SMS Appointment Reminders: 7 Tips to Achieve Higher Booking Rates & Revenue with Text Messages

Appointments are not made to be cancelled, but providing an efficient means to reschedule sure does help! Efficient booking systems with an SMS integration can easily confirm, cancel, and reschedule appointments. But not without a strategy in place.

Sometimes our memory gets the best of us, and we forget to update our calendar or check for conflicting appointments. Fortunately, SMS reminder templates are here to save the day (or booking time, if you will)! Implement SMS reminders to ensure your clients know all the details before the booking, so they're ready on the day.

Cancellations happen from time to time, but it sure does beat dealing with no-shows and losing revenue. In other words, cancellations are not a bad thing; it opens up opportunities for your business to book other clients promptly. Allow your clients to cancel or reschedule via text message, so you have plenty of room to rearrange your schedule where necessary.

Get the most out of voice and SMS for appointment reminders

You can complete the experience and open the door to repeat customers by offering package deals. Tailored messaging relevant to your clients can promote other complementary products and services you provide. Encourage customers to become loyal to your business by utilising a voice and SMS platform for enterprise communications.

Here are seven vital tips to improve your text message reminders and increase revenue.

  1. Welcome new clients and offer enticing deals
  2. Personalise messages and ask your clients to respond
  3. Engage with your clients across multiple channels
  4. Be clear about booking policies
  5. Follow up with appointments and reschedule missed bookings
  6. Automate and schedule SMS reminders
  7. Employ ready-to-use SMS templates tailored to your industry


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1. Welcome new clients and offer enticing deals for appointments

SMS is short, sharp, and to the point. With 90% of mobile users having their phone in arms reach at all times, your message won't be missed.

Utilise branded messaging to stand out from the crowd with relevant and timely SMS messages. Don't forget to provide value to your clients while you're at it!

  • Welcome SMS messages
  • New subscription confirmations
  • Birthday offers and gift cards
  • Seasonal specials and stocktake sales
  • Request feedback and customer reviews
  • Referral program and VIP offers
  • Re-engage clients that haven't visited in some time

"{*Name*}, it’s your birthday! Present this SMS at your next appt to receive $10 off. From {*Company*} to you on your special day. TCs apply, 30 day expiry."

2. Personalise appointment text messages and ask your clients to respond

It may seem simple, but just adding a client's name into the message shows that your business cares. Each appointment and each individual is significant to your business, and it shows through your communication.

Request appointment confirmations in the form of an SMS response. Customise messages with your client's name, their local clinic or store, and appointment details, so they have all the information they need. And offer a method to reschedule or cancel their booking, if necessary.

Personalised communication levels up the customer experience that clients have with your business. Creating a positive association with your business transactions.

"We want your feedback! {*Name*}, have your say and complete a quick survey to help us improve: {*Link*} Thank you, {*Company*} Reply STOP to opt-out."

3. Engage with your clients across multiple channels

Use your client's preferred method to contact them. Sometimes people see SMS as a more personal form of communication to contact family and friends. It's essential to respect this boundary and only send SMS when necessary.

One way to ensure you aren't overusing SMS is to provide multiple communication channels, such as phone calls, email and live chat options. These platforms all serve a specific purpose, and most clients appreciate the variety.

Include links to your online booking page

When sending SMS to confirm a booking, one way to provide cross-channel contact is to include a link to your website in your reminder SMS.

Including a link provides an interactive experience that you can track, empowering your client to reschedule or cancel online. By heading to your website, they may even see promotions and add services to their next appointment. Keep across your URL analytics to see how effective this strategy is.

SMSGlobal has an automatic URL shortener and link reporting features in MXT. Once this feature is enabled, you can track who clicks the shortened URL and how much engagement you receive on the website.

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Call your contacts with an online voice platform

When you send SMS, include your business number as another method to contact you. Whether your client has questions or needs to reschedule, they can get in contact with an agent directly over the phone.

An exciting component of utilising SMS and phone calls for business communication is combining them online. Voice by SMSGlobal allows businesses to use a virtual dedicated number (VDN) to unify their business number for both SMS and voice calls. Other features also include call forwarding and call bridging, as well as call history. Consolidate your SMS and call capabilities on one communications gateway with MXT.

"Hi {*Name*}, thanks for inquiring about our program. Feel free to book a follow-up call to discuss your goals - {*Link*} Cheers, {*Sender*} at {*Institution*}"

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4. Be clear about appointment booking policies

Don't forget; it is crucial to provide a means for clients to contact you. If there are any changes, this will provide your business with enough notice to book another appointment.

It will also provide a positive User Experience (UX). The client won't need to go searching for how to update their booking. Instead, all the information they need to get in contact with you is right there in the helpful text message reminder.

Include essential details in your booking processes, such as finalising deposits or prepayment and cancellation policies.

  • Ensure your client knows your policy on no-shows and cancellations. Some businesses charge a cancellation fee if there is little to no notice. For customers that don't make a habit of this, follow up and rebook where necessary.
  • Be clear before the client makes the booking if any deposits or prepayment need to be made. Follow up if this has not been fulfilled before the appointment.

"This is a reminder of your upcoming appointment with {*Staff name*} on {*Date*}. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact us on {*Number*} or online {*Link*}"

5. Follow up appointments and reschedule missed bookings with SMS

After an appointment has concluded, a simple follow up message leaves the door open for future business. It also allows you to request feedback and provide further after-service care instructions when needed.

No-shows and cancellations can be annoying and even cost your business. This is why timely reminders and cancellation policies are essential for ongoing progress. Discourage no-shows and encourage consideration for your time with cancellation policies.

Still, it would be best if you didn't punish your clients for no-shows and late cancellations unfairly. Be professional, yet be compassionate. Check in with them and offer to reschedule their booking if they prefer, and gently remind them of your policies.

"Thanks for attending {*Company*}. Our current waiting list is 2 months so don’t miss out! Secure your place by booking your next appt with us online at {*Link*}"

6. Automate and schedule SMS booking reminders

SMS automation demonstrates that your business is proficient with scheduling and communication workflows. Setting up a booking system that integrates SMS to send out reminders at the perfect moment can produce significant results. With changes and updates, automated text messaging informs everyone involved of the updated date, time, location and more.

For convenience, schedule appointments and trigger SMS to send at specific times before the booking. For example:

  • Once the appointment is confirmed
  • One month in advance
  • One week in advance
  • One or two days before

"Hi {*Name*}, thanks for coming in. We hope you had a good experience with {*Company*}. To help us improve our service, pls complete this quick survey - {*Link*}"

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7. Employ ready-to-use SMS appointment reminders templates for your industry

We have compiled dozens of SMS templates ready for you to use, specific to your industry. Take a look!

"Hi {*Name*}, {*Company*} have you booked in at {*Time*} on {*Date*} for {*Total*} ppl. Reply YES to confirm or call us on {*Number*} to reschedule."

"YOU’RE IN! That’s right, you’re now a part of our exclusive {*Company*} rewards program. We even added a welcome gift to your next service - you’re welcome!"

"{*Name*}! You’ve earned {*Sum*} points with our loyalty program. Present this at your next appt for a 25% discount. T&Cs apply. Thanks, {*Company*}"

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