Emergency Services SMS

Text alerts and instant messaging that keeps everyone informed

Reliable text message alert system

Immediate and accessible text messaging alerts for emergency services

Communicate and coordinate in an emergency at scale with SMS. During an emergency, timing is critical. SMS alerts enable you to reach people in seconds directly in the palm of their hands. Instant, reliable, and concise SMS is an ideal way to communicate critical updates and alerts. Ensure warning text messages and SMS alerts are a key part of your emergency communication plan.

Keeping citizens informed, en masse

Emergency alerts read in seconds

As critical situations progress, timely updates are essential. With an open rate of 98%, SMS alerts ensure warnings reach the right people at the right time. Send effective and time-sensitive alerts accessible at recipients’ fingertips. Empower your audience to act on incidents faster with the power of emergency alert texts.

Fire Alert Text Message Templates

Live one-on-one demo with an SMS expert

Demo SMS for emergency services

How can SMS support your emergency efforts? We’ll show you how organisations like yours harness the immediate nature of bulk SMS for critical incidents.

SMS alerts delivered in times of need, without delay

Emergency communication you can count on

SMS is one of the only communication channels that doesn’t require an internet connection. So, you can trust your messages actually get to those who need them most. Accessible and familiar, urgent text messages are the best way to inform a large, varied audience.

Weather Alert SMS Template
Flexible messaging for all emergency scenarios

Emergencies progress quickly, but SMS is quicker

From natural disasters and severe weather to incidents within the community, emergency alert texts get lifesaving information out there. Whether you’re reaching ten, 100, or 1000 people, you need dynamic and reliable messaging that keeps everyone connected and informed. When you need recipients to act promptly, choose SMS.

Emergency Text Alert Templates
Easy setup, easy-to-use, easy for all abilities

Urgent alerts and timely warnings that reach everyone

Text messaging is the most familiar and accessible communication channel available. Circulate critical updates via SMS—a trusted and convenient communication tool available to all. Stay connected to your entire community in real-time, wherever they are.

Critical Alert Text Message Example
Emergency SMS templates ready-to-send at a moment's notice

Text message templates for emergency services

In the event of an emergency there’s no time to waste. That's why we created SMS templates you can copy, paste, and send in a matter of seconds. View our examples below.

Contact Tracing Text Message

Positive COVID-19 cases have been detected in your area. Please monitor for symptoms and get tested. Find your nearest testing location here {*Link*}

Disaster SMS

ATTENTION! Structural damage alert at {*Location*}. If you are in that location, evacuate immediately and avoid the area. For updates, please visit {*Link*}

Severe Weather Text Alerts

Dangerous Weather alert: {*Threat*} is nearing {*Location*}. For your safety, you are advised to evacuate in {*Timeframe*}. Check local radio or {*Link*}.

Warning SMS

Security Alert at {*Location*} has been activated. Keep all doors and windows locked and await further instructions. Check {*Link*} for more information.

SMS Contact Tracing

Due to exposure to the coronavirus, {*Organisation*} will be closed for {*Timeframe*}. If you have any symptoms, please get tested. Click this link for details: {*Link*}

Urgent Text Message

A {*Threat*} lockdown is in effect. Proceed to a secure location and follow {*location/building*}’s security protocol. Please be prepared for further instructions.

Emergency Alert Text

A panic button has been triggered at {*Location*}. Please send assistance immediately.

Weather Forecast Text Message

Due to harsh weather conditions, operations at {*Location*} are suspended for the day, except for essential personnel. Please call {*number*} for more updates or visit {*Link*}.

Fire Alert Texts

Emergency: Fire alarm activated in {*Location*}. Please find your nearest exit, evacuate calmly and follow instructions from the authorities.

Test and Trace Text Message

Hi {*Name*}, a confirmed COVID-19 case has attended your {*company*}. As a close contact, please isolate immediately and get tested. An official will be in contact shortly.

Warning Text Message

WARNING: Major traffic incident in {*Location*}. Emergency services are on the scene. Please seek alternative routes—more updates to come.

Weather Alert Text

Severe Weather Alert issued for {*Location*} on {*date*}. Please take necessary safety precautions. For further information call {*Number*} or visit {*Link*}.

Why do emergency services choose our text message alert system?

Notify, update, and provide assistance via SMS in times of need

MXT platform High volume text messaging you can rely on

When you send urgent messages in bulk via SMSGlobal’s gateway, you can be sure they’re sent without delay. With 99.99% up-time and availability, critical SMS alerts are sent where they need to go, every time.

SMS API integration Integrate and send urgent SMS alerts from existing systems

Simplify communication procedures by integrating SMS alert functionality within your software. Trigger, automate, and send severe weather text alerts, warning text messages, and emergency alert texts from your organisation’s platform.

24/7 support Dedicated support, round the clock

Reliable service and communication are at the core of your organisation and ours as well. SMSGlobal’s dedicated team is always on hand to support you whenever you need assistance with your emergency