SMSGlobal's new Voice solution on MXT

We are excited to announce our latest communications solution: Voice by SMSGlobal.

With new voice capabilities available on MXT, you can start implementing online call forwarding, call bridging and call tracking in our web platform.

Now, with connectivity across SMS and Voice, we want to empower you to communicate with those who matter most to your business, anytime and anywhere. Connect with your customers and audience in real-time, with Voice by SMSGlobal.

What is Voice by SMSGlobal?

Voice by SMSGlobal is the beginning of our most recent endeavour: VoIP software for business.

Phase one of our voice product release includes:

  • Voice-enabled virtual numbers
  • Call forwarding
  • Call bridging
  • Call history for placed and missed calls

With many exciting developments to come, keep your eyes peeled for more Voice features to be released. Currently, Voice by SMSGlobal is only available in Australia.

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Voice and SMS-enabled virtual dedicated number (VDN)

Ensure your business contact details are consistent with a virtual dedicated number for both voice and SMS. SMSGlobal can provision voice-enabled virtual dedicated numbers to get you started with our voice features.

You'll need a VDN with voice capabilities before you can start utilising our voice software. You can opt for a virtual number for voice only. However, SMS and voice numbers are available on request.

Request a virtual dedicated number (VDN) with the following capabilities:

VDN for Voice and SMS
Voice and SMS
VDN for Voice only
Voice only
VDN for SMS only
SMS only
VDN for SMS and MMS
SMS, MMS and Voice (coming soon)
SMS, MMS and Voice

To use VoIP features in Voice, you'll need a voice-enabled VDN. Get in touch with our Customer Success Team at any time to discuss your options for acquiring a voice-enabled VDN.

Voice Call Forwarding feature

Call forwarding, also known as call diverting, allows you to automatically forward incoming calls to another line.

In MXT, you can set up call forwarding to divert calls. When someone calls your VDN, allocate the phone number you would like incoming calls to be redirected to. This is especially useful for team members or sales staff who use their personal phone to take work calls.

Instead of advertising their actual number for customers to call, you can use a VDN as the customer-facing Sender ID. With calls to the VDN instantly forwarded to the correct phone line.

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How to set up Call Forwarding in MXT

In Virtual Numbers, divert calls by configuring a Forwarding Number and Timeout for your VDN.

The Forwarding Number refers to the phone number to route voice calls to when the virtual number is called. This can be your personal handset or business phone. Don't forget to include the country code prefix (e.g. +61 for Australia).

Timeout refers to the allocated time in which the call to the Forwarding Number will be terminated. For call tracking purposes, if the call reaches the Forwarding Number's voicemail before the Timeout period ends, the call is considered answered and terminated on the target number's voicemail.

Voice Call Bridging feature

Call bridging refers to dialling an outgoing call to a contact's destination number and then connecting it to your phone number, e.g. your business phone or personal handset. The caller ID will appear as the VDN used to bridge the call.

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How to set up Call Bridging in MXT

Access your Contact List or Reports page. If you have eligible contact numbers to bridge calls with, there will be an additional phone icon allowing you to start a call bridge.

Click the call bridge button next to the destination number (Party B). You'll be prompted to input the number to take the call (Party A) and choose the VDN to bridge the call.

Our voice service will then call the input number (Party A). Once answered, the call will dial out to the destination number (Party B), bridging the call between the input number (Party A) and the destination number (Party B).

The caller ID presented to the destination number (Party B) will appear as the VDN, not the phone number chosen to take the call (Party A).

Party A


Party B

The phone number you input to take the call, e.g. your office number or personal number.

The selected online virtual dedicated number that is used to bridge the call.

The destination number is the contact you choose to bridge a call with.

View voice call history with Call Tracking

In the first phase of our voice system, call tracking is limited to:

  • Placed call information, including duration
  • Missed call information

Our latest voice system will continue to grow as we expand our range of offerings. Watch this space for more exciting voice developments!

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Why should you implement Voice in your business communication strategy?


Compared to physical landlines and phone systems, SMSGlobal’s online Voice solution can provide your business incredible cost savings. We provide flexible payment packages tailored to your communication requirements. Contact our Customer Success Team to talk about your payment plan options for our Voice software.


There is no better way to connect with your audience than via cloud communications. With call functionality available on our MXT web platform, you can forward and bridge calls wherever and whenever. No software installation required!

Multi-channel communication

Customers want to interact with brands on their preferred channels, so it’s vital to give them a variety of methods to get in touch. Some people favour the ease of texting while others prefer the human aspect of phone conversations. With SMSGlobal’s web browser, you can empower your business with both Voice and SMS channels.

Give your audience the power of choice to contact you how they see fit, with a multi-channel strategy that includes a consistent SMS and Voice virtual dedicated number.