What MXT, Our Online SMS Platform, can do for you [Part One]

The humble SMS (and MMS) may seem straightforward—and that’s because it is. It's one of the easiest ways to communicate directly with your audience. For businesses, the power of SMS may be simple, but it is undeniable when it comes to customer engagement.

Sending SMS from your web browser is effortless with our MXT text message gateway. All you need to do is signup and start sending. We provide 25 test credits and, for everything else, we'll get you up and running in no time.

Acquire robust SMS features on our MXT web gateway to help you with your business text messaging needs. MXT has a range of benefits, including:

  • approved dedicated numbers and Sender IDs
  • data analytics and SMS reporting
  • personalised SMS and campaign scheduling
  • recurring message options
  • conversational messaging window for two-way SMS
  • SMS API languages
  • SMS integration access (including Hubspot and Xero)
  • and much more!

You can trust that MXT has everything you need, including transactional messaging, SMS OTP for 2FA, text message automation, customised SMS marketing campaigns, and more. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, just ask—we also provide custom solutions for unique requirements.

Part one of 'What MXT, Our Online SMS Platform, can do for you' will cover:

  1. Test our MXT features with free SMS credits
  2. Format contact lists and start sending SMS with MXT
  3. Add Merge Fields to contact lists for personalisation
  4. Upload Send for quick SMS blasts
  5. Manage and automate SMS opt-outs with MXT
  6. Approved SMS Virtual Numbers and Sender IDs
  7. Dedicated virtual numbers, verified numbers and shared numbers
  8. Use a custom word as your alphanumeric Sender ID


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1. Test our Online SMS Platform features with free SMS credits

Once you've signed up to our online SMS platform, MXT, you can use the free credits on your account to send test messages to the mobile number you signed up with. That means you can test any MXT functionality, SMS APIs, and native or third-party integrations to see how our SMS features work.

To start sending to your contacts, you'll need to purchase SMS credits or inquire about our postpaid options. Once your payment options are sorted, you can begin sending—and remember, you only spend on what you send!

2. Format contact lists and start sending browser SMS with MXT

Sending web browser SMS to your contacts is an easy task that can be set up within minutes.

Create and format your contact lists in a spreadsheet and get it ready to send SMS campaigns. Whether you plan to complete an Upload Send or upload your entire contact list to MXT, your contact list must be formatted correctly in a CSV or XLS file. XLSX is NOT a supported format.

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Note: Ensure the default country on your MXT account aligns with the phone numbers on your contact lists. If there are any international phone numbers, they should be formatted with the correct prefix.

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3. Add merge fields to contact lists for personalisation

When you format your contact list in a spreadsheet, consider your column titles. MXT uses default titles as Merge Fields when customising SMS message templates.

  • Given Name
  • Family Name
  • Display or Nickname
  • Mobile Number
  • Email Address

You won't need to include all of these fields; however, it can come in handy if you need to have this information within your text message. For example, "Hi {*Given Name*}, your email address is {*Email Address*}. Thanks for signing up with us!"

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4. Upload Send for quick online SMS blasts

Bulk send an SMS campaign to an extensive list of contacts fast with Upload Send, all online in your browser.

This feature allows users to save time by cutting out the middle man. Instead of waiting for a massive contact list to upload onto MXT—which can take a chunk out of your day—you can bulk send SMS instantly with Upload Send.

  1. Under Send Messages in the MXT menu, simply select Upload Send.
  2. Choose between sending an SMS or MMS and select the virtual number you would like to send from.
  3. Then, under Upload Contacts, click Select File to attach the relevant contact spreadsheet. Tick the box First row has headers if your spreadsheet includes headers in the first row.
  4. Craft your message in the Message box. With Upload Send, you can also include Merge Fields for personalisation. To save the message content to use in the future, click Save As Template.
  5. Click Send Message to send instantly or select Schedule Message to send the message at a specific time and date.

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Utilise our SMS templates for your industry

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5. Manage and automate SMS opt-outs with MXT

Adhere to local regulations and send compliant SMS campaigns. Suppose a contact opts out of SMS communications. In that case, MXT automatically adds the contacts to your opt-out list, so you don't have to.

Add an extra layer of assurance by automatically deleting these contacts by turning on Automatically delete Opted Out contacts from lists in your SMS Settings on MXT. Bulk opt-out contacts by selecting Import Opt Out Contacts and uploading a spreadsheet of the contacts to opt-out from your SMS communications.

You can also opt-in a number previously opted out by going to Opted Out Contacts and clicking Opt-in next to the specific number.

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6. Approved SMS Virtual Numbers and Sender IDs

SMSGlobal has a selection of virtual number options available to send from, including shared numbers, verified numbers, dedicated numbers, and registered Sender IDs.

Depending on how you use SMS and where you are sending from, different requirements may be necessary. For example, in the United Arab Emirates, you'll need a pre-registered Sender ID before you start sending business SMS. Or, if you are sending in the United States, you may need an approved 10DLC SMS campaign to send specific use cases.

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7. Dedicated virtual numbers, verified numbers and shared numbers

A dedicated virtual number is the most secure option when it comes to sending business text messages. As it's exclusively dedicated to your account, you can include it as your contact information across marketing communications.

Different types of dedicated virtual numbers your business can register for:

  • Ten Digit Long Code (10DLC)
  • Toll-Free Number (TFN)
  • Shortcode

Shortcodes can only be used in the country where they are registered. In contrast, long codes have slightly more flexibility with sending SMS internationally.

All dedicated virtual numbers can engage with two-way SMS communication. Depending on what country you're sending to and from, other virtual number features may vary or not be available.

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Verified numbers refer to using the number your already own as the 'From Address' when sending SMS from a web platform. MXT has the capability of verifying your phone number and using it as your Sender ID. However, this isn't available everywhere. For example, verified numbers are not available in the USA and Canada. However, SMSGlobal provides the service to verify Australian numbers on MXT.

Shared numbers are not dedicated solely to your account. You can still send from shared numbers and utilise two-way communication to receive replies. However, shared numbers only hold responses to that number for 48 hours.

Many users opt for a shared number because it is cost-effective, easy to set up, and has no pre-registration requirements.

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8. Use a custom word as your alphanumeric Sender ID

Brand your text messages with your business name. On MXT, you can register a custom word or number to use as your Sender ID. This way, your SMS contacts instantly know who is messaging them.

Some countries require businesses to pre-register their Sender ID before they can start sending text messages. Depending on where you are located, Sender IDs may be restricted to only using either numbers (0-9) or letters (a-z), not both.

  • Maximum of 11 alphanumeric characters (some countries have a shorter character limit)
  • Limited to A-Z and 0-9 characters
  • No full stops or spaces

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Part two of this series will cover:

  • Send bulk SMS and create your own text message templates
  • Schedule, stagger and set up recurring SMS on MXT
  • Two-way SMS and MXT’s conversational view
  • Personalise SMS messages
  • What are Unicode characters in SMS?
  • Track SMS campaigns with MXT reporting
  • Filter SMS reports by country, status and campaign