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Optimise your mobile communications all in one place


Integrating SMSGlobal's flexible APIs promote a seamless transition between processes within content management systems. Bulk messaging, automated SMS responses, customised text templates and formatted contact lists are some features that could elevate your digital projects.

Working in unison with you and our developers, SMSGlobal is focused on building the best solution for your business.


Alongside a robust variety of SMS tools, Joomla!'s SMS integration allows users to utilise Split SMS. A long-form text message is divided into smaller SMS-sized snippets when sent, and then the message is pieced back together when the text reaches its destination. Split SMS is highly effective as users can send up to four texts worth of content in one SMS, instead of 160 characters that SMS is usually limited to.


SMSGlobal's integration with the eCommerce platform, BigCommerce, allows users to send automated and bulk SMS directly. Through the established platform, mobile messages can be automatically sent to new customers for purchases, order confirmations and shipment updates. This integration also includes Email To SMS whereby users can send text messages from any email platform direct to a handset.

Wordpress SMS integration Wordpress

Integrate SMS sending capabilities directly within your Wordpress hosted website. Our SMS plugin will allow you to send individual messages to contacts or bulk send SMS to a database of numbers, all without leaving your website. On top of that, SMS sending can be scheduled to let you perfectly time the delivery of your messages based on your business objectives.

Magento Marketplace - An Adobe Company

By providing innovative technology platforms, SMSGlobal's API integrations connect businesses with communication solutions. Magento Marketplace, an Adobe Company, utilises automated SMS notifications making it simple for you to market promotions and sales, and update consumers with important order information.

Adobe Marketing Cloud - Experience Manager (AEM)

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) has integrated SMSGlobal's SMPP API to optimise outbound and inbound mobile communication for users, including text messaging and media-rich content like GIFs. Integration of SMSGlobal's APIs like Email to SMS and Two-way SMS enhances your experience with Adobe Marketing Cloud’s AEM, an enterprise web content management system.

Craft CMS

Craft is the CMS built by your business for your business. As a headless CMS with flexible features, you can design around your content for an experience tailored to your brand and projects. With a variety of plugins, Craft integrates intuitive platforms to create an efficient workflow.

SMSGlobal is currently developing a plugin for Craft to amplify its access to bulk messaging and mobile communications. To register your interest or if you weren't able to find your CMS/CRM of choice please follow the fill out the form below to see how we can assist you.

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