriented culture encourages accountability and drives excellence across every facet of what we do.

Personal development Create & Grow

We believe that investment in innovative research and development is the key to our growth, domestically and internationally.

Built for Scalability Built for Scalability

We pride ourselves on our capacity to work with some of the most prominent global brands. Our ability to work to scale enables us to facilitate the dissemination of significant volumes.

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