What do Joomla! and Zabbix have in common?

What do Joomla! and Zabbix have in common?

SMSGlobal has developed custom-built SMS integrations for both Joomla and Zabbix systems.

That's right—you can access an enterprise SMS gateway to automate and streamline mobile communication through Joomla! and Zabbix.

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A little bit about Joomla!

Joomla! is an award-winning Content Management System (CMS) providing a free and open-source platform for users to publish web content efficiently. Its global community of developers and volunteers have built a user-friendly, extendable, multilingual, accessible and responsive application. It's the application that can be used independently of the CMS—perfect for scalability and adding integrations.

SMSGlobal's SMS integration allows users to utilise Split SMS. A long-form text message is divided into smaller SMS-sized snippets when sent, and then the message is pieced back together when the text reaches its destination. Split SMS is highly effective as users can send up to four texts worth of content in one SMS, instead of 160 characters that SMS is usually limited.

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A little bit about Zabbix

Zabbix is an open-source monitoring software that boasts scalability, robust high performance, ease of use and competitive prices. Since 2001, this software has provided expert technical support services for diverse IT components such as networks, servers, virtual machines (VMs) and cloud services.

Now Zabbix can communicate personalised monitoring metrics and alerts of unusual behaviour directly to a client's handsets via SMS for a fast response. For example, SMS trackers and SMS reporting.

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Our SMS integrations

Built in-house by our specialised and experienced developers, SMSGlobal's integrations are customised to meet user and business needs using an array of SMS tools.

Features include:

SMSGlobal provides an array of off-the-shelf solutions as well as custom-built applications for all of your business needs. Check out our Plugins and Integrations page for more.

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