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SMSGlobal - SMS Marketing
Features & Benefits of SMS Marketing

SMS mobile marketing is at your fingertips!

Enhance your business communications with personalised texts, SMS API integrations, contact management and more.

Personalised bulk messaging

Utilise Merge Send and enable URL shortening to push custom SMS messages and track campaigns.

Integrate text marketing

Seamlessly integrate SMS marketing solutions and optimise your existing systems.

24/7 free customer support

Implement our SMS expertise in your next campaign. Whenever you need us, we’re here for you—anytime, locally.

SMS Marketing Use Cases

SMS for your unique business needs

  • Check Lead Nurture

    Build automated SMS workflows to nurture leads along the customer journey and enhance CX.

  • Check Subscribe & Segment

    Manage contact lists and segment your audience to send the perfect message at the perfect time.

  • Check Business Updates

    Send mass SMS campaigns to alert stakeholders of essential business news and updates.

  • Check Order Confirmations

    Set up triggered workflows to send text messages and alert customers of order updates.

  • Check Event Notifications

    Automate text messages for upcoming retail events and customer anniversaries.

  • Check Products & Promotions

    Notify valued customers of product launches and promotions with scheduled bulk SMS campaigns.

  • Check Customer Experience

    Ensure your contacts feel appreciated and listened to with conversational two-way texting.

  • Check Contact Engagement

    Our SMS Marketing platform can track SMS delivery and campaign engagement all in one place.

  • Check Account Verification & Security

    Easily update clients of unusual account activity with alerts and set up SMS OTP API for reliable 2FA.

The Ultimate Guide to SMSGlobal Marketing

New to SMS Marketing? Let us help

Learn how your business can truly take advantage of our service and craft impactful SMS campaigns that engage your audience.

SMS Automation Workflows

Trigger SMS workflows and automate keywords for efficient messaging

Our SMS marketing service provides optimal automated SMS to streamline business operations.

Set up actions that trigger SMS templates to send within a scheduled timeframe.

Now, you and your team can efficiently focus on nuanced business tasks.
Dashboard Analytics

Track and report your SMS marketing campaigns in one place

Build custom dashboards within MXT and track delivery in real-time. Our SMS texting service provides robust reporting and analytics.

View campaign success and identify areas of improvement with our SMS tracking functions.

Contact Lists & Segmentation

Manage contact lists and optimise your text marketing with segmentation

Know your audience with robust contact management. Contact groups and list management is vital for SMS marketing and targeting your audience effectively.

With unlimited contacts, you can upload and segment lists to your heart’s content. Keyword triggers provide easy management of opt-outs and SMS compliance.

SMS Marketing Gateway

Integrate SMS marketing software with ease

With full access to our SMS marketing platform and integration library, you can implement text message marketing within a few clicks.

Directly integrate SMS solutions into your current software with SMS APIs, SDKs and plugins.

Or utilise Message Xtreme, MXT, for the optimum SMS gateway experience.
Resources & Information Centre

Learn how to implement SMS marketing in your business

The Ultimate Guide to SMS Marketing

This comprehensive guide will have your business ready to create a highly successful SMS marketing campaign.

Mobile and SMS marketing strategies dominate, here’s why

SMS and mobile are fundamental marketing channels, with 70% of consumers believing that SMS is a good way for businesses to capture their attention.

SMS 101: An Introductory Guide

Ensure you get the most out of the MXT SMS gateway with this 101 Introductory Guide to all things business text messaging and utilizing the robust platform.