What MXT, our Online SMS Platform, can do for you [Part Three]

Straightforward, cost-effective communication solutions are at your fingertips with MXT, our SMS gateway. With robust reporting, you can easily track SMS campaigns and measure the success of your enterprise messaging efforts.

We covered the basics of MXT in Part One and Part Two, including contact lists, virtual numbers, Merge Fields, two-way SMS and scheduling SMS campaigns.

Now, let's go over the highly valued features of the MXT web platform, such as new voice software, custom branding, URL shortener, Email-to-SMS setup and API access with MXT.

Part Three of What MXT, our Online SMS Platform, can do for you will cover:

  • MXT presents Voice by SMSGlobal
  • White-label and custom branding for MXT
  • Enable MXT's URL shortener
    • How to enable/disable the automatic URL shortener
    • Report on shortened URLs and track campaign links
  • MXT access for SMS APIs, SDKs and integrations
  • Email-to-SMS is easily set up in MXT
  • API Sandbox testing via MXT
    • Simulate REST API solutions
    • Develop and troubleshoot SMS APIs


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1. MXT presents Voice by SMSGlobal

Our latest release includes Voice by SMSGlobal, our very own voice software that allows users to utilise online voice services from their web browser.

  • Call forwarding automatically diverts incoming calls
  • Call bridging service to connect outgoing calls
  • Call tracking and reporting for placed and missed calls
  • Voice-enabled virtual dedicated numbers (VDN)

Currently, voice services are limited to Australia only.

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2. White-label and custom branding for MXT

Make MXT your own with custom branding and white-labelling. Use your business's brand logo and colours to customise the MXT facade and make it your gateway.

Whether you are an SMS reseller or integrating with legacy software, Whitelabel MXT with your personalised branding to empower your users with SMS capabilities.

Simply request this feature in MXT Settings (click the cog icon found in the top right-hand corner in the MXT dashboard), under Corporate Features. You'll need to have corporate features enabled to use this service.

Once you have made a request, the SMSGlobal team will contact you to get you set up.

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3. Enable MXT's URL shortener

Long URLs take up precious space in your SMS character count. The longer an SMS is, the higher the cost may be due to multi-part messages. MXT's automatic URL shortener means you can add approved links that don't take up much space.

SMSGlobal's URL service also provides additional analytics such as URL link clicks to report the click-through rate (CTR). You can also manage SMS campaigns and set up URL expiry times.

Enable the latest URL shortener feature in MXT to find and replace long URLs with shortened links in your SMS messages. Once set up, all identified long URLs will be transformed into short URLs. This applies to all messages sent from your SMSGlobal account, regardless of sending with MXT, API or integration.

How to enable/disable the automatic URL shortener

To begin, you must request to have URLs enabled on your account. They are disabled by default, so you'll need to contact our Support Team to enable this function.

Once URLs are enabled, you can switch the URL shortener on in your MXT Account Settings. Set your default Expiry Days (TTL) period for the URL to finalise the process. The minimum Time To Live is 7 days, after which contacts will be directed to a 404 web page.

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Report on shortened URLs and track campaign links

URL reporting in MXT allows you to track the success of your SMS campaigns with link click-through rates (CTR).

With the URL shortener enabled, you can access link CTR in MXT's Outgoing Reports. You can view the number of URL link clicks by destination number. The date and time that the clicks occurred are also displayed in Outgoing Reports.

Select the report heading # of URL Clicks to view additional statistics on URL clicks, such as:

  • Original URL
  • Link expiry date and time
  • Number of clicks
  • Last click date

View the overall click-through rates for specific campaigns in Campaign Reports.

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4. MXT access for SMS APIs, SDKs and integrations

Enjoy full access to our suite of communication solutions in the MXT web platform. Utilise MXT as your gateway to power SMS APIs or integrations and access its full potential.

Signing up for an SMSGlobal account with MXT is essential to using our robust SMS and voice tools. When integrating SMS solutions into existing software or building your SMS API solutions, MXT has got you covered.

Generate a unique Master API Key username and password in the MXT dashboard under API & Integrations. You can also generate a REST API Key username and password in the same section.

The Master API Key allows you to access SMSGlobal via our HTTP API, SOAP API, as well as SMPP. And, REST API Key is used specifically for our SMS REST APIs.

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5. Email-to-SMS is easily set up in MXT

Making business communication simple, Email-to-SMS allows you to send SMS directly from your email account including email clients like Gmail and Outlook.

Automatically convert email content into an SMS message sent straight to your recipient's phone number. With SMS functionality in your email inbox, you can optimise internal communications, send bulk SMS to contact groups and view SMS replies to your email address.

Set up Email-to-SMS in the API & Integrations section of MXT. Access Email Settings and switch on Email to SMS/MMS. Enter your details, including an approved Sender Email Address, SMS reply requirements and the message split limit. Click Update Settings to save your information.

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Email Domain Whitelisting allows users from a specific company domain to send Email-to-SMS from their company email. It provides business-wide approved access to send SMS from the company domain email. For example, send Email-to-SMS from a @yourcompany.com email address.

To set this up, you'll need to contact our Support Team to get started. Once your email domain is approved and E2S is enabled, the email domain will be added to Allowed Senders Email Addresses.

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Subject Authentication is an E2S alternative for Allowed Senders Email Addresses. Subject Authentication is useful when a customer's return-path is not static. Some providers charge for a static return-path; however, subject authentication is cost-effective to send SMS from your email without the extra charges.

Instead of individually adding the allowed email to send SMS, you can authenticate Email-to-SMS by adding code to the subject line.


Ensure you enter your unique Master API Key username and password into the subject line code. Then, write your Email-to-SMS content as standard in the email body and send it.

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Utilise 2FA for verified login

Protect your MXT account by adding another layer of security with two-factor authentication (2FA). Set up an SMS one-time password (OTP) to automatically send to your registered mobile number when you try to log into MXT.

Easily enable 2FA in MXT Settings, under SMS Settings. Switch on Two Factor Authentication and click Update Settings to save your changes. Simple.

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6. API Sandbox testing via MXT

Test our communication solutions to ensure you have the perfect tool for your business requirements. Our MXT Knowledge Base can help you find what you need. Whether you utilise our REST API Simulator or need assistance troubleshooting API encoding, access helpful support articles.

Simulate REST API solutions

Our fully functional REST API Simulator allows you to test out our API. All REST API features and functions are available when using the simulation.

Access the REST API Simulator and start testing in MXT. In API & Integrations, under REST API Keys, locate your generated key for REST API. In the Actions column, click on the </> icon, and you will be taken to the REST API Simulator in MXT. Complete the simulation request to begin the process.

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Develop and troubleshoot SMS APIs

When it comes to SMS APIs and integrations, our Developers portal provides reliable documentation. If you prefer to build things yourself, we have the tools to get you started.

Our robust Knowledge Base and documentation are accessible on our website and MXT to answer your support questions. Our MXT platform supports your SMSGlobal account, even when sending with an API or SMS integration.

Utilise Knowledge Base MXT support articles to help you:

  • Learn how to send a 2-way SMS using SOAP API
  • Encode attachments to send via MMS API
  • Resolve issues with character encoding with HTTP API

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