Magento Integration

Integration with Magento

SMSGlobal is excited to announce that we’ve developed an extension for leading e-commerce platform, Magento.

Available on Magento Marketplace, you can now combine our mobile-messaging products with your e-commerce strategies.

About Magento

Magento delivers an open-source e-commerce platform to retailers and brands across the world. Much like our SMS service, Magento specialises in flexible and customizable solutions. With large enterprise customers such as Coca-Cola, Magento have established themselves as a market leader amongst e-commerce platforms.

SMSGlobal Magento Extension

Our plug-in opens an additional B2C communication channel for Magento users. SMS communications can be delivered to customers throughout the purchasing, processing and logistical journey. You can find the link on Marketplace here.

The extension is available on Magento M1 with a Magento M2 compatible version to be released soon.

Benefits of our Magento plug-in

Unlike many other SMS extensions, our plug-in is completely free to download. This means you can set-up your SMS channel and test it with no financial commitment.

Our SMS software is also free to use - simply pay for the SMS messages that you send.

As is the SMSGlobal mantra, we have made our Magento plug-in flexible, robust and with many communication tools.

We have a number of automated messaging solutions, so you can improve workflow efficiency by letting our software do the heavy lifting.

Developed by our highly sophisticated technical team, our extension is built to deliver high volumes of messages on time. Integration is easy with our REST API key - simply follow the instructions in this PDF and you’ll be set up and sending in just minutes.

What can the SMSGlobal extension do?

Our Magento plug-in can help you manage the customer lifecycle journey from beginning to end. The extension supports merge fields so you can easily personalise your SMS communications and grow the relationship with your customer.

Ultimately, you can use our SMS plug-in for any communication you like. However, here are some of our most popular features:

  • Customer welcome message - You can set up an automated trigger that sends a friendly welcome message to any new customer that makes a purchase or creates an account with your business. This is a great way to begin your SMS communications with a customer.
  • Order confirmation - When consumers buy something online, they expect to receive a confirmation message. SMS is the perfect platform for this as customers can receive their verification quickly and easily.
  • Delivery updates - For e-commerce businesses, it’s best practice to send delivery updates to customers. Our Magento extension can automatically deliver shipping updates, including tracking numbers, throughout the entire delivery process.
  • Order updates - From cancellations to refunds and updated shopping carts, you can send automated order updates to customers using our plug-in.

We understand that tracking your communications is important too. So we’ve integrated an SMS log history into the Magento platform so you can view all previous messages and delivery times.

How using SMS can enhance the customer journey

For online-retailers, turning customers into repeat buyers is a vital step to growing revenue and business. However, in such a saturated market where consumers have seemingly unlimited options, it can be hard to stay front of mind, even if your customers have purchased from you before.

Adding a robust notification system via SMS is a simple way to maintain a strong level of touchpoints with your customer. By keeping them informed across the buying, dispatching and delivery process with an automated SMS system, your customers can enjoy peace of mind regarding the state of their purchase and develop a positive connection with your business.

Here’s an example of the customer buying journey using SMS:

  1. Customer makes purchase through your online retail site and inputs contact details
  2. Purchase receipt is delivered to customer via SMS, including a thank you message and an estimated dispatch date.
  3. When item has been dispatched and is ready for delivery, an SMS is sent to the customer with an estimated arrival date.
  4. On the morning of delivery, an SMS is sent informing the customer of the impending arrival of their purchase. This can include a set of options regarding delivery preference, asking the customer to choose between leaving the package at the location or dropping it at the closest Post Office for collection. Using 2-Way SMS, customers can easily respond with their preference and through automated triggers, the deliverer is notified.
  5. After the item is delivered, a follow up text message is sent again thanking the customer for their purchase, and can include a link to a feedback form. Creating a feedback loop enables your customers to voice their opinions or concerns, giving the business crucial insights into their strengths and shortcomings and shows space to improve their service.

Maintaining touchpoints using an integrated SMS system can enhance the customer journey by sustaining positive contact and drive repeat purchases.

Final thoughts

E-commerce communication can be difficult, especially for businesses with thousands of customers. The SMSGlobal Magento extension makes life a little easier for these companies by combining SMS automation with the e-commerce platform.