Best Practices for Increasing SMS Opt-Ins & Building a Robust Contact List

Do you have a healthy SMS contact list? If not, it's time to start building one! Building your SMS marketing database is the first step in ensuring that your SMS campaigns are compliant and as effective as possible.

This blog post will discuss how to increase your SMS opt-in rate and sign-ups for your text message marketing campaigns.

The importance of a healthy SMS database

How many people in your database are not responding to your SMS marketing campaigns? How much revenue is being left on the table because you don't have a healthy list of contacts for SMS marketing? Unfortunately, it’s an all too common problem for many SMS marketers.

The following blog post will provide strategies for building an SMS contact list that can be used with MXT's powerful SMS gateway features. We'll show you how to increase opt-ins and sign-ups so that you can reach more people and convert them into customers.

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Increase opt-ins for SMS marketing

To create a compelling text opt-in strategy, you need to provide the right incentives. This could be anything from offering free content to giving away products or prizes in exchange for your audience's contact information.

Around 50% of customers are willing to sign up to a business’s loyalty program or SMS marketing list to receive exclusive promotions and deals.

Incentives and tactics for obtaining a customer's consent:

  • Advertise on other marketing channels (e.g. social media, marketing emails)
  • Offering a free account trial
  • Offer early access to promotions and launches

You can also incentivise people to sign up by running a text-in competition to your Short Code virtual number. For example, you could post a banner ad on your website or in-store. It could say something like, "Text JENNYSALE to 12345 to enter the draw to win $500!"

People will respond because they have an incentive. From there, you can then add their mobile number to your database for future marketing campaigns. It’s that easy!

SMS opt-in tips to get more SMS subscribers

Incentivising SMS message opt-ins is just one way you can increase your signups. You can also create an HTML form on your website with directions to opt-in to receive SMS marketing campaigns.

Add an HTML sign-up form where users can enter their mobile numbers to subscribe to your SMS marketing list. SMSGlobal provides an easy HTML sign-form solution you can add to your website. The code will immediately add subscribers’ mobile numbers who submit the form to your chosen contact list.

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Whatever way you collect subscribers or encourage opt-ins, make sure that users know that they will be receiving SMS updates about products, specials, new arrivals, etc. You want to make sure people who opt-in to be SMS subscribers are genuinely interested in receiving your text messages.

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Compliancy for SMS messaging and promotional text messages

Ensuring your SMS subscription lists and campaigns are compliant can be difficult. However, there are many ways to ensure your SMS marketing campaigns are following current regulations.

Top 6 tips to obtain consent and have compliant SMS marketing:

  1. Get express written consent via forms
  2. Create a double opt-in process
  3. Collect phone numbers at the checkout
  4. Display clear opt-out instructions in messages
  5. Include your company name in all communications
  6. Use a Short Code that customers can text to opt-in

In line with global SMS regulations, it’s crucial to obtain recipients’ express consent before sending marketing text messages. Depending on the country you’re sending from, businesses can face some restrictions and consequences when communicating with customers. These regulations are to protect both consumers and companies from non-compliant messaging practices.

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