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We offer a number of different services for clients who may not have a major development team or budget. No matter what experience you may have there are a number of ways to connect your email client or Microsoft Outlook to send SMS from our service.


email 2 SMS services EMAIL 2 SMS




Email is now the standard for business communication, so much so that most corporate systems include email integration.

SMSGlobal leverages this ease of use and accessibility by providing an Email to SMS service. This service accepts emails and automatically converts them to an SMS compatible format and pushes the message to the intended recipient.  The Email 2 SMS service allows seamless convergence between existing systems and the capability of sending SMS.

By using an email address to generate SMS, you and your staff can simply send SMS from your mail client or through existing business systems by using this easy to use feature.



Please find below a list of benefits for this service.

  • Integrates easily with existing business systems
  • Easy to use
  • Delivery receipt notification
  • Incoming / 2-Way Compatible
  • 24/7 support via our support system




The Email 2 SMS service is by default turned off upon account activation. You will therefore need to turn this feature on by going to the Tools section inside the Web Messaging Platform.

This will include activating the feature as well as specifying which email addresses our system will allow to send messages on behalf of your account. This process is known as whitelisting.

You can specify individual email addresses (e.g worker@business.com.au) or wildcard a domain (e.g @business.com.au) if you would like to enable the ability to send for everyone from your office. Please ensure you do not whitelist a domain you don’t own or are not the administrator of as once a domain is whitelisted any user who sends SMS from that domain will charge from your account.  If you are unsure please speak to your system administrator.


Sending SMS via Email


There are two options available with Email 2 SMS. First you can send an SMS to an individual phone number or you can send a bulk SMS to a group of recipients. To send to an individual number:

Step 1.

Send an email to xxxxxxxxx@email.smsglobal.com

Note: xxxxxxxxx is the mobile number of the person you would like to send to e.g. 61447100250@email.smsglobal.com


Step 2.

Ensure the body of the message is plain text, not HTML. The body of the email will be the message sent. The subject line can be left blank (it is ignored). The email address must be specified  in the TO field. CC fields are ignored.


Important: You MUST send the email FROM either one of the email addresses/wildcard domains specified under your account preferences.

Important: Do NOT use the CC or BCC fields as these are not supported by the system. Only use the TO field.

Important: You MUST enter the mobile number as an international format. Example 61447100250 instead of 0447100250 (61 is Australia’s telephone prefix).


To send to a group in your phonebook:

Step 1.          

Send an email to xxxxxxxxx@groups.smsglobal.com

Note: xxxxxxxxx is the group keyword of the group that you wish to send too. e.g. If your group name is “Test Group” but your group keyword is “test” then the email istest@groups.smsglobal.com


Step 2.

Ensure the body of the message is plain text, not HTML. The body of the email will be the message sent. The subject line can be left blank (it is ignored). The email address must be specified in the TO field. CC fields are ignored.


Bulk Email To SMS


Sending SMS via Email To SMS is not limited to single recipients. You can also send to multiple people by specifying multiple addresses in the TO field of the email.


Incoming SMS with Email 2 SMS


The Email To SMS service is capable of allowing recipients the ability to reply to your messages. This is called Incoming SMS or 2 Way SMS.

There are several configurable options inside the Tools section of your MXT account, which will control how email is delivered and replied to using this service.

When a recipient receives your SMS email there are 2 options.


  •  Reply to email [Default]
  •  Use Sender ID


By default, when Reply to email is active, the replies of your recipients will be sent to the inbox of the main email that is associated with your account, however it is also possible to have the reply sent to the email address that sent the message.

Note: It is not possible to specify multiple reply email address destinations.

If you are using a dedicated number, please specify this as your Sender ID for recipients.



Delivery Receipts SMS Service Delivery Receipts



Upon delivery confirmation from the carrier, SMSGlobal can notify you of message delivery status. This status will indicate whether the carrier was successful in delivering the message to the handset or whether an error occurred.

Note: It is also the only way to track delivery times of messages from the carrier network.


Delivery notification is provided by the following methods.

  •  Email – Each delivery receipt will be sent via email.
  •  HTTP Post Back – each deliver receipt will be sent to your server to monitor.


These can be configured under Tools in your SMSGlobal account.



The email address that it will send these types of notifications to is the main email account associated with your SMSGlobal account. You can find this under the Tools section in Personal Information.

Warning: Bulk SMS will generate large numbers of delivery receipts and could flood your inbox.


HTTP Post Back

Upon delivery confirmation, SMSGlobal can Post Back to your own server to allow you to monitor the status of messages sent.

In order for our system to know that your URL has received the delivery notice, at the end of  your script you must echo out “OK”. To ensure this is the case please use the URL in your local browser before adding it in your settings.

Please find below the list of parameters that are sent.

msgidUnique SMSGlobal Message ID
dlrstatusThe status of the delivery for SMS.
dlr_errThe error code.
donedateThe 10 digit date/time representation in the format of yymmddhhmm (year month day hour minute)


Status Codes


DELIVRDThe message has been received by the handset.
EXPIREDThe carrier has timed out.
UNDELIVThe messages failed to reach the handset.



sms services Mobile Number Portability (MNP)



Important: This MNP is only available for lookup information on Australia MSIDSN.

The MNP-API enables a lookup service for Australian MSISDN. Each transaction will incur a cost of $0.02 AUD including GST.

There are 2 lookup methods available with the MNP-API.

  •  Basic
  •  Advanced

The Basic method enables users to validate whether a particular Australia MSISDN is valid. The Client issues either a HTTP GET or POST request to the SMSGlobal HTTP interface supplying a list of required parameters. SMSGlobal issues back a HTTP Response which indicates the validity of the MSISDN.


The Advanced method provides much more detailed information which indicates carrier ownership, country of origin and location. It is also possible to determine whether the MSISDN has been ported to a different carrier.


The same HTTP GET or POST request is submitted to SMSGlobal, however the more details results are pushed back to you.

Delivery options include email and HTTP Post Back.




The MNP lookup service is capable of providing the following information for an MSISDN.

  • Validate whether an Australia MSISDN is in active service
  • Advanced lookup option
  • Determine which carrier owns an MSISDN
  • Determine whether the MSISDN has been ported to another carrier
  • Delivery Receipt Notifications via Email/SMS
  • 24/7 support via our support system


Basic MSISDN Lookup


URL: https://www.smsglobal.com.au/mnp/msisdn.php


HTTP Request


Find below a list of accepted parameters.


usernameYour SMSGlobal usernameMandatory
passwordYour SMSGlobal passwordMandatory
msisdnMSIDSN (mobile no). Must use full country code. E.g. 61432162111Mandatory


HTTP Response


The response from the request will return either the status of OK together with a MNP Lookup ID, or a status of ERR together with an error code and message.

Example Successful Lookup Message


Format: {MSISDN};{Internal ID};{MCC-MNC};{Carrier Name / Porting}


Example: Requesting MNP Lookup

Below is an example request for MSISDN lookup.









Example Error Message


Format: {error};{error code};{error message



Error;5;Incorrect username / password;



Find below a list of possible errors.
Description  Username not suppliedPassword not suppliedMSISDN not suppliedNot enough creditsIncorrect username / password




Advanced MSISDN Lookup Request


URL: https://www.smsglobal.com.au/mnp/hlr_network.php

HTTP Request


Find below a list of accepted parameters.


usernameYour SMSGlobal usernameMandatory
passwordYour SMSGlobal passwordMandatory
msisdnMSIDSN (mobile no). Must use full countrycode. E.g. 61447100250Mandatory


Example: Requesting MNP Lookup


Below is an example request for MSISDN lookup.


Username: testuser Password: secret MSISDN: 61447100250





OK 6191


Example Error Message Format: {status} {error code} {error message}





ERR 750 Invalid MSISDN


Find below a list of possible errors.


88Not enough credits
99Unknown error
100Incorrect username/password
300Missing MSISDN
750Invalid MSISDN


Advanced MSISDN Lookup Result


If you would like more detailed lookup information you can activate your results to either be pushed to your email address or back to your server using HTTP Post Back method.


HTTP Post Back


Find below a list of returned parameters


MSISDNMSIDSN (mobile no)
NETWORK_CODEYour SMSGlobal password
MOBILE_LOCATIONMSC currently serving the handset.
COUNTRY_NAMECountry of carrier
CARRIERCarrier Trading Name
CARRIER_TYPEType of Carrier
PORTEDWhether the number has been ported



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