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Enhance your communication processes and optimise lead management

Integrate dynamic SMS functionality into your HubSpot CRM

Supercharge HubSpot workflows with SMS

Integrate SMS solutions with your HubSpot account via our reliable SMS gateway. Automate workflows, trigger SMS, and facilitate real-time conversations with this powerful HubSpot SMS integration.

Build instant brand recognition and customer trust by messaging contacts using Virtual Number and Custom Sender ID options unique to your business.

Supercharge your CRM with SMS for HubSpot today

Install the SMSGlobal HubSpot Integration & connect with your customers instantly

Capture attention with a messaging channel that cuts-through

Level up lead management with the power of SMS

Add HubSpot SMS to any workflow

Enhance all types of workflows in HubSpot with SMS triggers to automatically send relevant and helpful messages at the perfect time.

SMS open rates Drive sales

Boost engagement and influence conversions with HubSpot SMS marketing messages that reach leads and prospects directly in their palms.

2 Way SMS Two-Way Messaging

Engage leads and customers with real-time conversations. Send and receive SMS directly within HubSpot contact profiles.

Promotional SMS Analytics and tracking

Track SMS conversations easily on contact timelines, plus gather in-depth insights on conversions and click-through-rates with automated reporting.

Tailor communication processes within your CRM

Customise workflows in HubSpot

Trigger workflows for various events such as form submissions, message responses, contacts created, ticket status, and much more. HubSpot workflows enable you to automatically trigger actions when an event occurs with zero coding knowledge required—for instance, sending an SMS when a new contact is registered in your CRM.

Enhance automation across multiple customer touchpoints

Automate SMS within any HubSpot workflow

With SMSGlobal’s newest HubSpot integration, you can automate SMS and add the send SMS module to all types of workflows.

Plus, effortlessly send important SMS updates to all contacts in a company for deal and ticket-based workflows. Customise triggers across business communications and let your team focus on critical tasks.

Automatically record SMS conversations in Contact Activity

Create a seamless multi-channel customer experience

Create a unified experience for leads and customers by adding SMS automation to communication processes. You’ll never miss a beat with workflow triggers that send SMS alerts and notifications to the right person, at the perfect time.

  • Check Message Personalisation
  • Check Two-Way SMS
  • Check Conversation History
  • Check SMS Triggers
  • Check Robust contact segmentation
  • Check Monitor sent and received SMS on timelines
Use a branded Sender ID to create brand awareness

Amplify HubSpot SMS marketing with custom Sender IDs

Access "Sender ID" and "Phone Number" fields on the SMS module in Workflows. Boost your marketing campaigns and transactional messages with the option to send from Shared numbers, Virtual numbers, and Custom words.

Sender IDs and Virtual Numbers are ideal for SMS marketing, enabling you to personalise an SMS with your brand. Send automated SMS from a branded Custom Word or Virtual Number unique to your business, so recipients instantly recognise your number.

Learn More About SMS Hubspot Integrations

A HubSpot CRM integration with an SMS provider enables you to send text messages to your HubSpot contacts.

  • Why send SMS to leads and customers?

    With open rates of 98%, text messages are the most reliable way to get in touch with your leads and customers. Companies that use SMS in their marketing campaigns see up to 21% higher conversion rates. At the same time, customers enjoy a multi-channel experience that fits in with their lifestyle.

  • What is an SMS HubSpot integration?

    An SMS HubSpot integration allows you to send SMS to contacts directly from HubSpot. Since HubSpot doesn’t have SMS capabilities, you need to hook up an SMS provider to your HubSpot account. SMSGlobal offers more than an integration with its HubSpot plugin, allowing you to set up workflow automations, send one-off text messages, and reply to all conversations directly inside of HubSpot. If you want to do SMS automation with HubSpot, you’ll need an SMS provider, and SMSGlobal is a great option because our plugin lets you do everything from right inside of HubSpot.

  • What are the top workflows to automate?

    HubSpot is used by companies across dozens of industries to communicate with their leads and customers. The top HubSpot workflows are for lead follow-up. Popular workflow automations include following up with all leads via SMS to book a call, texting a reminder for upcoming sales calls, and re-engaging leads who aren’t responding to emails.

  • What is two way SMS?

    With two way SMS, you can both send and receive text messages from the same platform. Our HubSpot plugin sits directly inside of HubSpot. You can set up your workflow automations and marketing campaigns, and you can also receive incoming replies from your leads and customers. You’ll respond to them from HubSpot, but for the lead, it looks just like a normal text message sent via a phone.

  • Does the integration update the contact record?

    Yes, with our HubSpot plugin, the contact record is continuously updated in real time with every conversation. Just like you can see lead activity for a contact (such as when they download an ebook or fill out a form), you’ll also be able to see SMS conversation history. This ensures that your team will always know what communication has taken place with a contact. No confusion, ever.

  • How do you connect SMS to Hubspot?

    To integrate SMS and HubSpot, you’ll need to login to our SMS gateway server MXT and hook up the account from there. The good news is, we don’t offer a free trial of a certain length. Instead, we offer free test credits, so you can set up a workflow and use those credits to send test SMS messages. Then, you can sign up for a paid plan when you’re ready.

  • Does it work in real time?

    SMS HubSpot integrations work in real time, so that as soon as someone matches your criteria for a trigger, an automated message is sent. The contact records are also updated in real time, so your team is always on the same page when it comes to communicating with individual contacts.

  • Can you send SMS with HubSpot?

    If you want to send SMS text messages with HubSpot, you’re going to need to integrate your HubSpot account with an SMS provider. Consider using SMSGlobal because it offers a plugin, not just an integration. The plugin works directly inside of HubSpot so you can do all of your sending and responding from inside of your CRM.

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