SMS for Oracle Opera and YesBookit: Streamline bookings & boost conversion rates

Running successful hotels or holiday rental businesses can be hard work. You're constantly on the go, and it seems like you never have time to take a break. This is why SMS has become one of the latest trends for Hotel Management and Holiday Rental services in 2021, especially during the busy festive season.

SMS can save your front desk team valuable time by streamlining bookings and boosting conversion rates. Promote customer engagement by sending post-departure text messages, booking confirmations, and in-house promotions. Adding SMS into day-to-day operations will make management of your holiday rentals even easier!

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Why use SMS for hotel booking reminders and holiday rental management?

SMS is a game-changer when it comes to holiday rental services. Whether you're looking for an apartment, villa or hotel in the sun, bulk SMS can help streamline your booking process and increase conversion rates. Give guests all the answers they need about their arrival date, room number, hotel policies, and more.

Integrate SMS with Oracle Opera SMS integration or YesBookit to access the power of SMS in your business software. Send guests a confirmation text about bookings, post-departure messages, and in-house service promotions that will keep customers coming back for more.

With SMS integrated into your property management system, your business will be able to improve the end-to-end guest journey while saving time on manual tasks like phone calls and text messages.

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Powerfully Simple SMS Booking Reminders

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How to integrate SMS with YesBookit

Using SMS for holiday rentals and reservations is a great way to streamline the entire booking process. If you're looking for ways to integrate text messaging into your hotel management or holiday rental business, YesBookit's property management system can help.

Our easy YesBookit SMS integration allows your guests to use their preferred method of contact from start to finish while ensuring that all the information they need is available to them anytime, anywhere.

Follow YesBookit’s knowledgebase article, detailing how to add SMSGlobal’s SMS functionality to your YesBookit account.

With YesBookit, you can:

  • Send guests an SMS booking confirmation as part of the booking process
  • Rely on our text message marketing platform for inhouse promotions or post departure messages
  • Add SMS to your systems using SMSGlobal's powerful API
  • Send texts to remind guests about your cancellation policy
  • Deliver invoices via text message or email

Benefits of the Oracle Opera SMS integration

Integrating SMS with Oracle Opera Cloud Property Management is easy with SMSGlobal. Manage hotel operations, guest preferences, room inventory, payments, reservations, and more with SMS baked into the property management software.

With the Oracle Opera SMS integration, you can:

  • Streamline online bookings with SMS confirmations.
  • Save time with SMS reminders for bookings and check out times.
  • Improve turnover times, cut down on wasted resources, and enhance the guest experience using text message confirmations for arrivals, departures, refunds etc.

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Decrease no-shows and cancellations with SMS booking reminders

Alert guests of their booking status and send reminders about upcoming reservations. Boasting a 98% open rate, text message alerts can help decrease no-shows and cancellations by prompting guests to confirm or change their booking dates.

With SMS, you can alert hotel guests of their booking status and send reminders about upcoming check-in times. Text message alerts can help decrease no-shows and cancellations with 90% of messages being opened in the first three minutes.

By sending text message alerts for both check-in and departure times, your hotel guests will know exactly when they should arrive at the rental property or what time their luggage needs to be picked up.

Final thoughts: SMS for hotel management

Text messages are a more personal way to communicate with guests who value convenience and speed. Treat each hotel guest to personalised communication. Streamline direct bookings, manage guest preferences, and improve your hospitality experience with the power of SMS integration.

Implement SMS within your holiday management software via a plugin such as the Oracle Opera SMS integration or YesBookit for increased usability. With text messages integrated into day-to-day operations, you can improve the customer experience while cutting operational costs.