Easy Steps to Re-open Your Business After COVID: 6 SMS Templates

It's been a long time coming, but it looks like COVID lockdowns are finally over. Now that restrictions are beginning to lift in New South Wales and Victoria, many businesses are looking forward to re-opening their doors. However, this return to trade does not come without its challenges.

This blog post will introduce you to SMS strategy tips for communicating with customers and employees about changes in your business operations. This includes the types of SMS notifications you should send out, how bulk text messages can become an integral part of your communication strategy post-COVID, plus all the benefits associated with using SMS updates and marketing in your business!

Are SMS updates a good customer communication method?

Yes, SMS updates are a great way to engage with your customers. 91% of smartphone owners have their mobile device in arm's reach at all times. Thus, ensuring your messages are read promptly.

Post-COVID, you can use SMS updates to let customers know when your business is open again, what services are disrupted, and what they need to know to visit in person.

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SMS message your customers where they spend the most time—their mobile phone

Advise customers of new information through SMS notifications so that no one misses out on important updates or changes in opening hours. Many people don't have notifications settings enabled for their OTT messaging apps. So, text messages are the most reliable channel for customer communication.

Contact customers directly on their mobile number for instant responses and engagement. Notifications delivered via SMS are far more likely to be read than via email. Use our bulk text message service to deliver timely notifications seamlessly.

Powerfully Simple SMS for Retail and Hospitality

Re-open your business post-lockdown with a winning SMS strategy

Kickstart your re-opening strategy with a free SMSGlobal account and 25 free SMS credits.

Re-open seamlessly with text message updates for employees

You need to communicate with employees about what they need to do, where to go next and how the re-opening process will work. SMS updates are a reliable way of getting information out quickly, especially if there is a large workforce that you need to communicate with.

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The importance of a consistent communication strategy post-lockdown

Re-emerging post-lockdown can be a stressful and confusing time. During this transition, it's best practice to provide regular updates on all of your business channels, including text messages, social media, and emails.

There are many restrictions and health protocols to keep track of and maintain. Your business can ease the transition for your customers and employees by communicating with direct and accessible channels like SMS. Simple SMS updates can convey information about coming changes and expected delays in a concise and digestible format.

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6 SMS templates and examples for retail stores, cafes, and restaurants

There are many benefits of using text message alerts in your business, including reliability and timeliness. Text message alerts give the ability to provide updates and information quickly with as little effort as possible.

To help you get back-to-business with ease, we've created six ready-to-go SMS examples. Paste these SMS templates for your next campaign to kick start your re-opening strategy.

1. SMS alerts for re-opening

"Hi {name}, we can’t wait to welcome you back to {company name}! In line with regulations, mandatory masks and a limit of 10 people per store will be in place. Thank you - {company name}. Reply STOP to unsub."

2. SMS business status updates

"Dear {name}, {company name} will resume services on {date}. Our opening hours are from 9am to 5pm. We'll see you soon! Text STOP to unsub."

3. Sign in reminders

"{Company name} is back! Please remember to sign in with the QR code and wear your mask when you visit us in person. Thank you for your support. Reply STOP to opt out."

4. Re-opening details for employees

"{Company name} employee update: In-store services will begin again next week. Please speak to your line manager regarding rosters and protocols."

5. Link to booking page

"The {company name} team are excited to re-open soon. As well as dine-in, we will continue running takeaway services due to popular demand. Visit our page to make a booking. Reply Stop to opt out."

6. “Welcome back” SMS marketing campaigns

"Hooray! It’s good to be back, {name}. Join us in-store on {date} to celebrate re-opening with 30% off store-wide. See you there - {company name}. Text STOP to opt out."