How to Dramatically Increase Your Black Friday Revenue with SMS

It's that time of year again, which means it’s time to strategise your Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday marketing strategy. For an effective tool for holiday promotions and Black Friday deals, choose SMS. SMS marketing allows you to create personalised bulk messages in seconds and send them to thousands of customers at once!

Black Friday SMS can help you advertise your sales or Cyber Monday deals. Schedule custom messages in the days leading up to the retail events and automate targeted SMS offers throughout. Flexible and dynamic, it's no wonder 75% of consumers want to receive text messages with special offers.

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The stats: why SMS is the most effective marketing tool

SMS stands out as one of the most effective methods for increasing traffic and revenue! SMS has the highest click-through rate of any marketing channel at 36% click-through. The statistics on SMS show just how effective the communication channel is at boosting conversions.

Must-know SMS marketing statistics:

Still wondering if you should implement Black Friday SMS message promotions?

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Powerfully Simple Black Friday SMS Campaigns

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Grow your SMS opt-ins, contact list, and loyalty program

Before you begin crafting a winning Black Friday SMS campaign, it's important to have a healthy marketing database. Increase opt-ins to your SMS message list and loyalty program by sending texts with coupons and discounts for your holiday sales. Let customers know about upcoming Black Friday weekend promotions, special offers, and more!

Build up anticipation & increase click-through rates (CTR) with these SMS marketing opt-in tactics:


If you have a physical store location, post ads throughout your store and at checkout. Alternatively, you can stick posters up in our local area.


Advertise your Sender ID or Virtual Number and chosen an opt-in keyword via an eye-catching banner.

Marketing emails

Dedicate an entire email or create a banner to highlight opting into your contact list.

Social media

Pin a post to your social media pages with a link to opt-in or a Virtual Number they can text.

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Convert customers to take action with SMS promotions

Black Friday SMS marketing campaigns are a great way to build excitement before the big day. Start by building awareness of your SMS marketing efforts throughout the year.

SMS marketing can help you increase your Black Friday sales and revenue, as SMS campaigns stimulate anticipation and excitement around the holiday shopping season.

Promotions are a great way to incentivise loyal customers and encourage new ones throughout the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend. SMS marketing messages are perfect for driving traffic to your eCommerce or brick-and-mortar store.

Best practices for sending Black Friday promotions via text messages

Not all SMS marketing messages are created equal. To have an effective Black Friday SMS marketing strategy this holiday season, you need to develop a plan. Message personalisation, segmentation, and delivery times can all play a part in your success.

Tips for sending SMS marketing campaigns:

  • SMS is most effective when personalised and customised with a recipient's name or purchasing preferences.
  • SMS can be segmented into specific groups or users for optimal targeting.
  • SMS campaigns should have a clear call to action such as a CTA button or link for best results.
  • Send from a Dedicated Virtual Number or 10DLC, so customers know when your business is messaging them.

What text messages should you send in the lead up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

SMS is the key to booming Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and driving revenue this holiday season. SMS has proven effective at boosting traffic and click-through rates during promotions and holidays like Halloween, Easter, and Mother's Day with personalised text messages based on customer purchase history. In addition, you can use SMS to promote upcoming deals or in-store promotions and encourage customers to make purchases.

There are a variety of ways to implement SMS marketing:

• Loyalty programs, such as offering bonus points or free shipping when customers purchase certain items.

• SMS event reminders like upcoming sales or special events in-store.

• SMS contests with prizes that drive engagement and encourage more purchases during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

How to measure the success of your Black Friday SMS campaigns

Tracking delivery reports, responses, and promo code use is essential to measure the success of your Black Friday SMS marketing campaign. Use metrics that can be measured and compared so you can optimise your efforts for the next campaign.

Metrics you can measure for Black Friday SMS campaigns:

  • Message delivery rates
  • Promo code uptake
  • Reply rates
  • Opt-out rates
  • URL click-through rates

Send shortened URLs in your SMS marketing campaigns

Use a URL shortener in your text message campaigns this Black Friday and Cyber Monday to take advantage of short, trackable links.

Tracking link click-through rates and revenue can be a tedious and time-consuming job. SMS simplifies the process with real-time data and statistics, allowing you to make smarter decisions while driving sales at record speed. Implement a Black Friday SMS campaign this year—it'll help you save on operational costs and increase your bottom line!

Black Friday SMS marketing examples

Worried that creating an effective Black Friday SMS marketing campaign will take you heaps of time? We've got you covered with SMS templates. Use these creative and engaging SMS marketing examples for your Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday promotions.

All you have to do is copy, paste, and send!

Online shopping promotion

"{company}'s Black Friday sale starts now. Shop a massive 20% off online, including sale items. Run don't walk! {link}. Text STOP to opt out."

Exclusive online store deal

"Grab your favourite items, now half-price. Only available this Black Friday weekend on {company}'s online shop. Reply STOP to opt out."

SMS promo codes

"Get huge savings this Black Friday at {company} 's online sale. Use your unique promo code BLKFDY to receive $15 off your next purchase. Start shopping now! Reply STOP to opt out."

Black Friday sale

"Show this message in-store at {company} to get 25% off your purchase. Hurry, this deal ends at 6pm on Cyber Monday! To unsub text STOP."

Early access loyalty messages

"Pssst, {name}! {Company} has a special offer just for you. Follow the link to get exclusive access to our Black Friday deals: {link} Reply STOP to opt out."

Black Friday coupons

"This is your Black Friday coupon for 30% off everything in-store at {company}! Present this text at the checkout to claim this massive discount. Text STOP to opt out."

Black Friday sales alerts

"Black Friday madness at {company} is here! For this weekend only, get 2 for 1 on select items in-store and online. {link} Text STOP to unsub."

Cyber Monday deals

"Get your Cyber Monday fix at {company}. Get free express shipping on all online orders until midnight. There are only a few hours left! Reply STOP to opt out."

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