Black Friday: 8 vital SMS marketing tips

Black Friday: 8 vital SMS marketing tips

All retailers know that the busiest time of the year in the USA is coming up. Succeeding Thanksgiving, it's every discount shoppers dream, the day of major markdowns, dazzling deals and serious sales—that's right, Black Friday!

Take full advantage of the spending season and get the word out about your Black Friday promotions. Use a robust CPaaS to alert your customers of the value, experience, and significant savings they can expect from your brand this year. By sending personalized, direct, and branded text messages through a secure SMS gateway, your business has a step up on the competition.

86% of Americans are projected to spend $87 billion on pre-Christmas sales, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2019. Send your message straight to the consumer's hand(set) with business messaging and get their attention.

Here are eight key tactics that will keep you ahead of the game coming up to Black Friday

1. Prepare your audience

If your customers have opted-in to receive promotional SMS, that's a good indication that they want to be kept up to date on upcoming sales, deals, product launches and the like.

As a retailer, it's your responsibility to let customers know in advance what you will have available and prepare them for exciting opportunities that lie ahead.

Fun and enticing ways to promote engagement include:

  • Sneak peeks of products and significant dates
  • Referral incentives for new customers
  • Product launches and early access to new products
  • Exclusive events for VIPs and loyalty members
  • Flash sales

2. Timing is everything

Like most marketing campaigns, it's essential to send the right message at the right time. SMS is direct to the handset, so if businesses disregard or misuse promotional text messaging, they run the risk of recipients opting-out.

Using a sophisticated SMS platform, brands can schedule and stagger mobile messaging campaigns. Organize your SMS marketing schedule tailored to your audience.

The first step is creating a content calendar to plan out a communications strategy ahead of significant dates. Dripping marketing content means your customers receive messages over a designated period and are not bombarded all at once.

For example, having a countdown in the week coming up to Black Friday, sending a different message (i.e., promotion code, new product description, or flagship event) every second day can be an appealing way to hype up the big day.

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3. Tailor your content

Marketing is all about knowing who your audience and anticipating what they want. Customizing your message to address consumer needs starts with personalized messages.

Base every text message on how recipients relate to the brand. Examples of this include:

  • Greeting them by name
  • Tailoring content to their demographics (e.g., sending an invitation to events in their area)
  • Respecting their timezone and opt-in preferences
  • Make VIPs and loyalty members feel special with exclusive offers

4. It's the biggest sale of the year!

When it comes to spending big, creating a sense of urgency can persuade consumers to buy at the right time. Text them details on limited stock, exclusive sales, and flash sales.

Small discounts building up to the main sale creates anticipation. Flash sales have a limited time in which to get good deals. Advertising items that won't become available until a specific date elevates FOMO.

FOMO, the fear of missing out, escalates sales as consumers are afraid they might miss out on limited stock items, or the promotion is only available for a limited time.

5. Be specific

Make sure your recipients know what promotions, products, and discounts will be available and when.

If a sale starts or finishes at midnight, be specific to the timezone, so there are no miscommunications. Create a positive and accessible customer experience by being concise and accurate in your communication.

6. Media-rich content

A fun way to get consumers buying more is by providing valuable content they can relate to and utilize. Photos, videos, GIFs, and links can be easy ways to engage your audience further.

As it's coming up to holiday season, people might be looking out for Christmas presents, vacation wear, more expensive items that tend to cost more. In your text messages, add a link to a gift guide, the reveal of a new product via GIF or video, or an image of an event invitation.

7. Track campaign success

High-quality SMS platforms provide intuitive and sophisticated reporting features. By tracking delivery reports, responses, and specific promo code use over a particular period, the success of your SMS marketing campaign can be measured and compared.

This way, your business can determine tactics and engagement that was most effective for your Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaign.

8. Check-in with your customers

Thanking your customers and asking for feedback is beneficial for many reasons.

  • Opens a dialogue between the brand and consumers through two-way communication
  • Build rapport and trust that the brand has the consumers best interest at heart
  • Develops new and existing business relationships to become loyal customers

SMS marketing is necessary for today's digital age when 80% of people have their phones in arm's distance, and 98% of texts are within three minutes of receiving them. Do Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) right with SMS.

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