Short Codes

Premium virtual number solutions

A premium number for large scale campaigns

Short Code numbers allow you to send and receive large volumes of text messages through a short, memorable and premium number. Most commonly used for SMS marketing campaigns, Short Code numbers require prior application before text message sending can commence.

SMS marketing Mass text message marketing

Full-scale SMS marketing campaigns can run using a dedicated USA Short Code as it is registered with carriers and SMS providers.

High throughput High throughput

Being made for high volume sends, Short Codes can send thousands of SMS in seconds - Making it the strongest virtual number available

Personalized A memorable number

A shorter number is easier to remember allowing you to build stronger relationships with your customers as they will always know it is your business.

A2P Application to person friendly

A high volume of messages is less likely to be flagged as spam when sent from a Short Code as it is registered as an A2P number.

2 Way SMS Text message reply enabled

USA Short Codes are able to receive SMS replies, making them perfect for 2 way SMS campaigns and conversations.

Secure SMS service A secure message channel

While you lease the USA Short Code, it only belongs to you, giving you a secure and trustworthy communication channel for B2C.

What is a US Short Code?

A compact, easily identifiable number used for premium bulk texting.

Supporting high volume A2P (Application-To-Person) text messaging, a dedicated Short Code is essential for mobile marketing and SMS campaigns.

Differing from country to country, Short Codes can vary between five and eight digits in length, and five to six digits long within the U.S. SMSGlobal provides a top-tier Short Code service to enhance your business communications. Using a dedicated Short Code, connecting with your customers has never been easier.

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USA Short Code considerations

Based on the premium nature of USA Short Codes, there are some important factors and regulations involved in leasing one.

Time efficient Application process

Applying and waiting for a Short Code to be processed can take 4-8 weeks

SMS alerts Campaign change notification

If you are going to change the SMS content or the use of the virtual number, carriers and SMS providers must be notified prior to the change.

Global SMS network Country-specific

As each country has specific regulations regarding SMS Short Code number; it does not support sending texts internationally (outside of the USA)

Optin Opt-in

Anyone receiving Short Code messages must opt-in directly to receive SMS

Custom SMS pricing Cost

As Short Code is a premium service, it has a high monthly cost

Regulations Strict content regulations

The SMS content of Short Code campaigns are heavily scrutinized by carriers. The best practice is to follow the CTIA guidelines.

Short Code application process

We make the Short Code application process as simple and straightforward as possible for first-time senders.

We can also facilitate Short Code migrations from a previous provider to our SMS systems. Contact us to start the porting process.

Short code step 1

Decide Application Route

There are two ways of approaching leasing a virtual USA SMS Short Code.

You can either allow us (the application provider) to register on your behalf, or go directly to the Short Code Registry and lease a Short Code yourself.

For first-time senders and customers, new in the virtual number space, we recommend applying through us, as we simplify and manage the application process all the way through to your first Short Code SMS campaign.

Short code step 2

Submit Application

Once all the appropriate information is gathered, our team will review your application and see if it is applicable for the Short Code program.

If approved by our Short Code provisioning team, an initial setup fee is required from the client, and the application will proceed through to external provisioning.

Short code step 3

Campaign Brief Submission

Once the initial USA Short Code number application has been completed and paid for, you can now begin the campaign submission procedure.

To keep SMS Short Codes trusted by consumers, USA carriers heavily scrutinize and monitor Short Code SMS content, stopping any spam or misleading content being delivered to the public.

As such, a campaign brief must be filled in before any messaging campaigns are to be sent or automated. You will need to include details like the content of your messages, the Opt-in process, and other campaign-related information.

Once completed, submitted and approved, your USA Short Code SMS messaging can begin.

Short code step 4

Processing Time

Once payment has been received, your Short Code application will move forward to WMC Global, who will greenlight your Short Code to send through the relevant USA carrier network.

Be patient; a Short Code must be activated by all USA carriers and this can take up to 4-8 weeks.

Short code step 5

Short Code Allocated

When activated, you will receive a notification once you become the leaseholder of a Short Code.

The Short Code will be activated and available for use past this checkpoint.

Short code step 6

Keep Campaign Brief Updated

It's extremely important to keep your SMS content aligned to what has been approved by the carriers, as a deviation could lead to your SMS campaign being rejected.

To avoid this, you must communicate any changes with our Short Code Provisioning team who will guide you through the campaign change process.

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Short Code frequently asked questions

Question not below? Feel free to contact us with any Short Code enquiries.

  • What is Short Code?

    In the U.S., Short Code consists of five to six digits and is explicitly used for A2P mobile messaging. SMSGlobal only provides dedicated Short Code, meaning you get your very own five or six-digit number without the risks associated to having a shared Short Code.

  • When should I use Short Code?

    According to the TCPA, Short Code is strictly used for non-consumer high traffic SMS from businesses, entities and organizations. High volume messages such as One-Time Passwords (OTP), SMS marketing campaigns, promotional texts and informative notifications are defined as A2P mobile messaging.

  • Why use a Short Code?

    As Short Code is condensed to five or six digits, these numbers are highly memorable and can easily be associated with a name, brand or business.

    Short code is classified as a high tier service which includes benefits like an easy-to-remember number that is personalized to your business, it supports 2-way texting and also registered as an A2P number with all U.S. carriers so it is less likely to be flagged as spam or blocked for promotional content

  • How do I apply for a dedicated Short Code?

    To apply for a Short Code, please follow these instructions:

    1. Fill out the Short Code Request Form and our team will be in touch

    2. Answer the questionnaire to begin the application process

    - Our team will need information like your name, SMS volume, message content, your Opt-in and Opt-out process, and what platform you use to send SMS

    3. Once all the appropriate information is gathered, and payment is confirmed, the supplier will process the request

    4. Be patient; all U.S. carriers must activate a Short Code, and this can take 4-8 weeks

    5. The application is complete! We will set up your Short Code ready to use

  • What does the CTIA say about Short Codes?

    Consistent with laws and regulations, CTIA reinforces Short Code best practices. High on the list of these Best Practices include obtaining express consent from the consumer (opt-in), providing the option to revoke consent (opt-out), avoiding excessive and malicious content (spam) and present a clear understanding of who is sending the A2P messages (business or brand name).

  • How long does it take to acquire a Short Code?

    The application process for a dedicated Short Code can take 4-8 weeks as all U.S. carriers have to activate a Short Code before it is useable.

  • How much does Short Code cost?

    Dedicated Short Codes come at a monthly cost to the account user on top of SMS costs. To see our payment options, please visit our Pricing Page.

  • Can I use Short Code for calls?

    No, Short Code does not support calls. If you were interested in using a toll-free number (a number that supports both calls and text), please see our Toll-Free Number service.

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