Recent improvements, fixes and new updates to SMSGlobal's system.

Aug 10, 2021

Voice Solution


SMSGlobal Voice Solution has launched and is now available in MXT. Phase 1 launch includes Call Forwarding and Call Bridging features.

Call Forwarding

Call Bridging

Aug 09, 2021

URL Shortener


The URL shortener enables you to have long URLs automatically shortened by SMSGlobal.

Additionally, using SMSGlobal's URL shortener service allows for additional analytics and control over your SMS campaigns, such as the number of URL link clicks and URL expiry times.

Apr 05, 2021

Addition of Opt-In Functionality via incoming SMS


We have added opt-in functionality via incoming SMS.

This is for recipients who have previously opted-out of SMS communication, but now wish to opt-in again.

To opt-in, users can reply with the following keywords:


Note: the keywords UNSTOP and START are NOT case sensitive.

Can recipients opt back in after they have opted-out?

Feb 28, 2021

MXT Conversation Window


MXT Conversation Window added for convenient two-way texting and to view SMS history. Access this function via Contact List and Report in MXT.

How do I enable the Conversation feature?

Feb 28, 2021

Two-Phase TLS upgrade [Phase One]


The default protocol for HTTPS connections has upgraded to TLS 1.2 for postback. Continued support for TLS 1.0 and 1.1 by request.

Feb 25, 2021

Updated API endpoints


All legacy API endpoints to be updated by end of February. To avoid disruption, migrate API endpoint to

Jan 05, 2021

Addition of ex. GST amount to Australian invoices


We have now added the ex. GST purchase total amount to our invoices, this is in addition to the previous GST amount included on invoices.

Jun 29, 2020

IP Address Update


Infrastructure upgrade to ensure ongoing reliable service and security for APIs and integrations. See IP Address Update for further information.